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Our trip to Ukraine, or Attentively check documents at customs. Part I

I Want to make a reservation at once: a main objective of our trip - Ukraine, namely Luhansk + area, but in addition we decided “to jump“ on the Sea of Azov, and arrival to Don at us turned out in a random way.

of Pricking

in person
So, let`s get acquainted! We are it a father - Andrey, mother - Ira, the sonny - Nikolka and the grandfather - Sasha.

This trip we planned

even last summer (but at us already and the next two years are painted). Last time I was at relatives in Ukraine 9 years ago. Nostalgia haunted. And this summer, when the child already was 2 years old, we decided to go to holiday under the own steam, i.e. by car. Our idea was supported by the grandfather that was even very good (we have heard plenty a set of stories about a rip-off of “daishnik“, and the grandfather - half the Ukrainian and to him is simpler to agree).


we from Vladimir, but day moving almost to one thousand kilometers did not frighten us. In the general complexity in 14 days we nayezdit about 4 thousand km. I expect possible indignation. No, we are not sadists, and the child absolutely quietly transferred the road. Besides the result showed that we well were prepared for it, all appeared enough and very few (I will give the list of things below).

to a trip I read articles about rest with children, made the list of things, found in the Internet the applet showing the shortest way from point to point (if to whom it is necessary - write, I will share the link; the program specifies intermediate points, a distance in kilometers, time at ways, road type). Only we changed the beginning of a route. The program “spoke“ to go through Orekhovo-Zuevo, and we decided to go through the Goose - Crystal. Very much we like Meshchersky landscapes and the road is quieter!

On the Third of July, a day before a trip, we laid in the thing car not to spend in the morning for this time.

So, day the First (on July 4)

Departure at us was appointed by

4 - go to 6 hours. Were made a hole for half an hour longer. With weather we were lucky: all the time poured rains, and in day of departure the sky cleared up, the sun seemed. The car was driven by all in turn unless Nikolke this opportunity on was presented, but at stops he rushed on a driver`s seat at once, and declared to us, showing on a transmission: “Pull!“

we Had breakfast in the Ryazan region around 10. 00. Slightly earlier - Saviour - Klepikov and almost to Ryazan on a roadside roadside arbors, one of which we also chose, meet. The look is the most beautiful! The wood - mixed with prevalence of coniferous trees. All business was spoiled only by mosquitoes. But on this case we stocked up with the frightening-off means of Gardex firm - a metal jar with spirals inside; it is suspended somewhere in meter from people. I and the child ate porridge from a thermos. And the others were limited to sandwiches and kefir.

Further we went through Pronsk, Skopin and... Tanks. Here we understood that we made a mistake. The small town, but was necessary to cross not less than 4 railway crossings, and (perhaps, it just combination of circumstances) in all town were conducted dorozhno - repair work. Yes, roads left much to be desired! On a way back we arrived more cleverly: though made a small hook, but went on the road of federal importance.


Passable across the Voronezh region, we were once stopped for speeding. At the same time any counter driver did not warn us about “ambush“. So rumors about lack of mutual assistance in this area were confirmed already and us.

Approximately in 21. 00 we were already at relatives in Chertkovo.


Again it is expensive (on July 5)

We continued the road to the Sea of Azov.

At first we wanted to stop in Taganrog, but then decided that savages it will be heavy to rise there, and decided to promote stronger on the West.

we did not find a bypass road In Rostov. Or perhaps it is also absent? Long left the city: at first staid in a stopper, and then much more got lost. But excellent is expensive towards Taganrog!

On the road we with Kolya drew

, gnawed nutlets, read books. And one of favourite books at Nikolka is a children`s encyclopedia “World of Cars“. He took my finger, stuck with it into the picture with the image of the device of the engine, demanding from me the name of separate parts. And now it without effort shows air, oil filters. Ignition coil, carburetor...

on the way to us the centralized camping met, but we decided to pass further away. Shortly we arrived to Beglitsa. The beach in this place was not pleasant to us - too open place, especially weather from us turned away. Rather strong cold wind blew, the sun was not absolutely, and instead of it over us huge black clouds hung. The sea seemed to us dirty too, it is possible even to tell, unpleasant. The met fishermen told that only the day before yesterday from there left the family.

We decided to find

the village under Natalyevk`s name. In total - on the card there though some green spot is designated. We did not find Natalyevka, but got to the place which locals call “Sixteenth“. Here the beach was much better. On the high coast overlooking the sea we cooked a dinner, and then went down closer to the coast to set up camp. At locals we filled up reserves of drinking water and bought milk (25 rubles for 3 liters). There is also a shop. However, we did also without it.

we delivered Tent to

almost at the pier. Once here wanted to build port, but then this business was thrown. Locals told that near a pier the sea deep. What is a rarity for the Sea of Azov. We did not decide to bathe. Even my men did not make such attempt. Wind did not abate.

We with the husband - tourists, but it was impossible to be chosen with the child even in a two-day campaign earlier. So there were circumstances that it was the first spending the night of Kolenki in tent. We joined sleeping bags, our with the husband, and the child put in the middle between us. Experience was successful. Everything passed quietly and smoothly. Only a few time the child tried at night to get out from a sleeping bag.

Farewell to the sea (on July 6)

To our disappointment weather did not improve. Even on the contrary, any minute - the rain will go. Of course, it was a pity, but we decided to leave. Just like that there was no wish to waste time. The second time I was at the sea, and the second time to me was not succeeded to bathe. Offensively! Probably, destiny. We had a desire to come around to Don. Relatives in general advised us at once to go to it supposedly at the sea there is nothing to do. Besides there was one more occasion for this purpose: the grandfather served in Novocherkassk, and he wanted to visit places, expensive to it.

Having decided to walk before departure on a pier, we in thickets of a cane found a small pond in which fish floated. As the grandfather regretted that we did not take with ourselves a rod! He resolved to get them in Rostov that we also made. However, it was necessary to look for shop with fishing department.

Having looked at the sea last time. We went to Don.

Through Novocherkassk (this small town left at all of us pleasant impression) we moved towards the village of Bagayevskaya. It is possible to get to this village on the ferry. We curtailed to the left, and went along the river. To our regret, we could not make the way to the coast anywhere - here closely to each other there are recreation facilities. Having understood unsuccessfulness of the idea, we decided to turn on one of them. There was a Wednesday therefore base were almost empty. But the price seemed to us overestimated. We addressed the next base - “Motorist“. Here quotations appeared 10 times less, and conditions are not worse at all (in 3 days we paid 400 rubles. It is the price for 2 - a hmestny lodge, but we on the third adult were free of charge given a folding bed). The beach at these bases the general, and for children is just paradise. Small river sand. We did not find even a candy wrapper from candy anywhere. And, to our surprise, clouds disappeared.

of of Kohl the Lodge “catches“ a small fish
(wooden) consists of two small rooms: a bedroom and the dining room in which there was a table, the refrigerator and chairs. We received bed linen and ware. Kitchen - the general. As weather was established, we ate behind the little table, next to a lodge, on the street, but it was possible to settle down also on a verandah. Also in the territory of base there are swing and a short flight of stairs for children.

After a fast dinner (on the next base there is a shop, there we bought pelmeni), went to fishing. The small fry was caught generally. Though the small fish was also small, but we satisfied sports interest. Rods only also managed to pull out. It was heavy to clean only a small fish, but fried we ate her with pleasure.

On Don (on July 7)

Weather was frying. We bathed much. Built sand mountains for toy wild animals. The child was simply in love with the beach. It was delighted by the barges floating by and the ferry transporting people and cars from the coast on the coast. It was possible to take away the child from the beach only the tempting offer to drive on a swing. The grandfather it was impossible to tear off from a rod.

still we found

A a remarkable hedgehog. At first it puffed and was curtailed in a ball. But very quickly got used to us. “Nose!“ with delight Nikolka when the hedgehog was developed cried and with curiosity looked at us. Even it left us without hurrying.