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Gifts to elderly. A general view of

Let`s think of gifts to elderly people which do not work any more, to pensioners. Age - it is essential for 60. Them can be two - your parents or the grandmother with the grandfather, or someone one of them. They can live together with you, or separately. All these situations demand a little different approach, and ideas of gifts can be various here.


First and obvious - to them needs it your attention, communication, care and the concrete help. Lack of it cannot be compensated by any gifts.

Of course, the main thing for elderly - health. And a gift everything that promotes in some way improvement of health, activity maintenance can be, helps to control the state. What there can be ideas here? Let`s designate some directions.

Maintenance and improvement of health. the Balms warming ointments, dry medicative herbs. Not that the doctor registers in an illness case, and common, folk or modern remedies of maintenance of a vitality, prevention of colds and other diseases.

can be

A, and some amuletik or something miracle, bioregulating that needs just to be carried with itself, and it from everything helps. It is not so important whether they help actually. It is important whether you will be able to present so them that the person believed in them. The positive mental set is farther will make the business: the health will really improve. Only do not give in on advertizing of universal strong remedies which need to be accepted inside - it is strict on doctor`s orders. Amuletik in a pocket, a handbag or on a chain in any case will not damage in no way.

In most cases to elderly people needs to watch pressure of blood carefully. it is easy for b to find modern, very convenient tonometers for this purpose Now. Their health is usually strongly influenced by weather. the Barometer, the thermometer which shows temperature in the apartment and on the street will be pertinent.

Antitravmatizm. At elderly people coordination, memory, sight, hearing worsens. In this regard the probability of getting injured increases. Think what you can make here. Any person can slip in a bathroom, and it leads to serious injuries. It is especially dangerous to the old man that will be confirmed by any traumatologist. The special rug for a bathtub or for a tiled floor can exclude such danger. Convenient and reliable sitting for a bathroom. A hand-rail which it is possible to hold, entering a bathtub and leaving it.

Memory. If the probability that the person can forget to switch off the electric device is, once he presents the special socket with the timer. Or safe modern electric kettle.

Sight. Difficulties with sight are experienced by all elderly people. And points for 100% do not remove this problem. The telephone set with large keys, hours with big figures or the speaking hours will be pertinent as a gift. It is only not necessary to accent it. The big lens in a frame will help to consider the small text or drawing. Old men really use it. Good desk lamp or floor lamp. Night lamp.

Hearing. the Frequent problem - when old men do not hear a call. There are desktop priborchik which duplicate a call a light signal.

It is warm. At elderly people blood circulation worsens, they freeze. In this regard any warm things (a sweater, a scarf, a plaid, a fur vest, valenoks, at the end - the ends), heating devices of all types can be a good gift.

it is difficult for p to move. Are special “walkers“ which strongly facilitate to old men movement on the apartment and do it to safer. Still it is possible to think of how to relieve them of excess movements. For example, not the big problem to organize remote inclusion - switching off of light.

If old men live separately, a good gift by a holiday. Remember whether they have good can openers, scissors. What else? Prompt.

Free time. sometimes it is too much it. Perhaps, subscription for the suitable magazine or newspaper? Tickets for a good performance. A pack - for game or a solitaire. Window plants. By the way, the TV at them not KVN - 49?

Safety. Well though the peephole on an entrance door at them has to be. And there can be also a peregovornik?

For lonely - a special bast with handles which itself can rub a back. Chesalka for a back - too a thing useful.

That else can be made for their health and longevity? Perhaps, it is worth buying the ionizer, the air purifier. The filter for water purification - tea at them will be more tasty.


planned, naturally, only universal recipes Here. You know specific features and circumstances of life of the old men. Think. Report to us (and through us - all) about the successful ideas.