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The thought-over mother of

My name is Natalya. I want to share with you my history of breastfeeding, on the one hand idle time, with another - very difficult. Began still with pregnancy. We with the husband very much were delighted to magnificent news about addition of posterity in our family. At once there was a question of breastfeeding, stands up staunchly or you should not nurse as it appeared, it more prevents only my career. From all directions councils fell down. The mother-in-law said that it is so not simple, but where you saw the mother-in-law who would like to help the daughter-in-law sincerely? My mother did not nurse me, then was just unfashionable and nobody trained young mothers to nurse.

In February of this year at me Matvei was born

long-awaited synulya. We with the husband and my gynecologist decided to use the best efforts that I nursed Matyusha. Before childbirth I did not prepare the breast specially in any way, then more than once was sorry about it (to avoid cracks of nipples, and I have very sensitive nipples, it is just necessary to pound a breast a terry towel).


synulyu put to a breast in 1 hour after the delivery. My grand council for all pregnant women - give birth independently, do not insist on Cesarean section if to operation there are no necessary indications. C-section babies suck a breast worse, and mothers feel the kid less, him did not put just been born peeping lump on a breast, did not apply to a breast at once, and already gave artificial mixes, and all this does not promote adjustment chest to feeding.

And so, my Matyushka for the first time tried colostrum and very actively began to suck a breast, each time at my kid it turned out better and better. However, than it was given me. I was terribly hurt by nipples on which almost circular cracks were formed. It was necessary to grease after each feeding with cream for healing of cracks. These days I estimated slips - containers on a breast of Avent, pacifiers quickly began to live because they did not rub about fabric, breathed and cream was not erased. Besides, there was no constantly current milk. I had to endure mastitis, it is good that it was not purulent and it was not necessary to cut a breast. At these moments the milk pump was necessary for me. The husband bought Avent isis (a set of mobile mother), for our budget was a little expensive, but I never regretted about it. At treatment of mastitis I did without antibiotics because there was no stagnation of milk, and still did me ultrasound with gidrokortizonovy ointment. And then the milk pump was useful to me when I began to enter into a porridge feeding up. I did not want that my kid received dairy on cow`s milk, too often kids do not transfer it therefore bought nonmilk porridges and diluted them with breast milk and I do it still. Besides a month ago I came to work and was not going to stop nursing Matyushka. I think to feed the son about one year.

of Mummy, the main thing in breastfeeding it:

morally to be adjusted to feed with the most important, you love

I the child, give it all the heat through emotions and, of course, through breast milk.

Having listened to my councils, at you everything is obligatory to turn out as it turned out at me.

By the way, my kid sleeps itself now, never sucked a pacifier, and, I think, very much loves the mother.