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Appetite on 5 with plus of

If you already sent the child to the first class, then represent responsibility of the moment and the sincere nervousness covering each parent. If your child just goes to the first class, then it is just necessary to be prepared for it correctly. First of all to help growing and still to not really strong organism to cope with the huge mental and physical activity which pulled hard on it.

About a daily bread. More precisely, about food at school. At the time of our childhood for a breakfast the big change after the second lesson was taken away and in ceremonious couples each class in turn went to the dining room where gave cutlet with solyanka or a cake cheese with kissel. Quality, of course, was standard - public catering, but all - is better, than nothing. Then there came the moment when ceased to feed with breakfasts at school, and then pupils began to carry with themselves sandwiches and thermoses, making heavier already hard daily burden. Fortunately, now practically at all schools food exists. To some schools the food is brought already in the warmed look, in others - breakfasts are made on the place. Separate schools even suit a buffet.

breakfast Cost at the public comprehensive school - from ten to thirty rubles. It is curious that boys and girls choose different dishes in school cafeterias. Researches showed that today`s children insist on the right to choose food to taste. If in 1960 76% of children agreed “is that is given“, then only such 10% today.

What to do with appetite?

If food time has come, and the child is not hungry, it is not necessary to force it to eat. Wise men of all times and the people prefer not to eat when they have no appetite.

Lack of appetite can explain

with the different reasons. For example, too plentiful and high-calorific food in last reception. Or the child for some reasons spent several hours in small mobility (went with you by the car or by the bus; considered pictures in the book which interested him). Or the child got sick. Or the child just does not like this dish. Do not insist on the, wait, appetite will not come yet. And meanwhile think of the reasons of lack of appetite.

Be able to listen to desires and not desires of the child. You arrive reasonably if ask every time before food the kid how many what food to it to put. If you often force the child is irrespective of, it has an appetite or not, you can achieve that at the child the steady negative reflex will be developed on food. At the kid the mood every time as hours will spoil will specify meal time. You can finally spoil the relations with the child - he will be capricious, nervous, angry, business can even reach mutual insults and application of punishment.

Appetite increases if to give to the child for half an hour to food 1 - 2 dragee of polyvitamins. Usual picnic will help to overcome difficulty with honor to you also. Children with great pleasure eat outdoors: in - the first because it is a little unusual to them; in - the second, appetite in the fresh air “is quickly played“.

Too good appetite - too the frequent phenomenon

your child eats


and eats, and you on it cannot rejoice (for the loving parents there is no show is more pleasant, than a show of the eating child). At such good appetite the child quickly gains weight and becomes full. There is nothing good in it. Full children are less mobile. Their heart and blood vessels experience the raised strain. Under the influence of big weight curvatures of a backbone and flat-footedness can develop. If you do not take any measures for weight reduction of the child, with time (when your child becomes an adult) it can have the whole bunch of diseases among which: a hypertensive illness, cholelithiasis, a pochechnokamenny illness, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc.

the Full child

What to do at excessive completeness of the child.

If you noticed that your child has a tendency to corpulence (a considerable role is played here also by heredity), try to address for consultation your local pediatrician or the dietitian. The expert will help you to establish the reason of the arising completeness and to eliminate it. Do not test at all on the child of a diet which to you were advised by acquaintances or neighbors. Among such diets can be fraudulent, and you do to the child harm.

Revise your usual menu: whether not too there is a lot of in it fat; whether not too much you use vermicelli, macaroni, noodles, porridges?

do not give to the child a lot of sweet. Abundance of sweets is a big load of a pancreas. For splitting of sugar of iron has to produce a lot of insulin. There passes time, and the pancreas at the sweet tooth begins to glitch as is tired and wears out. Business can terminate in diabetes. If the standard daily rate of sugar for the adult equals about 90 g, then the child of 6 - 7 years has enough 30 g of sugar a day. You will reasonably arrive if you allow the child there are no more than one candy a day.

At excess of carbohydrates in an organism these carbohydrates undergo a number of chemical transformations and begin to be laid in a look... fats.


Some practical recommendations for children, inclined to completeness

  • to the Children inclined to completeness, does not recommend rare meal (3 - 4 times).
  • recommends to suppress
  • appetite. This suppression is promoted by frequent meal, but gradually: 6 - 7 times a day.
  • the Child inclined to completeness should not hurry during food.
  • do not include meat of fat grades in a diet. The amount of the consumed meat needs to be moderated.
  • the Child who suffers from completeness (and suffer from completeness) has to eat more products of a phytogenesis - crude vegetables and fruit.
  • with
  • to the Children inclined to completeness, it is recommended to replace usual products so-called dietary (in which high-calorie value is reduced), fat-free.
  • should not be fond of ice cream.
the Diet of the child who plays sports

If your child plays

sports that it spends energy more, than other children who do not experience the increased physical activities therefore the caloric content of its food has to be increased. Considerable power consumption at the child playing sports goes on an emotional pressure (strong-willed efforts in achievement of results, experiences during competitions etc.) It is necessary for normal development of the child that all energy consumption was restored.

the Child quickly grows at

and plastic material - proteins is necessary for it. If at the raised physical and mental activities the child does not receive in enough carbohydrates - the main sources of energy, then the organism fills shortage of carbohydrates at the expense of proteins. It, naturally, can affect adversely, and the effect of sports activities will be, alas, negative.

you have to increase

in a diet of the child not only amount of carbohydrates, but also proteins (mainly animal origin) - include in the menu more than meat and fish dishes, eggs, milk, cottage cheese.


For the child playing sports the norm of consumption of sugar can be increased.

Should include more vegetables and fruit dishes in the menu.

vitamins C and P and vitamins of group B are especially important

For the child playing sports.

As the child during trainings loses

about then a lot of liquid, the lost liquid should be filled.

the Number of meals for the child playing sports should increase

to five, and in need of and to six times a day.

Just before training, it is not recommended to eat too densely: it will complicate training, besides there can be difficulties with digestion of food.

you do right thing if you feed the child for one or one and a half hours before training - and that is not plentiful. It is impossible to send the child for training to hungry at all. At the raised loading to the hungry child there can even be a faint.

is not recommended to eat food right after training. It is necessary to wait about half an hour until the organism of the child is ready to join in digestion process.

you can offer

Right after training to the child some of fruit juice - it is possible more with pleasure; digestible fruit sugar will quickly restore the dissipated energy in an organism.

How to help a brain?

  • Soy, low-fat cottage cheese, cod, liver, peas, grits, rice, eggs.
  • B them it is much well-cared - vitaminoobrazny substance (a natural neuromediator) forcing nervous cages to carry out through itself nervous impulses. This function does our brain by the “device“ of our organism - thinking, memorable and reproducing.
  • the Brain, heart, butter, cheese, pork and lard, fish, milk - are vital
  • to the growing and quickly developing first grader`s brain because all these products contain cholesterol. The last years speak about harm of cholesterol much, and many people already had an impression that cholesterol is the real poison for our organism. But it not so! About importance of cholesterol it is possible to judge by one fact - the human body weighing 70 kg contains 230 g of this substance. The kind shred of this quantity to be in nervous system, in particular in a brain. It is possible to tell that the human brain completely consists of cholesterol (15%) and waters (80%).
  • Therefore you remember
  • , it is harmful, not cholesterol, but its surplus.
  • Fowl, low-fat beef, hardening cheeses, shrimps and crabs.
  • B of the last it is a lot of zinc which is necessary for normal work of nervous system and directly influences random access memory and ability to reproduction of learned.
  • First graders for the first time face need to quickly remember the acquired material therefore it is especially important for them that memory issued information smoothly and according to the first requirement as the good computer.

How to keep sight?

  • Cod-liver oil, red pepper, carrots, sorrel, green onions, red tomatoes, apricots, apples.
  • All these products contain acetate or vitamin A. Shortage of this vitamin B this age threatens with short-sightedness. The visual device of the first grader tests enormous overloads. Enclosing on a table, brightly green or red fruits, you will be able to protect sight of the child.
  • Remember that vitamin A belongs to group of so-called fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore it is acquired better and quicker if the vegetables containing this vitamin get to an organism in combination with something fat.

Where to take forces?

  • Sugar, rice, semolina and buckwheat, potatoes, grapes, water-melon, cabbage.
  • It is the main suppliers of carbohydrates which in turn are the main power sources. Exactly thanks to carbohydrates of a leg will quicker run, it is stronger to squeeze hands, and muscles of a back it is reliable to support a backbone in the necessary situation.
  • Soy, cheeses, fish, peas, haricot, bread, milk, cottage cheese. Comprise a large amount of proteins. For the growing organism of the child of a squirrel are necessary as air. They irreplaceable part of food. Proteins I am a vegetable and animal origin. In a diet of the child it is desirable to have both that and others. Protein is necessary to muscles for their growth. And in general, it is that construction material from which all cages of our organism are created.

to the Child needs to be given to

About advantage of having a snack in school something tasty: apple, banana, sandwich, cake cheese, crispbread. The growing organism does not transfer long breaks between food. At many children at the same time sugar level in blood sharply falls. They feel low, a headache, dizziness. No educational knowledge in such state reaches the child. If on a hungry stomach also to be nervous, then the soil for development of gastritis and even stomach ulcer can be considered quite prepared. Easy having a snack on breaks and for a stomach is easy, and helps to support the normal level of sugar in blood.

the food Volume necessary for the first grader
(data are given to grams and milliliters)

the Breakfast

  • the Vegetable or krupyany dish - 250
  • Meat or fish - 80
  • Milk or cocoa, or coffee drink - 200

the Lunch

  • vegetables Salad (crude) and greens - 60
  • Soup (meat or rybnyy0, borsch, Russian cabbage soup, broth - 200
  • the Fish or meat dish, chicken - 120
  • Krupyana a garnish - 140 - 150
  • Compote, fruit juice - 180 - 200

the Afternoon snack

  • Milk or fermented milk products (kefir, acidophilus milk) - 200
  • Cookies, a roll, smetannik - 50 - 80
  • Fruit - 200

the Dinner

  • the Krupyany dish (porridge) or a dish from the boiled thoroughly vegetables - 250
  • Milk or fermented milk products (kefir, acidophilus milk) - 200
  • Fruit - 150 - 180

  • the Real storeroom is well-cared - an egg yolk: it helps hardly hatched baby bird instantly and to strongly remember mother - a bird to follow about it, differently to a baby bird not to survive. An omelet from one egg by a breakfast and small (50 g) a beef piece by a lunch completely will provide daily need of the younger school student for the holena.

    do not forget

    about compatibility of products. Only compatibility provides fast digestion of food and its full assimilation. Dairy and meat products are optimum combined with cereals and grain.

    Try to avoid

    to give to children of 6 - 7 years natural coffee. Caffeine affects an organism stimuliruyushche: expands brain vessels, raises a tone of muscles, force of warm reductions increases. For heart of the child it is big loading and if to consider that heart at children is already late with development - as if tries to keep step with quickly growing organism, then it is possible to tell that natural coffee for the child in general poison. Fine drink - tea. But as it, as well as coffee, contains caffeine, it is not necessary to give it too often and too strong. Coffee and tea can be replaced with fruit juice.

    you Watch temperature of hot dishes. Optimum temperature - 60 C. The food with a temperature over 65 - 70 With can cause burns mucous a gullet. Besides, clinical experience shows that at the people having addiction to too hot food the probability of diseases of gastritis increases (inflames mucous a stomach). And continuous influence of hot food on mucous a gullet can even lead to an oncological disease of a gullet.

    what the young brain

    of needs
    of of substance action sources
    of Amino acidsy of Dairy products, nuts bean
    Complex carbohydrates Increase working capacity Give energy Whole-grain bread, macaroni, potatoes
    Vitamins (especially And, With, In, E) Work as antioxidants, strengthen nerves, Fruit, vegetables, yeast, vegetable oils
    Mineral substances, minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, pine forest) improve blood circulation Operate exchange processes, Vegetables, fruit, dairy products, nuts, seeds

    * * *

    One of myths and very widespread in the people participate in blood formation , the myth that the full child is a healthy child (by the way is in Russia 26% of boys and 18% of girls suffer from excess weight). Alas, it not so.

    Opposite, excess weight is rather threat to health.


    it is authentically established Recently that the excess body weight which is saved up at early age contributes to development of obesity. That quantity of fatty cages which is formed in an organism within the first year then practically does not decrease, it can only increase.