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Beauty does not demand the victims. Beauty requires attention of

Only look at beauties - the stars which found themselves not only in work and creativity, but also in pleasure of motherhood: Sharon Stone, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Christina Orbakaite, Michel Pfeiffer, Valeria, Demi Moore... So why and to you not to derive a true pleasure from the new situation?

do not feel sorry for time and forces spent for themselves, expenses will be compensated by your good mood attractive by appearance and... I guarantee - special attention of the husband.

the First problem which the pregnant woman faces, and the woman who only gave rise, - extensions (striya). Extensions represent the small strips reminding scars. Usually they are formed on a breast, a stomach, hips and buttocks. Their emergence - result of damage of fibers of collagen and elastin on which elasticity of skin depends. At first striya have rozovato - a violet shade, gradually color changes - becomes perlamutrovo - white. Emergence of these strips on skin is promoted by both stretching of skin, and twice happening hormonal reorganization - during pregnancy and after the delivery.

Is recommended to begin to care for the body not after the child`s birth, and during pregnancy - and the earlier, the better. From this point it is necessary to buy special cosmetics and to use them during all term of pregnancy, and also (especially!) after the delivery.

the Known French company Laboratoires Expanscience, more than 50 years is engaged in development of cosmetic products for children from the first day of life. The children`s cosmetics released by this company looks after and helps skin of the little man with tendency to atopic dermatitis (to Mustela Dermo - Pediatrics). The skin demanding special leaving also receives all necessary means for moistening, food and the prevention of irritation and dryness.

Now Laboratoires Expanscience presents to

the new line of the means intended especially for pregnant and young mummies - Mustela is 9 Months old. In this line all products which can be necessary during pregnancy and after the delivery for the woman caring for the figure and skin are presented. Mustela is 9 Months old - the line of means created especially for you.

Cream from extensions of double action helps skin to keep elasticity and elasticity, interferes with emergence of extensions and reduces already arisen during pregnancy. Its easy creamy texture is ideally suited for the weakening massage. The restoring complex including silicon, minerals and extract of a Sophora Japanese which has the stimulating effect on skin is a part of cream.

Gel from extensions of intensive operation - intensive care behind special zones. Helps to minimize appeared during pregnancy and after the delivery an extension, to reduce their size and color, actively stimulates cells of skin and promotes regeneration of skin, contains ANA, silicon and B5 vitamin. The special pomp - the batcher guarantees achievement of the purpose, without wasting time - is extremely simple and practical in application.

“Special Care of a Breast“ Cream helps to keep a shape of a breast and interferes with decrease in elasticity of skin of a breast which can appear after the child`s birth. Increases elasticity of skin, doing it to more elastic by means of an elastoregulyator which in a combination with a protein of wheat promotes changes of volume of a breast. Cream provides high moistening by means of the formula enriched with silicon, and its formula promotes regeneration of skin and gives it a tone: extracts of seaweed, calendulas and an estsina remove feeling of tightness of skin of a breast, providing feeling of comfort.

Cream of fast action “The comfort for legs“ takes off effects of discomfort in legs, provides feelings of relaxation and ease thanks to action of menthol derivatives, helps to strengthen walls of vessels of legs by means of a unique combination of an elastoregulyator, hyaluronic acid and other natural active ingredients. Cream softens very sensitive skin, without pulling together it, thanks to action to extract of seaweed.

After the delivery each woman wants to bring the skin into a tone. Especially for these purposes use Gel for restoration of a figure after the delivery - it returns to skin elasticity, helps to restore body contours by means of a combination of an elastoregulyator and Tsentella of Asian (Centella asiatica) which are known for the tightening properties. Visible results are achieved in 4 weeks of use.

do not forget

about physical exercises and a diet, but before any complex surely (!) consult with the doctor. Do not forget that in everything there has to be a measure.


So, I will sum up some results:

  1. the Best treatment is a prevention.
  2. Use special creams of a series of cosmetics for pregnant women from Mustela.
  3. Do physical exercises and massage.
  4. Keep to a diet.
Beauty does not demand the victims, beauty requires attention!
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