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The reduced immunity - the clinical record of

according to World Health Organization, more than at 70% of Russians is reduced immunity today. Especially it concerns residents of the large cities with an adverse ecological situation. In the megalopolis, really, it is almost impossible to find absolutely healthy people: frequent colds and viral diseases, weakness and feeling of overfatigue became our constant satellites. How to strengthen immunity and to improve quality of life?

Unfortunately, the recipe as it is instant and on all hundred to strengthen immune system, does not exist yet. Formation of strong immunity - process long and constant therefore it is necessary to create protective forces of an organism since childhood. In the childhood we build the base on which durability in many respects depends as will long stay the house representing our health.

If not to take into account immunomodulators to which help we resort in critical situations then in the main natural way of formation of strong immunity is the healthy nutrition. It concerns also adults in whose diet the surplus of cholesterol and apparent defect of cellulose is felt today that does not promote immunity strengthening at all, and, of course, children.

the Huge role in formation of protective forces of an organism of the child is played by breastfeeding. With mother`s milk the kid receives all vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for it. The main thing that they were well acquired and as bricks developed to the strong base of future health. There is very close connection between work of a gastrointestinal tract of the child and his immunity. And if to consider that many children suffer from dysbacteriosis (violation of structure of intestinal microflora) now, it becomes clear why the condition of protective system of their organism leaves much to be desired.

Each mother knows that kids of the first year of life are often disturbed by a tummy. And during this period it is important to understand whether it is a consequence of inevitable process of formation of microflora of a gastrointestinal tract or the kid has an intestinal infection and it developed dysbacteriosis. It is possible to check it by means of analyses. At dysbacteriosis in intestinal microflora pathogenic bacteria prevail, at the child ponosa or locks begin, the stomach hurts, quite often on this background there is food allergy. But that is especially terrible, the kid does not acquire all those useful substances which arrive with food and promote immunity formation.

Today doctors advise

for prevention to give to the baby pro-biotic preparations which principle of action is based on settling of intestines by useful bifidobacteria. But sometimes in it there is no need, everything that is necessary for health of the kid is in mother`s milk. Gradually, if in intestines there are no infections and useful bacteria were not killed with reception of antibiotics, the normal microflora will be created in the natural way, thanks to oligosaccharides - prebiotichesky components of breast milk which are food for bifido - and lactobacilli and promote their active reproduction.

But the question arises: how to avoid dysbacteriosis and to strengthen protective forces of an organism if mother has no milk? Today the simplest and effective option - use of mixes of new generation with prebiotics. If earlier the children who were on artificial feeding were deprived of useful properties of oligosaccharides, then thanks to achievements of modern science now, the situation changed. To carry out prevention of dysbacteriosis and to form immunity it is possible directly during feeding. That is process happens also naturally, as well as when breastfeeding. It became possible after in Holland the unique prebiotichesky mix of oligosaccharides containing high quantity of a galactose similar by the size and properties to oligosaccharides of breast milk was created. The developed mix of food fibers is a natural component and renders the same favorable effect on the child`s organism, as well as oligosaccharides of breast milk. The Dutch company Nutricia included the mix of oligosaccharides received by scientists in composition of the children`s dairy mixes Nutrilon. Now at the kids who are on artificial feeding favorable conditions for formation and preservation of normal structure of intestinal microflora are created too, and there is a prevention of dysbacteriosis that health positively affects their immunity and the future.