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You my sweet

“Dai candy!“, “Buy a chocolate!“, “I want cake!“ If kid, so surely sweet tooth? Of course, no. Why then children so love sweet? “Yes because it is loved by us!“ - the children`s psychologist Elena Voskovskaya claims.

Today you complain all: “It cannot day without sweet“. And whether you will be able to remember what the love of the child to sweets began with? For certain from a candy which you thanked him for the toys collected from a floor or which was thrust quicker to it into a mouth if only ceased to cry. And, most likely, at the same time provorkovat: “And what I will give you now?“ Whether it is worth being surprised that in a small head the modest candy turned into something special - an award for a good deed, magic means which can help any grief and sweeten even the most bitter tears. And now you should not be surprised to the fact that sweets of steel for it psychological dependence. No, not physiological, namely psychological. Do not think as if the children`s organism “demands“ some sweet. Parents do not give to some children in the first years of life some candies at all, and those happily grow, without knowing what is sweets. And meanwhile chocolates and fruit-paste sweets are not only “hi, terrible caries“, but also much more serious problems which can be presented as links of one chain: metabolic disorder, excess weight, obesity. And the most unpleasant is the fact that excess weight - risk factor for many bad diseases which you are simply obliged and not to admit close to the child. Staff of World Health Organization more than once declared that taste of the child to food is formed in the first years of life. Having become the adult, it will eat approximately the same what you accustomed him in the early childhood to. And love to sweets, you see, not the healthiest habit.

Life - not sugar?

you understood that, having accustomed the kid to candies, you made a mistake, and now want to correct it. Well, it is necessary to become the strategist. Do not rush to attack to caramels, chocolates, cakes and cakes, lowering them in a refuse chute or stuffing on distant back streets of kitchen. To you it is not necessary and pull out at the child from hands candy with which he was just treated by acquaintances. Sweets already became for it dependence, and any radical measures for their destruction can cause a serious stress and serious offense in the child. In reply he can even refuse food just as the adult having gone on hunger strike in protest completely. Develop strategically right plan better. But at the same time you remember, your purpose - not desperate fight against sweets, and schooling of the child to a healthy lifestyle.


in what situations the child tries to keep step with candy. Most often, when of something it is upset, frightened or ached, candy for it - the best consolation, protection and an award. Your task - to distract his thoughts from sweet and to direct them to something another: on the fairy tale, interesting game or just conversation.

If the kid rather adult to understand your explanations, it is possible to tell in an available form to it as sugar is harmful to our organism. But your story should not turn into intimidation it seems at all:“ You will eat here candies, and teeth will turn black“. Some mothers manage to frighten children even by cellulitis, in passing trying to explain to the four-year-old baby what is it. This tactics incorrect, is better to refuse it at once, your purpose - to reduce amount of the eaten candies, but not to impose a total ban on them. The kid all the same will regale on sweet from time to time, so to what to it to be tormented with expectation what teeth here - here will turn black and to suffer from a fault complex necessary to nobody?

the Vase with candies should not disappear suddenly suddenly from a table. The child not only will at once find loss, but also will arrange the whole storm of discontent. Gradually replace candies, cakes and cakes with useful sweet products: honey, dried fruits and fresh fruit, syrups, yogurts, juice. But in a case with the last be careful, attentively read labels. If juice - only a concentrate, from it is not any advantage too. Act approximately according to such scheme: cleared gingerbread the table - replace it with banana, cleaned a chocolate tile without which any afternoon snack did not do earlier, - occupy the emptiness formed on a table with a jar with jam. And here candies demand from mothers of a bigger ingenuity. Pour out from to the brim the vase filled with candies a half of contents. When in couple of days of candy in a vase end quicker than usual, fill it with fruit. Such consecutive approach will help the child to get used to a new state of affairs without serious consequences. Having developed the plan for refusal of sweet and with enthusiasm having started its implementation, try not to forget about reefs: grandmothers, aunts, uncles and other can spoil all with success the done work. If your kid often spends time with the family, let them know the plans.

Step by step

Disaccustom with

guests to come with full packages of sweets, explain to them that sweet is harmful, and chocolate often causes nervous excitement and allergic reactions.

Love to sweets - the same dependence. And you know that it is impossible to get rid of dependence when the person suffering from it that does not wish. Do not force the child and do not punish, he has to be your ally, only then the success is guaranteed.

Try to impart to the kid love and to other tastes, for example sour or salty.

Replace with

usual sweet cookies with saltish, do not worry, many his child will not eat. Buy to it apples with sourness more often. Let gets used.

do not forbid

to the child of sweet At all, for certain he very much loves them. Just tell that from now on candies cannot be eaten every day but only, for example, on Wednesdays and Sundays. So gradually your kid will begin to wean from sweet. Be disaccustomed also to use sweets as an award and never punish the child deprivation of candy.

If you forbid

candies, but not to offer instead of nothing else, then will achieve only the return result. Forbidden fruit is sweetest, and the child will try to devour any candy which will fall to him into hands.

Should not hide also candies, will seem to the child that you on the quiet eat them. As soon as you go beyond a threshold, it will begin purposeful searches in all house. And seldom there will be a child who does not manage “to dig out“ a sweet hiding place.

Try to buy to the child not one big candy, but three small, not one big chocolate bar, but three small tiles like “Alenka“. He will eat one, the second, and a third to him, maybe, and it will not want, and he will leave it for later. To eat up big candy children consider as a point of honor.