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We look for the housekeeper of

Today presence at neighbors of two cars, a country house or the housemaid does not shock any more. And the housekeeper is not a sign of belonging to elite any more. But the mentality of the Soviet person formed decades still forces many “owners“ to have inexplicable feeling of awkwardness and fault, employing the housemaid. How to find the last what not to forget about what questions to ask what not to miss, - this article.

Why the housemaid is necessary?

Maids, laundresses, cooks and housekeepers went to an ash heap of history after October revolution. And as “operation of the person by the person“ in the Soviet Union did not exist, together with it also skills of communication with the employed personnel disappeared. Of course, housemaids, or housekeepers as our compatriots delicately call them, by and large after revolution did not disappear anywhere. They still worked in professorial, literary and actor`s families. There were they and at houses of the engineers holding serious posts. In the Soviet years the word “housemaid“ designating the woman who on hiring is engaged in maintenance of an order in the apartment was also born.

But in recent years a situation changed. Now housekeepers appeared in families of an “average“ class and even in families with very modest prosperity.


However, if before revolution employed for homework, as a rule, rural girls and young women or poor distant relatives, orphans who, having got to a family, became its part and lived there sometimes all the life, then today the profession of the housemaid is in demand among pensioners and women for 40 which do not manage to find work in the specialty any more.

you work hard as

, stay only in the evenings at home. Late you vanish in kitchen, and in the only day off - you wash, you clean, you erase, you iron, you rake the collected “blockages“ etc. And it is destiny of the ordinary average working woman and if she is still the owner of own business or the head? Or prepares for defense of a thesis? Add to it time which needs to be given to the child and the husband. And so - day by day. Besides that physically sometimes hardly you hold on to holiday, there is a wish to meet friends and girlfriends, to descend in movie theater, on a premiere in theater, in the museum, to get out to the dacha or to the country, to read the passed book novelties, it is simple to walk on the city and to sit in the square, at last!

If your kid still absolutely the baby, then a problem “as all to be in time“ acquires still big relevance.

If you live with parents or, for example, grandmothers, then house efforts are evenly distributed on all numerous members of household that simplifies life of young mother a little. And if you one of those lucky women who already has own apartment? And except you in it to manage there is nobody? And if the family far also is not able to help? One of possible decisions in that case - kid nurse. But if you want to feel all completeness and pleasure of motherhood, then think of one solution - employ the housemaid. Strange, but still the idea to employ the housekeeper simply does not come to much to mind!


So, the housemaid can be coming or with accommodation. The first works several hours a week. For example, two times for three hours, or in the day off all day long. Or every day, but on a certain number of hours. It is solved only by you. If you have a big economy, for example the house to three floors, and there is an opportunity to lodge service personnel at themselves in the house, then the second option - the constant housemaid is more preferable to you, with accommodation it is possible.

What the housekeeper has to do? Yes, actually, everything that you will consider it necessary! That to you it was simpler to p to orient with

, let`s list the main points of a household:

  1. House cleaning.

is Included by disposal of dust and dirt in any its manifestations (to vacuum, wipe, wash).

  1. Washing and ironing of linen.

you Have a washing machine - the automatic machine or not, washing process all the same takes away part of our precious time, especially in a completion stage i.e. when it is necessary to iron all this lots, and therefore is point for the housemaid too.

  1. Cooking.
such options are possible

Here - you are not choosy in food, prefer usual home cuisine to all other restaurant delicacy - can entrust this responsible business to the housemaid. But if you got used to a delicacy and delicacies and not any restaurant will please you, then, most likely, one more worker in the house - the cook will be required.

  1. Purchase of products.

This point will demand from you first of all trust. Will seem to someone difficult, and to someone and impossible to entrust cash chu - to a press to the person. But consider, also, that not full, then partial control is always possible if (for example, in the form of checks). Think and count, what is the time you spend for shopping? If for you it is not a problem and you buy everything once a week in the market or in a favourite supermarket, then, perhaps, this service is not necessary.

  1. Care of houseplants and/or animals.

Let you are not confused by insignificance of this point against the others. Perhaps, in your house there are no flowers at all, but there is something else that it is difficult to provide in a review article, requiring attention and leaving. For example, aquarium. Or dog. It can become additional point in your list.

  1. Another.

What we forgot to include in the list? Cleaning of a bed, change of linen, carrying out of garbage, payment of room accounts, a campaign in a dry-cleaner or a shoe workshop. Not often, but you can be necessary: to defreeze the refrigerator, to wash windows, to preserve products for the winter, to sort the storeroom. The housemaid can take away children from school and feed them with a lunch. That from household chores to subcontract to the employed worker - to solve to you.

As well as where to look for?

your list is ready

. Now you accurately know what will be done by your assistant. We start its search.

Options following:

  1. to Use services of agency on staff recruitment in families.
  2. to Advertize in the newspaper.
  3. to Stick announcements at itself in the area.
  4. to Use recommendations of friends and acquaintances.

From all options - employment and housemaids through agency , is considered the safest and comes to the first to mind. Usually the payment for services of agency is equal to a monthly salary of the worker. What take such money for? Claim that for quality of shots.

Yes, it is valid, the agency will make preliminary selection - an assessment of candidates.

the Agency will hold psychological testing. It makes sense since. the candidates inclined to the conflicts, with pathological hatred to all who earn more them are eliminated, etc.

the Way with hiring of the worker according to the recommendation friends is good

the fact that the person already underwent testing time at your acquaintances. And you can not doubt at least his decency, and also learn its pluses and minuses as worker in advance. Where a guarantee that that worker who completely suited your friends will suit also your family? So different families! Can happen that the housemaids, any of addictions (for example, smoking) accepted for your friends will not suit you. That - it can be carried to “minuses“ of this solution of a problem.

the Option with the announcement in the newspaper if you specified the list of your requirements in it, will allow you to choose from those who will respond to your offer. If you specify also an estimated salary, then the circle of applicants will considerably be narrowed. And in case of sticking-up of announcements the house - the worker will be from your area that is convenient also for it and, perhaps, for you. “Plus“ you save the whole monthly earnings of the worker and can specify that sum of a salary which you can take without serious consequences from the budget of a family.“ Minus“ hiring according to the announcement in the newspaper is too big flow of persons interested to get a job. You can be tired to meet in about tens of candidates from whom suitable you it will be the twenty fifth.

What to ask and what to demand?

So, following stage of search: you begin to meet candidates.

If it happens not in agency, then try to arrange the first meeting in the neutral territory . In the yard, in the square, in the car. Why? For your safety. Present how many strangers will visit the apartment, will remember yours the address, phone, a situation! You should not invite all to the house.

Once again announce the list of your requirements to work. If there are no questions, then begin to ask. The owner has the right to have information about:

Sometimes the question rises: whether it is necessary to sign the contract or the contract with the housemaid? Do without it more often. The contract can be oral. But even in the simplest form, with the indication of all duties and operating time, passport data of the parties, the written contract would be not superfluous.

the Worker has the right to conclude

with the employer - the natural person - the employment contract in writing. Then it is necessary to bring all conditions in the contract: to stipulate payment and an operating mode, additional hours and their payment, the days off and holiday, duties of the worker and the employer. The contract with the worker is signed in writing and is registered in local government. In Moscow, on districts, there are bodies which resolve issues within the respective district (area) - prefectures. The employer regularly makes obligatory payments. If the worker is interested in the seniority, then he can undertake obligations for payment of contributions. But! The employer - the natural person - has no right to make employment records of the worker, and also to make out service records to the citizens employed for the first time. Exit: to store the written contract until approach of a retirement age as it is the document confirming the seniority. With this contract before registration of pension and the first payments the worker has to address to competent authorities at the place of residence.


to Owners should be

ready to the certain discomfort connected with the fact that in the house there will be a stranger. To minimize troubles, try to choose such time of arrival of the assistant when you do not refuse the habits (for example, you like to go undressed in the mornings) or when you leave the house.

Here other, important question rises: whether to trust the housemaid keys from the house or let cleans up in the presence of the owner? Of course, it is pleasant to come to the pure apartment, but to decide to give the house to the full order of foreign person not everyone will venture. Perhaps, for you the following option will seem optimum: some time (trial period) the hostess is at home when the housekeeper (especially as at first at all the same it is necessary to correct her actions) comes, and then, having felt that she trusts, leaves the house on her care.

to avoid the conflicts, it is necessary to conform to certain rules of the treatment of the housekeeper. Try to construct the relations so that to both parties it was comfortable. Do not forget that you equally need in each other. The best option of the relations - especially business. Always there is a temptation to make friends with the housemaid, and it is quite good if you are sure that you will be able “to ask“ then from “girlfriend“ and not to raise her a salary without the reasons. You should not hesitate to do remarks when something does not suit you, especially at the beginning. But only it is the most polite. What for one is “pure“ for others is “dirty“, and it is quite normal. Requirements and a habit to purity in all families are various. To support a reasonable distance, it is better to keep the address on “you“. Respect the personality in the assistant. Do not feel sorry for words of gratitude.

Important trifles

you, at last, chose by

from candidates that who answers your ideas of the housemaid. What`s next? The hostess has to conduct tour on the apartment and tell about equipment whims, fragile objects, rare things requiring special attention, and those objects which it is not necessary to remove dust (for example, any pictures) or to rearrange from place to place.

to the Housemaid in turn should know the schedule of life in a family, flavoring preferences of members of household, all necessary phones (your personal and office, and also phone numbers of ZhEK, regional department of militia and the district doctor). Show to the housemaid where there is a first-aid kit and means of first aid. Make the list of those acquaintances and relatives who can come to your absence and a coma the housemaid can open a door. In advance discuss whether the housemaid in your absence has to lift the receiver and answer calls.

Can leave to

a certain sum of money for contingencies.

you Pay

a salary in time, remembering that it, perhaps, - the only source of the income of other person.

Should discuss now various “trifles“ which can also find reflection in the contract:

the stock for cleaning is used by
  • master`s;
  • the cost of the things spoiled because of the housemaid is subtracted by
  • from her salary;
  • if the housemaid got sick with
  • or decided to take day off, then these days to it, as a rule, are not paid (house work price-work);
  • as the housemaid will eat
  • ;
  • can discuss a question with a uniform if it is important for you;
  • and if did not concern this question earlier - tactfully discuss non-interference to private life of owners. It becomes frequent the reason of racesstavaniye with the worker. For example, the woman aged undertook a role of “hostess“ at a young married couple and began “to build“ them. Another, discussed private life of the employers with neighbors. Distribution of any information on your family - is inadmissible.

Today the housemaid - already part of everyday Russian life. In confirmation to they are separate sections of announcements in editions of work. They are looked for by many and many offer themselves.


you Can call the domospasitelnitsa somehow - the housemaid, the housekeeper, the housekeeper, the housekeeper, but the essence from it does not change. It that person who not only realizes all your daring dreams concerning purity and a cosiness in the house but also gives what you do not have, - time, free time.