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Our trip to Ukraine, or Attentively check documents at customs. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.
If I was more attentive than

... (on July 8)

Today we planned to cross border with Ukraine and to reach Luhansk. Through Novoshakhtinsk to drive not far therefore we did not hurry. Were bought in the morning, and left during the lunchtime.

before our customs us was stopped on a post where we paid 330 rubles for an insurance.

At the Russian customs. Passed 2 cars. At us more than 2 hours left to get on examination. And here troubles began. The grandfather had with himself a gas gun. We were told that at the Ukrainian customs we with it will not be passed. Suggested us to leave it at somebody on preservation or to dig in the wood. It in us was also not found, but the grandfather himself told that it has a gun. He made visibility that the gun goes to hide, having imperceptibly given it to me. Once again suggested to leave to it on preservation. When returned, checked the metal detector. As I understood then, the purpose of all this was one - to take control of the available weapon (I represent disappointment of customs officers when, having dug out, they found an empty package). At the Ukrainian customs there was no examination at all.

Further I filed documents to a window. Here it turned out that to the birth certificate it was necessary to receive an additional leaflet in which nationality of the child would be specified in a passport office. It they forgave us. I took away documents and here... made the biggest mistake! I did not check them.

At the Ukrainian customs us was met by the young guy with a question: “The declaration already sometime was filled in?“ “No“, - we answered.“ I can offer the services for 150 rubles“, - he told in turn. We became puzzled, but, having decided that we filling - very difficult procedure agreed. Already then I saw the stand with a sample. There is nothing difficult actually, we just came across “rod“. And here it turned out that there is no birth certificate. We rushed to search a car interior. Looked everywhere. Even under rubber rugs glanced. Without results. We thought that we, perhaps, dropped somewhere. Returned on the Russian customs. To us allowed to pass and look at territories. All the same there is no document anywhere. In the principle to drop and not to notice rather difficult. At customs it is pure, and any fallen thing would become noticeable at once. Looked also on check point. The customs officer assured that he gave everything. Generally, all our attempts to find the gone certificate were unsuccessful. I mentally scrolled that moment when gave all documents to a window. The customs officer introduced these certificates the first. After it put it aside. Further I remember nothing. Besides us still there were 3 cars. All people hurried to pass customs inspection rather. Perhaps, our certificate got to somebody by mistake. But we do not learn it any more...

It was very offensive for

. First of all I as, having received documents, I did not check them was guilty. We had with ourselves a document photocopy, but not certified. We tried to pass the Ukrainian customs on it, but not here - that was. We were refused to be passed. Offered also money, too did not help. The chief did not want to take the responsibility. I was upset, but there were no wish to lose the planned holiday. If we went with the husband without grandfather, I would not make up the mind to the following step, but the grandfather at us the adventurer.

So, we decided to return to Chertkovo. Having lost at customs of 5 hours, we moved to relatives. Chertkovo is a border area. We well knew what on foot there can be passed quietly through the railroad, and you already in Ukraine. So we also made. I with the child passed and remained to wait for the husband and the grandfather at relatives in Cretaceous. It is already Ukraine. And the grandfather and Andrey passed customs by car. However, they were long detained at the Ukrainian customs. There was very suspiciously the fact that there are children`s and female things, and there are no owners. Besides the insurance was Novoshakhtinsk. But another without having found nothing, customs officers had to pass the car. Of course, we took the risk. The child had no identity document. In a stock we already had several legends about it.

Yes, day was given heavy. We fell asleep very late.

We in Ukraine (on July 9 and all next days)

Ya told

what wanted to share most of all. Numerous meetings from the relative and friends who are not interesting to readers were farther. Therefore, having lowered them, I will allocate still some moments of our cultural program.

To Luhansk was nearby, but after so concerning events, we decide to be late for day in Cretaceous. In the evening we took a walk in local park. There is a monument to soldiers - to liberators of times of the Great Patriotic War. Exactly from here, with Cretaceous, liberation of Ukraine from fascists began. Nikolki`s attention was drawn by a gun on which he grandly sat with the father. It so was pleasant to it that he did not want to get down from it.

our fears turned out

superfluous. During all the time never local road inspection stopped us. And it came across seldom, two times for all days.

In Luhansk we went to the Central park. It turned out that local children`s roundabouts - the exact copy our, Vladimir. Even samoletik, machines identical, unless colors of another. Kolya drove on the darling - “Figured“. Descended in a menagerie which is located right there in park. But it did not cause delight in Nikolka. It is not our first attempt, but, probably, for the present early. Or perhaps it is zoos do not inspire. Kolya remembered animals, can call whom he saw, but there is no gloss in eyes at the same time. Reaction is very quiet.

Ya very much wanted to bring together the child in circus as we have in the city it only the visitor, there is no. But it turned out that in the summer they did not give representations.

What else can be told about Luhansk? We did not go to the museums. I considered that it will not be interesting to the child. In my memory Luhansk was blossoming, with fountains, the city. Now unless the center looks more - less. All the rest - in the started state. Are especially expensive. Worse I. Met anywhere any more parks on suburbs of the city turn into a jungle.

the Way back turned out quicker. To 19. 00 we were already at home where the grandmother looked forward to the grandson.

Now the curiosity I satisfied

for a long time. Let it is better relatives come to us on a visit!

the Complete list of things which we took in the road

  1. Tent
  2. Sleeping bags
  3. Tourist rugs.
  4. the Gas stove
  5. Gas cylinders to it - 2 pieces
  6. the Axe
  7. the Hacksaw
  8. Kettles - 2 pieces
  9. of KLMN (a mug, a spoon, a bowl, a knife) - on all
  10. the Ladle
  11. the Set of products
  12. the Oilcloth lunch
  13. Documents
  14. Toilet accessories
  15. Money
  16. Umbrellas - on all
  17. the Small towel (for hands)
  18. Big towels
  19. of the Match
  20. the Small lamp
  21. the Atlas of highways
  22. the Additional medical first-aid kit (taking into account children`s drugs)
  23. the Camera
  24. the Film - 2 pieces.
  25. Video camera
  26. Repair set (needles, threads, pins, passatizh...)
  27. the Canister for drinking water
  28. Clothes (from the nursery I overdid) a little
  29. of Means from mosquitoes
  30. of the Glove (for removal of a hot kettle)
  31. of the Clothespeg
  32. the Rope for drying of linen
  33. the Air-bed
  34. the Ball
  35. Children`s books
  36. Paper and colored pencils for drawing
  37. the Small pillow for the child
  38. of the Toy (a bucket, a scoop, forms for sand, a watering can, the machine, the water gun, a new toy on a case of whims - it was the set of wild animals. They could be given out on one, thereby prolonging pleasure for the child)
  39. the Pot
  40. to
  41. Wet towel wipes
  42. the Mobile phone + a battery charger
  43. Gifts
  44. Empty buckets (we brought to them home apricots and sweet cherry) - 2 pieces

A here forgot to take: garbage packages and a rag for a wipe of an oilcloth and washing of ware.

, it seems, - all.


It is desirable to all successful travel!