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We choose means on care of skin of the kid of

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one question or the statement “YES!“ this article for you.

“All the best - to children“. So we approach the choice of means on care of children, since their birth.

On head skin of the kid seboreyny crusts appeared .

They do not allow skin to breathe and interfere with growth of hair. Their wrong removal is fraught with serious problems therefore for this purpose it is necessary to use the means which are specially developed for soft removal of crusts and prevention of formation of new. Such means is the Skin - shampoo for removal of seboreyny crusts of Mustel which has no analogs around the world and can be used from the first day of life of the kid.

Skin of your child is vulnerable


Soft and gentle, it is defenseless before aggressive manifestations of external environment. Any influence, insignificant for the adult, can cause strong irritation and reddening on skin of the kid. How to protect skin of the child from wind and a rain? In Europe this problem is solved with the help Kold - the Mustela cream which is specially developed for care of skin of newborns, children and babies. Beeswax and vegetable oils which form the hydrolipidic film protecting skin are its part. Now this means was available for sale and for the Moscow drugstores.

newborn`s Skin very dry .

She demands daily moistening and it is necessary to approach very seriously a question of the choice of cream, your child is so small and his skin is more gentle than rose-petals. Some creams can cause an allergy therefore choose hypoallergenic cream. Hydra - Bebe - the moisturizing face cream jojoba softens skin thanks to the being its part to oil shi, almond oil and oil, is hypoallergenic and is suitable for use from the first day of life.

Skin of your child needs to clear


Water can not always effectively remove with

the milk remains after feeding. Moreover, many means and cream, do not wash off. For this purpose you will suit the clearing Physio Bebe liquid which does not demand washing off, does not contain soap. Specially developed formula Physio Bebe effectively deletes pollution and insoluble protective creams in water, without damaging at the same time lipidic balance of skin.

Massage .

Oil for massage cannot be sprayed on the kid. Apply it to yourself on hands (that it got body temperature) and begin massage.


to calm, humidify and protect skin of the kid, developed Oil for massage of Mustela which structure ideally is suitable for a baby massage, providing easy sliding and good absorption with his skin, after it on skin there is no fat and oil film left. Oil softens skin of the kid and does it soft and elastic.

Sound sleep .

If the kid badly fills up

, it should be prepared for a dream. Before going to bed bath a crumb in a heat bath with the weakening foam from Mustela - it carefully clears skin, calms and softens it. Having texture of a milk and being ideally dissolved in water, the weakening foam humidifies and protects gentle skin of the child from drying, does not demand washing off, does not contain soap.

you can provide with

to it the best leaving from the very first day of life. The French Mustela line is known already more than 50 - ti years. It won love of pediatricians and mothers of the whole world.

More detailed information on our means on care of skin of kids you will find

on the website
www. mustela. ru,
and it is possible to get advice of experts by phone (095) 933 45 87.