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The preschool program

is not so rare Recently a situation when children or do not attend kindergarten at all, or come back from there, without having stood one - two months of adaptation. On whom it depends: from children, from parents or from modern kindergartens and tutors?


Often it happens that parents “are not ready“ to kindergarten. Many of them had an alternative to preschool educational institution, in the form of the nurse, the grandmother or mother who is staying at home presently. As a result parents want just to try “to go to a garden“, not too thinking of necessary preparation for such important action. And when it is impossible at once, take away the child home. Actually quickly, without tears and scandals very few people are capable to get used to kindergarten. Besides, the kid is often psychologically not ready to visit of this institution. The reason for that raised, even disturbing affection for mother and inability to communicate with peers.

For a mother`s skirt

At the increased affection for mother the kid is not capable to be far from it even short time and when she nearby, tries to keep as it is possible closer. For three - the four-year-old child such behavior is not norm any more. And the longer it is near mother, the it more to her “sticks“ and the travmatichny for it any gap - and sometime it happens by all means.

gradually to reduce the level of similar attachment, it is necessary to find that area in which the child can express and feel himself sure and independent of mother. It is game, namely two of its main components: game with a subject and game with peers. Having taught to play the kid, we will teach him and to one more important quality necessary not only in kindergarten, but also in life: to ability to communicate. By the way, to play the kid it is necessary to learn purposefully, and the adult has to do it.

Training in game assumes already sufficient development of the speech therefore gradually to enter the kid into subject activity, that is in game with toys, costs at the age of about two years. Then it is possible to pass to the following stage - communication with other children. Game needs to learn step by step, without mixing years to three game with toys and games with children as at so early age one only disturbs another.

When the kid will rather well learn to play

with toys, will begin to think out own elementary plots of games, presence of mother will become for it not so necessary. Ability to find to itself business and to derive from it pleasure, self-sufficiency and a certain independence of mother are important for readiness of the child for kindergarten.

All together to

the directing help of parents is also extremely necessary for

For communication with peers to the child. It is important to kid not just to walk near other children on the platform, in effect, without noticing them and independently digging in sand; he needs to communicate. Again games which with two or several kids it is possible to begin to play since 1,5 - 2 come to the rescue. The simplest, but (and it is essentially important) with the actions, identical and simultaneous for all participants, urged to emphasize similarity of kids, their mutual proximity and a community. It is possible to begin with simultaneous jumps, cottons, stamping under the slogan: we do everything together! For example, game, it is invariable with delight picked up by all children:“ Hare greyish sits and moves with ears: so that`s that! so that`s that!“ Round dances, a hide-and-seek, a tag are very good. When there is a lot of children in the yard, it is possible to play the game “Sparrows and Cars“. Children are divided into two groups: sparrows and cars, and one “on the street“ replace others. The game “Sun and Rain“ when on a signal under the sun all have fun is similar to it and dance, and a rain are afraid and hide. And what more at the same time will be squeal and a laughter, the emotions will be brighter at the kid, the more positive there will be impressions of game. He will ego-trip and will feel more surely, having become part of collective.

our favourite tutor

the Identity of the teacher of kindergarten is not less important

, than the school teacher. Very in many respects success and comfort of stay of the kid in a garden depends on it. What for the person before you, it is usually possible to understand from the first meeting. As far as he is able to communicate with children as far as it is benevolent, patient and emotional. Very important line necessary for the preschool teacher, - emotional relaxedness, ability it is clear to express the feelings: pleasure, fright, fears. To be a few actor, to express all the person, the shape, but not just to state - only thus it is possible to transfer by words to the child interest in life (and transfers him adult), including both fairy tales, and games, and songs. Well and, of course, the good teacher is inconceivable without kindness and a warm attitude to children. If before you the rigid, uncompromising person - change group or a garden. The quicker, the better. Do not forget before leaving small sha in a garden, to talk to the tutor and to tell it about features of the child. For example, he is not able to eat quickly, cannot quickly fall asleep and if he often asks for a toilet, it not from hooliganism, and from features of an organism. Remember that the very first day, as a rule, passes is deceptive well. And here further, when the kid realizes that it forever: both early rises, and leaving of mother, and a breakfast in the company of other children - it will be more difficult. You watch mood of the kid. If to you allowed to be present at group during adaptation, try to participate in her life, helping the tutor and other children. Just you should not sit aside, appraisingly looking narrowly at work of teachers. You leave at first for two hours, then - to a dream, then you come right after it. Do breaks in a week. Allow to carry in a toy garden, guaranteed zainteresuyushchy other children that will help your kid to approach them. It is ideal if in group there is a friend or the girlfriend.

the Doctrine - light?

In many kindergartens the number of occupations much more exceeds admissible quantity: for average and senior preschool children three occupations in the afternoon and one - two in the evening. And it is a lot of. According to most of children`s psychologists, modern preschool education is excessively directed to training, but not to development of the personality. Children sometimes do not have time for the most natural and activity, vital for them, - game. But it is possible to understand also parents in whose further plans there is a gymnasium where without certain skills will not accept. An exit one - to look for such ideal kindergarten where occupations take place in a game form and are adapted for preschool children.

Visit of kindergarten has certain advantages before house pastime in the company of mother or the nurse. It is a way to teach the child to communicate, an opportunity to leave from the house to “the big world“ and to look narrowly at it. But the good group of short-term stay is quite capable to replace kindergarten. There it is not enough children, stay time - 2 - 3 hours, sometimes together with mother. Such groups are at many kindergartens, are counted on 2 - 3 months of visit and will become in the fine way softly and without serious consequences to adapt to kindergarten. And the “amicable“ yard where with children adults or a big family in which parents find enough time for various occupations and games with children are engaged can become alternative to preschool institution.