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Rest with the child of 3 years on the Sea of Azov, August, 2005, a braid Pour (Kirillovka)

We had a rest on the Motorist base from August 17 to August 27 this year three together - the father, mother and the three-year-old son.

the Place, the nature

the steppe which is Burnt out by August, cypresses, a shell rock under legs. Bases are located on the first line by the sea - from 10 to 100 meters to it. Then - the road, then - the steppe, the second line of bases and cafe (rare) and the estuary. Along the line of bases - three markets, central from Loong - the amusement park and the large ware market right at the beginning. Some bases in flowers and greens, the majority make impression of the desert.

In the markets gaming machines, air hockey, trampolines, a shooting gallery, payphones are.

Resort collecting makes 10 hryvnias. The check which needs to be shown near a barrier (for motorists) during the entire period of rest is issued.

of Number

In the territory both cars, and wooden lodges, and stone cases are. We lived in the case, in number “luxury“ without balcony, with conveniences, the TV and the refrigerator. Furniture “old Soviet“ (base 70 - ykh years), beaten and rubbed, but in working order. The same is also equipment. Number was double, beds wide, but the child there was no place to put - fell down three together on the shifted beds. There was no wish to take an additional folding bed for money - places a little and a folding bed not really comfortable bed.

Linen to us in 10 days was never replaced. For cleaning in number there was a broom, two rags for a floor, a mop, buckets. I do not know how people in cars felt, but in the case to sleep it was very stuffy, also open doors and windows did not help. In the first two days warm damp wind blew and nothing dried, even hung out on the street. Then dried better.

the Cost of “luxury“ is 990 hryvnias in 11 days for two.

Plus was the fact that our car (and the others) was allowed to put near the case, it costed 2 hryvnias a day. The car was necessary for trips on the market or on the neighboring spit in storm days when to do on the spit Pour there is nothing.

an opportunity to stop in a camping with the tent Is, they are located in the steppe zone, from the sea separated by the road and bases. On Fedotov`s braid the camping is located on the beach, tents press close one to another, on the scorching sun...

to Stop in Kirillovka without car there is no sense - to the sea to go kilometer 2 - 3. Honor announcements of delivery of rooms on each yard...

Food We ate


in the dining room because on the spit Pour cafe very little. Is pieces five at most, three of which in the central market a little - 30 minutes on foot from our base. It was possible to choose from table next bases. However the menu approximately identical and not so sanatorium - is not enough porridges and boiled, it is a lot of fried, a minimum of meat, almost any fruit. Food costed us 400 hryvnias for two in 10 days. My husband the vegetarian therefore brought him a garnish, a double portion of salads and occasionally - cottage cheese, pancakes. And always worried whether he gorged on.

the Son estimated drinks - coffee (hi to me from the school childhood), kissel, compote. Very tasty there were soups, solyankas, borsches, etc. Our cook did salads or crude (tomatoes with pepper), or Korean. Salad was covered by a lunch for an hour (!!!) . In the neighboring dining room - too. There we often played a ping - a pong and observed laying process in details.

of the Dish in cafe was cost approximately so: salads from 4 to 8 hryvnias, 7 - 12 is hotter. I can tell nothing about taste, did not try. And on Fedotov`s braid, on the contrary, - cafe a huge number, most likely because bases with lodges have no dining rooms.

Us was helped out by buffet with dairy products and pastries, fruit and boiled corn. The people on base regularly prepared shish kebabs. Still occasionally the man by bicycle with hot vareniki appeared. On the beach carry nutlets, croutons, shrimps boiled, crayfish, sweet with condensed milk, boiled corn, ice cream, dried bull-calves.

the electric kettle, coffee and tea in bags Very much was useful to

. Cookies on the spit traditionally tasty.


it Turned out p that it is very easy to leave a braid even at the end of August and it is not necessary to reserve anything. Regularly minibuses to Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk with Dniprodzerzhynsk, buses, a taxi run. The ticket for a minibus costs 30 hryvnias. Taxi if to order in Zaporizhia, requested 280 hryvnias.

A here to move in the course of rest there is nothing. There are trishaws, but agree to go not to any base. And taxi drivers. Few times we threw to the house in the evening of the people with children who were long voting at the market.



the horror also is. There is no fresh water. Only that that in 5 liter large bottles company. What is called drinking water, it yellow and saltish too there. And what flows from the crane - almost sea. On time we in number had water trouble-free, and in soul outside - switched off in the afternoon for a while.

the Beach

Beaches convenient, mostly, equipped with awnings or canopies. Hire of plank beds is observed seldom. Which - where there are also locker rooms, almost everywhere “nogomoyka“ at the exit from the beach. Beaches - the small sand which turned out from a shell rock. During the periods of storm the relief of a bottom and the beach changes. We passed to the beach of the next base where there was a trellised canopy, a trampoline for children and an inflatable hill.

to us was said that July was silent, stormed seldom though the week storm was mentioned in a review of the Fedotovy braid too (on the Family). And in August stormed every day. Terrible incessant wind, constant waves. From the sea of pleasure zero, neither to dive, nor to rock, nor to swim for a while. Dithat it pobultykhatsya in a vest, but also only. Very much froze on the beach. If to go behind suntan, then it is possible to sunbathe also in the territory of base. And here if there is a wish for the sea, then not in August.


A except the sea, there family with children there is nothing to do! We bypassed pieces five - six next bases. Almost on everyone there are playgrounds, tables for a ping - a pong, computer classes with shooter games. There is no Internet.

Yes. But we generally not arrived to cinema. Conceived a liking to a ping - to a pong. It was possible to play billiards though it is expensive - 10 hryvnias hour of rent of a table. I read couple of books from local library. Evening dances strongly gave a criminal orientation of songs therefore too not absolutely approached. Three times went to Loong - park on attractions. Them there this year was much - both the autodrome, and a Ferris wheel, and horrors, and pneumoguns, and boats, and for a malyshna engines, and again trampolines.

We walked on the estuary, wind blew in the party, opposite to us, and the smell did not disturb. Around swallows scurried about, on blades snails, on water of the estuary of a seagull sat.


those who speak Are right

- take money for rest. In the local market huge choice of bathing suits, price from 40 to 70 hryvnias. And same choice of dark glasses. And all - everything that can be thought up for the beach, inflatable and toy. Set of sundresses, dresses and other maiden pleasures.

It was required by

to us generally bathing and for the evening to the child a jacket with long sleeves it (was windy). Walked mostly barefoot and in shorts or in pareo. No shirts, dresses, suits, shoes are necessary there - there is no place to put on.

Doctors, the first-aid kit, diseases

us overtook

of the Illness usual, resort. Cold and diarrhea. Therefore, means from them also need to be taken with themselves. On our base there was a doctor, the young guy, watched dityu a throat. Videla and passing on the general Road “Ambulance“. But “Ambulance“ goes from Kirillovka, and it is a minimum of minutes 15. If something emergency and in the evening, then... Phones of “Ambulance“ are hanging everywhere.

We did not burn

, thanks to protective cream. So it is a necessary thing too, in the market it is presented in several forms.

Afflicted with

Weather. Cold wind.

Organization of children`s and adult entertainments, that is lack of those. Suspicious carelessness of rescuers: how they would manage to help sinking in a stormy sea - for me a riddle.

Lack of fresh water.


Liberal views of administration (keys received and do that you want), openness of the neighboring territories - we did not see any closed base. Protection is everywhere, but they stop nobody. By the way, the child who decided to take a walk independently will not be detained.

Ease of the choice of the dining room - pay

and you eat.

Rich, not too expensive market.

my opinion - such rest for children of 7 - 9 years, they can play on the beach and with each other. And for pensioners. To imagine though a hint on a holiday romance it is impossible there - the lady with the dirty head, the salted gentleman who can lead the lady only in cafe...