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When in a class a holiday... There are no

of Trifles in development and education. Cool holidays happen good and not really, but anyway do not take place completely for life of children. Not only teachers, but also parents can make these pages of school life of children bright, saturated and fascinating!

For today`s pupils school with its daily loadings and requirements not always a holiday. And we, parents, try to make everything in order that our children had a remarkable childhood. In our forces it is more various and more fascinating to make school life. Of course, a lot of things depend on the class teacher who has a desire and opportunities to organize pleasant and useful creative business. And if your child has no such teacher? It is supposedly possible to wave fatefully a hand it was not lucky. And it is possible to take the initiative especially as our children of it deserve. We, adults, can arrange to children really a holiday, but not banal eating of cakes. The scope of actions can be various is and nation-wide holidays, and significant dates, and it is possible to think up something new and original.

“Our talents“

In each class are children who draw, sing, play musical instruments, dance. Among the in a cozy office it is much easier for children to act or tell about the hobby, than before large audience. Children reveal in a new way, it promotes increase of a self-assessment that is especially important for those who due to various reasons did not achieve success in training. It is very important that children acted voluntarily. It is the best of all if the class teacher declares a holiday in advance. From collected applications the program is formed, and leading a holiday are children.

“Day from the childhood“

of Children ask to bring to

the photo or video on which they are depicted at the age of chest babies. These materials till the last moment nobody, except collecting, has to see. During the holiday the game “Guess -“ is arranged: the class is divided into teams, and they in turn guess which of their schoolmates is presented on each of pictures. Even to younger school students, without speaking about seniors, return to the deep childhood will give a lot of joy and if to add to photos of children also the photo of the teacher, then it will become just small opening! Materials can be brought on PTA meeting and to make to children a pleasant surprise.


Stories about pets with demonstration of photos and videos will turn out

not only interesting, but also informative, especially if someone from adults prepares the small useful comment for performances of children. A story about unusual talents of dumb animals, about devoted and right friendship appeals of adults to the fact that the world around needs to be cherished and protected will sound many times more convincingly, than.

the Defender of the Fatherland Day - a remarkable occasion to arrange a holiday