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How to meet New year (part 2) of

the Beginning

the Holiday for parents

So as the favourite character of both little, and adult Internet users spoke - “we continue conversation“.

to Organize a meeting of New year for adults too not the simplest and not cheapest task. Therefore before to be spent, read recommendations on a page “A cult of personality of Kirill Ivansky“ about that, “How to save money in New year“, and the short note exposing the Snow Maiden in quite unexpected light. If the Snow Maiden and Father Frost are an integral part of your life, take part in the stock “Father Frost against Santa Claus“. The action is directed to Father Frost`s support and, at the same time, an appeal to stop operation of an image of Santa Claus in New Year`s production. You can give the vote and write couple of warm words. Roughnesses and attacks to Santa are rigidly stopped by moderators that pleasantly characterizes this project.

emergence History in our life of Father Frost and Snow Maiden can be read to

on “The central server of scouts of Russia“. It appears, that Morozko from old Russian fairy tales - the master of winter cold weather was a primogenitor of Father Frost.

the Organization of an adult holiday needs thorough training too. On “X - Video“ I found quite detailed scenario of evening with competitions and quizes calculated on the big company. Here you will find one more scenario which which, however, was more dramatized therefore will be suitable for entertainment of employees on a workplace more. And if you threatened on the whole performance, look, maybe, “The New Year`s tragedy“ in eight acts at it just what you look for?

Having adopted jokes on a New Year`s subject from the website “KVN. ru“, you will become a nail of the New Year`s program and shining the host at the holiday table.

to puzzle Over toasts and New Year`s congratulations there is no need. By means of the Internet you will find their great variety. For example, on the website “AQUA Inc“. “Kourov Banner Network“ brings to your attention toasts for a New Year`s feast, councils how to meet and spend New Year, and also New Year`s recipes.

Secrets of how to drink champagne and what at the same time to say, will share with you - who you would think? - Information TELEGRAPH network. The truth these toasts are painfully similar to what is brought to our attention “by the Merry fellow. RU“.

the national verse and three invitations to dance filled in with

of 18 toasts in style the page on the Freebie server. Why there is so much? Apparently, authors believe that it is quite enough that guests reached “standard“. However, as they say, “for free and vinegar sweet...“

A here Valentina from Murom was limited to dozen of author`s toasts. Having given a toast for the twelfth time, you will hear the following from Valentina: “Fire try gold, gold - the woman, the woman - the man, the man - wine... If gold is not subject to fire, so it high test. If the woman you do not buy gold, so she is not selling. If the man does not give in to seduction of the woman, so he - a block. If wine cannot drown the man, so he perfectly swims. I drink to unsinkable men. The block, however, too not bad floats“. Such, you understand, table philosophy... Almost that Zenon`s aporiya...

“By 2001 New year I was prepared by

more carefully, the owner of “A New Year`s bench“ tells all. Now on this website you will find both Jokes more and are more generous than Gifts.“ And, in general, in this (and not only) a holiday you learn everything about gifts now. And for those who forgot what is a New Year tree - is available also about it. Plus still that did not become sad on New Year`s Eve - a lot of hints how not to miss - with competitions, riddles and charades. Also I will help you not to eat too much and not to drink too much of superfluous, to lay a table, to pour wine etc. As before, the New Year`s compass is where to go. And, of course, news from all New Year`s world!“

If on the independent organization of a holiday you have

neither forces, nor time, but there is a desire to cheerfully spend money, address experts. For example, in Life Holiday firm. Judging by the website, the company is, than to brag and what to be proud of. The staff of firm will organize your holiday, as they say, completely: will offer show - the program with participation of stars, a disco - a karaoke, a striptease, will bake cake to order, will issue the room in the flowers and spheres. By the way, non-standard registrations by balloons - one more activity of firm. Glance in a photo gallery and admire models of registration. it is very important to p not to forget to congratulate

of Those who will not be able to come to you to a holiday in time! Pictures and greeting cards, references to the English-speaking Christmas musical websites and many other things, however, in English you will find here. From the Russian-speaking websites I can recommend, for example, “Pozdravlyalka“. The most refined taste will be satisfied by a page “Virtual flowers and cards“. On this website you can send and receive virtual cards with fine flowers for the darlings, friends and acquaintances.

necessary it is possible to Buy

all too without leaving the house. In the Internet - shop “BFG.“ you will find ru everything for decoration of the house and a fir-tree, and also “sweet“ sets for children for every taste and the size.

of 158 various names of goods in the heading “In total for a Meeting of New Year“ is offered by Bolero shop. And in general, shops, in my opinion, “were not shaken“ yet - the choice could be more richly, all - already the end of November. And there are practically no sales, and discounts New Year`s, here shops in “Real“ are slightly quicker. To residents of Moscow I can advise to visit the Central Toy Store. The festive mood created by colourful registration of trading floors will not be spoiled even by the prices.

of rest Pleasant to you! World and happiness to your house!