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If we glance the developing games on walk of

on any playground, then we will see, as a rule, the same picture: children dig in rather dirty sand, move down from the gone to pieces hill or climb on the loosened short flight of stairs, and mothers stir on a nearby shop, only occasionally looking towards children: whether fought, did not fall down whether gorged on to sand. For some reason parents are sure that walk is time of their lawful rest from the child, and duties are reduced only to supervision behind its safety. Of course, the kid needs time for independent knowledge of the world, for games with other children, but often happens so that children obviously miss or, on the contrary, are overexcited and is not able to play independently, and mother only waves away: “Well go, play a sand, let`s talk!“ At the same time the same mothers constantly complain that they lack time for anything in general, and in particular - for occupations with the child. And walk opens unique opportunities for occupations with children.

you are supporters of ideas of Glen Doman and you like to show to the kid of a card with signatures? Remarkably! Go to the next forest park, to the river bank, to the boulevard or just to a green corner of the yard. Write on cards of the word “earth“, “grass“, “tree“, “dandelion“, the cone, “bark“, “protected“ etc. and spread out them directly on the earth, attach to trunks of trees, lean against flowers. And now you move the kid on this magic clearing, reading him cards. Even ten - to eleven monthly the baby, without telling about more seniors, will be delighted with such game. To the child is more senior it is possible to suggest to play “the museum of wildlife“, let he will correctly place cards before “exhibits“. If your kid is not able to read yet, help him: “Where here we have a dandelion? Carry - to it the signature!“ “Here I write: “pine“, and you look so far where to attach it.“ Two - three-year-old with pleasure will take part in collecting a herbarium in the summer or collections of seeds in the winter. You together will sort then all samples, issue and you will sign.

Well, where still how not on walk to study of a fundamentals of geography and astronomy ? Take with yourself a compass and explain to the kid how to define parts of the world, tell at the same time how to orient without compass. Four - five-year-old can already be told how to use the plan and a district map (very well and in detail about it it is written in the book “Developing Games“ of B. Nikitin). It is possible even to go to the real small campaign, in advance having determined a route by the card. In the clear winter evening when early darkens, try to find the Pole star, the Big Dipper, other constellations in the sky. Show to the kid the Moon in various phases, tell about their change. Find the open place where it is well visible a decline. This show will shake even the tiniest kids.

of the Bird and insects - the representatives of fauna, most available to city dwellers. Take crumbs for ducks and pigeons, make a bullfinches and titmouses feeder in park. Accustom the kid quietly - to watch quietly birds. It is good to come regularly to the same place. For example, it is possible to look in the early spring how drakes look after ducks, to admire ducklings in the summer, to observe in the fall how ducks prepare for flying away. It is possible to remember the fairy tale about the Grey Neck at the same time.

Find for an ant hill and observe its inhabitants, tell the kid what ants hardworking as they live a big close-knit family. If you take with yourself a magnifying glass, it is possible to consider an ant or other insect carefully. Do not allow the child to torment insects and birds only at all. And here the caterpillar can quite be taken home, to put in bank and to try to turn it into a butterfly. Surely pay attention on what leaves the caterpillar sat: she also should be fed with them.

Sometimes on walk can go in also for mathematics . Well where how not in the wood to master concept of ten? Collect, for example, several tens cones or stones, spread out them on in advance laid up boxes or just on large leaves - here to you and a mathematical grant. Sandy and asphalt platforms will be suitable for occupations by geometry. It is possible to draw a stick or chalk and if several children gather, suggest to turn him into geometrical figures: stretching each other strings, kids will be able to make a triangle, a square, a rhombus … If you take a roulette or folding meter from the house, it is possible to be engaged in measurement of distances, calculation of perimeters and the areas (for example, lock sites for construction)

If to you roads of idea of Montessori , stock up with vessels of various volume to pour and measure amount of various liquids and loose bodies, it is possible to take also a steelyard. The sandbox or the coast of a pond - the ideal place for studying of concepts is a lot of - a little, heavy - easy, liquid - firm. And fuss with sand, water, small pebbles and cones will strengthen fingers of the kid, will develop small motility.

Can try to be spoken to

the kid on walk only of a foreign language (under a condition, of course, that you speak on it rather fluently or, at least with the correct pronunciation and without gross blunders).


on walk paper and paints or pencils From time to time (but it is not really frequent that did not bother) and play “artists on etudes“. Explain to the kid how to do sketches of plants, animals, people, to draw landscapes. Only do not demand similarity, let draws as he wants. And if you draw too (not for the child, and near him!) it will be absolutely remarkable. Then it will be possible even to organize an exhibition.

Domestic games our childhood gradually die, and present children are not able to organize group game at all. Therefore at a playground it is worth trying to arrange the general games for kids, from “loaf“ and “streamlet“ to a lapta and “Cowboys and Indians“. Perhaps, you know some more rare ancient games or can think up them - that better. In any group games your child gains invaluable experience of communication and cooperation which so is useful to it in life.

I all - the most important on walk are a discovery which your kid will make independently, experience of communication which he will gain, playing with other children. Therefore you do not hurry and do not impose to the child the program, and enter tactfully and imperceptibly when you feel that the kid was already tired to have a good time independently.