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How not to get to a mental hospital, or attention - “MIRENA“!

Ya gave birth to the child in 30 years. To the Russian measures, probably, rather late, but here it is considered norm (I live more than 10 years in California).

But it will be a question at all not of when it is the best of all to give birth. Just I wanted to tell that all these years until at me the daughter was born, I did not know what is a spiral or hormonal tablets. We with the husband of all 14 years of our matrimony used only condoms and felt more - less tolerably. I did not want to swallow of tablets, and the spiral was recommended to should. Now, after the child`s birth, I on one of the first receptions at the doctor took an interest about ways of protection. The doctor told me both about tablets, and about female rings which should be changed every month, and about something else... All this seemed to me too difficult, especially considering the fact that I have a bad memory. And I asked whether something more constant is absent and reliable that about it the head did not hurt. The problem still was that I did not find time to learn how in English there will be “spiral“ :), and waited for everything when the doctor herself offers me it, and I will understand according to the description. So, generally, also it turned out, and we agreed about a spiral. It is necessary to tell that I gave birth in quite good hospital, and gave birth in remarkable conditions. But at the same time I knew that I will buy other insurance soon and I will leave that hospital since simple doctors leave much to be desired there. Yes, they are able to operate, reanimate just remarkably, and it is fine to give birth with them. But ordinary therapists there awful, diagnosticians just any, you will not reach the expert until the therapist makes the diagnosis and lines to experts for two months ahead... Well, I knew that I doctors there not really, but hoped that simple - that a spiral to me will be helped to be chosen and will put as - nibud without problems.

So, we with my doctor agreed about a spiral of “Mirren“. “Mirren“ so of “Mirren“ - me this name did not speak about anything. Modern hormonal spiral, reliable... I esteemed bukletik which I was given, it seems everything is normal. And delivered to me to “Mirren“. There was it literally in two months after the delivery. Monthly at me did not renew. I only approximately could understand that something occurs. Nothing hurt, blood was not ABSOLUTELY (!) . So, easy allocations, as in the last day usual monthly. I descended to the doctor (in the same hospital), there I was told that this normal business for “Mirena“, and I calmed down. Sex became much brighter as soon as we with the husband stopped thinking about “elastic bands“, and I was very happy. Still: pregnancy does not come, monthly is not present, nothing hurts... Beauty! Here only PMS (premenstrual syndrome)... I suddenly began to notice that days for 10 to so-called monthly I become awfully irritable that never was in life. Well, I think, everything changed after the delivery, hormonal reorganization of an organism and so on. Besides PMS is a normal phenomenon for many women. And again internally calmed down.

But irritability accrued literally month of a month. I began to shout at the husband, at the mother-in-law, even at the baby. In the first half of a monthly cycle I felt more - less tolerably, but to monthly I here became closer uncontrollable. My child was absolutely sleepless, slept very little and very uneasily so I always felt sleepy, tired and angry. To the child year was executed, and I already practically did not receive pleasure from motherhood. I was irritated by everyone and everything. I felt terribly tired and broken even if I well got enough sleep. I was tired at work to death though I worked till only several hours a day. I often cried with any trifle, led up the shouts both the husband, and the mother-in-law. Besides reached already to such an extent that I wanted nothing in life any more - either rest, or entertainments, nor purchases of fashionable rags, nor holidays... anything... The depression sucked in me with the head. It was no simple PMS any more, I felt tired and angry all the time. I almost did not do household chores. Sometimes only cooked food, washed the dishes and washed and ironed clothes. To me was to spit on the fact that everywhere dust lies that the floor in kitchen is not washed long ago, toys roll on all house. There was no wish for either purity, or a cosiness in the house and even if I found forces on cleaning, purity in rooms did not please. To me was all the same. I, of course, loved the child, but his unwillingness to sleep drove me to despair in the evenings. As a result we with the daughter both began to be afraid of evening laying, and at the sight of a bed she began a hysterics. And meanwhile time went, the daughter grew up, grandmothers actively helped, we worked with the husband. I changed the old health insurance on absolutely another, more expensive for a long time. And here the case helped. As they say: there would be no happiness and the misfortune helped.

Last summer as usual in July I had a lot of work. I am a pianist, and I had to be that month at the piano for 6 - 7 hours a day. It was worked to me hard more than ever, the fatigue was increased, I was nervous constantly, especially if from - for traffic jams was late by the beginning of work. I had real hysterics directly driving when I saw how strongly I am late. In few weeks of such hard work something happened to my right hand. When playing a grand piano I felt wrist pain, not that very strong, but quite notable. Having finished in two weeks that work, I thought that the hand will pass itself, now I will work much less. But the hand did not pass. There were months, there came the winter, and the hand began to hurt almost constantly at any loading moreover a wrist was always slightly swelled up. It is so possible to lose work also! It was necessary to look for doctors.

After long searches of the doctor and experiments with a hand in the form of massage, cold and hot compresses, tablets etc. I at last found the remarkable doctor who from one prick completely cured to me a hand! Business was in the spring, I almost despaired, and it is suddenly so simple - one prick and all! The doctor seemed to me almost the wizard. And I decided to consult to it about PMS, absence monthly etc. He told that he all this abnormally and recommended me the good gynecologist. I right there called clinic to register in reception. By then the daughter was two years old, she still hardly went to bed in the evenings, but slept all night long to late - late morning without prosypaniye. I began to get enough sleep, but still the fatigue did not pass. I could understand nothing. Why suddenly the child`s birth so strongly changed my character? I, of course, was never not an angel before childbirth, but such hysteric woman-. I was horrified because what gave birth to the child, and not because was sorry about it but only only because I felt sorry for the child - well for what he got such disgusting mother? The mother-in-law calmed me as could, said that I am good mother, just I need to have a rest. She constantly advised us with the husband to take vacation and to leave where - nibud together. But I did not want to leave the daughter. And from work so just we with the husband would not be released. Hysterics proceeded, the husband avoided communication with me, but, to tell the truth, I and most not really - that and wanted to communicate. I do not even mean sex, I just did not want to see anybody. I caught myself that constantly I carp at something, and all it seems to me wrong around, and all people around - the idiots who agreed to make me life a misery. Mental hospital...

To the gynecologist I got in April. Cool there was an aunt, quite young and very sensible. The Russian, by the way, so I had not to strain to explain her all the problems. When I told about “Mirren“, she suddenly began to ask as at me passed earlier monthly as I gave birth whether there was bleeding etc. I answered questions, not really understanding their sense. Monthly were always poor, for 2 - 3 days, gave birth itself, bleeding was not... The doctor awfully was surprised. “Why to you delivered “to Mirren?“ - she asked. It turned out that Mirren - not a simple spiral. It is shown, first of all, to those women at whom were too plentiful monthly, either bleedings, or some serious complications after the delivery. A spiral hormonal and with some drugs. And to me such it is not necessary at all! Therefore also so strong PMS - hormones work. And lack of blood during monthly too the phenomenon absolutely normal. The doctor long explained to me as all this occurs. Also told also that the less time will remain until the end of the term of this spiral (I put it for 5 years), the PMS will be weaker. And as absence monthly was the main issue for me, and I was convinced that everything is all right, we with the doctor decided to leave everything as it is so far. And in two and a half years to replace to “Mirren“ with a usual spiral. Also settled upon that, but the thought that the spiral made my life such intolerable, strong sat down at me at the head. I only up to the end could not believe that such tiny spiralka possesses such strong action. I still thought that I simply need rest, and in August when I am more free with work, it will be possible to have a rest a little, can be even to leave where - nibud for couple of days, having left the daughter on the grandmother. But it became clear soon that till August I will fall short. Or I will have an accident since it is simply dangerous to drive the car in such excited state, or in a mental hospital. Or I will become an inveterate drunkard. Yes, I began to drink. Not to guzzle bottles, but a glass - another wine in the evening - it was already necessary for me. And after the next hysterics, having felt directly narcotic need for alcohol, I understood that quite so people also become an inveterate drunkard. It was necessary to do something, and I made the decision to remove a spiral! Suddenly a spiral - a source of all my troubles.


Ya it was not sure, but other options all the same were not. The next morning I called clinic and made an appointment with the doctor. There was everything as if by magic further. From the first hours as to me pulled out a spiral, I began to feel much more quietly. All my nervousness and tension which was not releasing me more than two years disappeared somewhere. And not gradually, and here so suddenly at once. I was afraid to believe the feelings, it seemed to me that so does not happen, it was similar to wonderful transformation! Monsters - in the beauty! :) In the first evening I with surprise found out that it is possible to stack 40 minutes the child and at the same time not to be nervous and not to shout! And not just restraining by efforts of will. And really to be the quiet and loving mother! It seems that my daughter was terribly surprised with the change which happened to me because behaved quietly and peaceful too fell asleep. There were days, I did not recognize myself. The century fatigue began to leave slowly, I began to wake up fresh and well rested in the mornings, I ceased to shout and fall into hysterics, I rediscovered for myself pleasure of motherhood. In any case motherhood, I felt taste to life! I began to smile! And it was noticed at once by all family. And my little daughter became suddenly much stronger to reach for me, learned to embrace and kiss. And I so grudged those missed and irrevocably lost days when the first years of motherhood were poisoned because of some silly woman - a vrachikha! I with horror looked at the house. My God, as I started it! Dust, dirt, a web on walls, in kitchen not to wash a floor any more... Having fulfilled the next July contract and having earned the decent sum, I decided to replace dirty linoleum in kitchen with a pure tile. But at first to have a rest!


I we with the husband, having left the daughter on his mother, went for three days to Las - Vegas. In total - 3 years without holiday. And Las - Vegas close, almost you do not spend only three and a half hours of a driving, time and money for the road. And there if you do not have a rest physically then you will have a rest morally. And it is not obligatory to sit in a casino at all. We almost did not play. In Las - Vegas is so much!!! Both show, and the museums, and hotels (which in itself it is much more interesting than the museums). And this tremendous feeling of a holiday every minute. Tremendous city! We returned very happy.

we are engaged in

A in renovation of the house now.

Updated paint on walls where there were spots and picturesque rebenkova of “picture“ a felt-tip pen and pencils (we on walls have no wall-paper, just paint). In kitchen put a tile, bought a new plate and a microwave, washed up and rearranged a huge collection of Gzhel in hills in a new way. In plans to throw out the dirty semi-broken chairs in kitchen and to buy new. And it is better together with a table. The soul asks changes, purity and a cosiness! I began to derive pleasure from purchases again, to the daughter on pleasures bought a heap of toys, DVD and clothes. And I feel such happy! I began to derive pleasure from life again. We decided to get a kitten, and already chose one awfully nice. In a week we will take away it from cat`s hospital with all inoculations.

my normal monthly returned To me! :) And I in three years began to forget what is it. And I as the idiot awfully rejoiced when my normal PMS returned to me - when there is an uncontrollable wish for some sweet and pulls a stomach bottom a little. And all!!! I did not put a new spiral yet, something is frightening though the doctor also said that the usual spiral is not capable of such mucks. :) It was necessary to buy condoms again! But at the end of September, during next monthly, I will surely make an appointment with the doctor and I will deliver myself a usual spiral.

Here, perhaps, and all. Perhaps, my history will help someone, or perhaps and is not present, I quite assume that it was only my individual reaction on “Mirren“, and at other women everything passes normally. And my case is just an exception which confirms only the rule. I do not know, I described only own experiences. And as I also the skeptic, trust more in bad, than in good, and I do not possess auto-suggestion absolutely, hardly I just finished myself that after a spiral everything will be good. To me it is valid well ! What and to all of you I wish!