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the Old owner of hat shop noticed that the girlfriend - the adviser never recommended it to the client to buy the hat which was really decorating it. However ladies with strange persistence continued to go shopping together... Probably, the look from outside was, is and will be pledge of a right choice.

the Shopper is a stylist - the image maker specializing in appearance of the client. However, unlike the ordinary image maker, the shopper not just selects individual clothes style, but also helps to realize the thought-up image. Simply speaking, accompanies the client in shopping.

the Fashion to personal shoppers came from Hollywood. The actors and producers who are simply obliged to have big and various and, above all, “individual“ clothes, the first began to resort to their services. Some stars reached that completely shifted process of selection and search of clothes to shoppers. And the last nowadays not only ransack on shops of native Los - Andzheles, but also go to the best fashion designers of Paris, Milan and London.

the profession of the shopper passes

In Russia according to the category of exotic, in various official state standard specifications it does not appear; in higher education institutions on “the guide on style“ do not learn, the theoretical base and duty regulations are only formed. So in what shoppers are engaged? Olga Menshikova, the consultant of The Guide on Style agency tells:“ At first we hold five meetings (in total about 10 hours) during which we create the concept of his style with the client. We select the most suitable palette and combinations of flowers, cut options - up to a form of collars and lapels. In parallel we define the most suitable trademarks. As a result the client receives individual technology of drawing up clothes. And theoretically can carry out selection of clothes independently. However opening a lot of things for itself, the person understands that he does not know even more. Therefore itself asks to accompany it in shopping“. (Such maintenance costs from $25 to $150 an hour, depending on the level of inquiries and specifics of the client.) At first sight - very easy job. But not everything is so simple...

Direct shopping - to maintenance precedes

a serious preparatory work. Andrey Shevchenko, consultant of The Fifth Avenue agency:“ Four times a year, at the beginning of every season, I carry out monitoring - I go round certain shops (boutiques) and I watch what collections brought. It is, so to speak, the general investigation. And when the concrete inquiry from the client arrives, I am engaged in additional preparations. For example, I specify existence of certain models of the corresponding size, I make a movement route on shops“.

So, unlike the ordinary stylist, the shopper is obliged to be guided perfectly in offers of the “local“ fashionable market. However business is not limited to it. Andrey Shevchenko:“ Just clothes and footwear it is not enough. Image creates everything. I recommended to allocate to one client who completely replaced clothes couple more of thousands of dollars to change clothes of his personal driver“.

One more task of the shopper - to meet the stipulated budget. It is especially actual during the work with representatives of middle class. And there are secrets. The shopper knows: practically any clothes or footwear can be bought twice cheaper in so-called shows - ruma - inaccessible for foreign exhibitions - sales. So, - Rhum it is real to buy the men`s suit which is hung out in boutique in the Tverskaya for $2000 in show for $1000. Just places should be known. By the way, depending on claims and material resources in one day of shopping (about four hours - it is more physically heavy) the client spends on average from $1000 to $5000.

But sometimes the shopper dresses “the poor student“ for $300 so that that looks a prince. Or helps “oil industry worker“ to spend $30 000 for an exclusive.

Besides, an obligatory element of work of the consultant is “rescue“ of old clothes. In other words, the shopper, having rummaged in the client`s case, advises to get rid of something, and to leave something. Other elements will approach the “approved“ things.

I at last, the personal attendant has to constrain the client suffering from an oniomaniya - passion to irrepressible, sometimes to senseless purchases. Irina Sokhina, image consultant: “I pay special attention to so-called “emotional purchases“ when the thing is seemingly not really necessary and not really approaches, but very much it is pleasant! It is important to understand what to do in such cases then not to regret for the money spent for nothing“.

Gradually the client ceases to need the consultant.“ After three - can independently shop four trainings on shopping of people, without having problems and inconveniences“, - Irina Sokhina assures.

And that as a result?

Olga Bratchikova, head of agency of the reputation Businessimidzhklub technologies:“ As a result the correct clothes corresponding to the chosen individual style are formed various and in every respect. The ideal option - in a case of nothing superfluous and always is what to put on“. Having changed, the person notices how the attitude towards him of the outside world changes. There`s nothing to be done, meet on clothes. Women begin to catch on themselves more and more delighted man`s looks and envious sighs of competitors. And men... According to Andrey Shevchenko, the main indicator - “respect of the waiter“. These are that understand.

to Someone the new clothes allow to change

destiny abruptly: to promote on an office ladder, to involve business - partners, as a last resort, simply successfully to arrange private life. For example, to Andrey Shevchenko`s clients image of “the London aristocrats“ allowed to make indelible impression on the Siberian businessman and it is favorable to get small zavodik. And Olga Menshikova`s client thanks to new clothes got rid of an image of the bore and won a hand and heart of the pleasant girl. To “creation“ of Irina Sokhina there was just a funny thing. The new dress so changed the person, his gait, a bearing that he was recognized not at once by the close friend!

Nikolay Nilovsky, chief of advertizing department of Crystal - Lefortovo Trading house (Olga Bratchikova`s client): “As a result shopping - maintenances was created my working clothes“. Igor Sh., owner of the large tea company (Irina Sokhina`s client):“ Never would think that the offered shades suit me. I would not choose them“.

However it is wrong to p to think that only wealthy men wishing to correspond to the business - to the status become clients of shoppers. - the image maker with the subsequent shopping - maintenance both young careerists, and the wives wishing to correspond to the husbands and pretenders to a role of wives use services of the stylist.

according to consultants, average age of clients - about 30 years. Though also solid people of years of fifty come across and are more senior. Or on the contrary, students and even teenagers for whom parents pay. Division by gender - 50 on 50. And if men, as a rule, pay the purchases, then in half of cases the husband or someone else pays for women. By the way, a situation from the movie “Beauty“ when Richard Gere`s hero brought the poor girl into boutique and dressed it as the lady, it is rather widespread. But there are nuances... Olga Menshikova tells: “Once the man appealed to us to dress his “acquaintance“. Couple arrived from Petrozavodsk for three days. The girl reached the final of a local beauty contest, and she urgently needed the “crushing“ order for “decisive fight“. They were carried to good boutique and chose the excellent, elegant things emphasizing regular features and lines of a figure. The provincial beauty changed in the European princess. However the girl rejected everything! Also went to a competition in a blue dress with frills“.

A plots from “Beauty“ on the contrary happen. Olga Bratchikova:“ We have a concept “rich person“ - the person who pays for purchases. Usually - the man who wants to dress up the girlfriend. But somehow I faced that as “rich person“ the woman dressing the young friend acted. And there was me a man, and only during shopping I saw who pays“.

are Earned by shoppers differently, everything depends on thickness of a purse of the client and objectives. The fee consists, as a rule, of hourly payment ($25-150 an hour). Some shoppers in addition take a certain percent from the purchase sum, however similar approach guards - it turns out that it is favorable to shopper “to untwist“ the client on big expenditure, and it is nonprofessional.“ Correct“ shoppers according to such scheme do not work. In addition sometimes clients supplement the fee with tip. Also “collateral“ earnings - commission charges from shops where purchases are made are not excluded. But professionals prefer not to contact them - the involvement limits a freedom of choice and, respectively, quality of work.

generally, as well as at any free “artist“, earnings of the shopper are unstable, depend on “surges in consumer activity“. At someone the average monthly income makes $2000, and at someone - much more. And clothes of the shopper always up to standard. Shoemakers without boots in this profession are not. And how differently?