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Summary: strokes to a portrait of

how to make the summary, nevertheless the good summary - still big rarity is written much. That is simple to create the decent summary not so - and it is necessary to spend for it several days. Besides the summary in itself does not get on a table of the employer or recruiter therefore it, as a rule, should be accompanied with the letter.

For work!

For a start ask someone from your acquaintances to show you the summary, and with what this person was hired. It is better if it will be several such samples: compare them, find in them the general. Perhaps, the person was taken, being guided first of all by his track record and high qualification, and the summary was made worse than ever. Therefore you should not copy someone else`s summaries, trying to adapt them under yourself.

Look with

at summaries which people post on the websites. Study each of them from the point of view of the employer. Whom would you accept? Why? Pay attention to what was pleasant to you that bribed and that, on the contrary, pushed away.

we Will tell

about what usually irritates the person reading the summary.

Bad registration. Try to make the summary not only substantial, but also convenient for reading. Allocate the name and a phone number or the address for communication with you more in large print. Other font and paragraphs note the main sections. Do not try to use some intricate font or special graphics - by transfer by fax from it there will be a continuous medley, and transfer of the summary by e-mail will take a lot of time and the font can not be read. The same concerns the photo: if such requirement is not specified in the announcement, it is not necessary to send it.

Negligence. The summary written on a knee (unjustified reductions, abbreviations, lack of clearness in the description of functions on the previous places of work), - a sign of the negligent relation of the person to business. Use of professional terms, and also a slang testifies to disrespect for the reader.

Grammatical mistakes. In the Word program there is a possibility of automatic spell check, and though it finds not all mistakes, it is worth using it nevertheless. After that it is possible to allow to read the creation to that from friends or relatives who are on friendly terms with language in which the summary is made.

Spreading. If you have not enough experience, it is not necessary to try to increase it at the expense of water. Innocent attempt of deception will become much more good reason for refusal, than your modest track record.

still the irritating moments Are: some employers (directly directors of the organizations) and most of recruiters (HR managers of the company or recruitment agency) consider as a mistake of the applicant the room about themselves additional information.

of the Hobby. It is unknown whether approves reading your passion to travel over the exotic countries, a collecting of plush hedgehogs, rafting or diving. And as most likely there will be several readers, probability that each of them will be enraptured with your hobby, is small.

Skills. Many of us, being trained at school, received on the Criminal Procedure Code of the certificate on the acquired knowledge and skills. It is worth writing about it if your specialization has though what? that relation to your future work. For example, the specialty “the secretary-the typist“ will be suitable practically for any office profession as demonstrates at least that you quickly type the text. And here to the sewing machine operator who settles the HR manager to any place except garment factory, it is better to hold back the education modestly.

Having read to

transfer of the skills which do not have relations to a position for which you apply the employer can think that you do not represent specifics of the future work if you take his time with similar trifles.

Personal achievements. Many consider that, having reported about itself information maximum, they will prove to be from the best party. It not always so. There is a set of things of which you have the right to be proud, for example the sports category or a victory of your dog at an exhibition. And certainly, they testify to your ability to achieve a goal, high performance and diligence. But in the context of the summary they practically always look ridiculously except for besides those cases when you put into practice the listed abilities.

Should not remember also school progress. Whatever considerable the victory at the Olympic Games in biology of city or bigger scale seemed to you, it already played a role, for example, at revenues to biological faculty. Therefore it is not necessary to mention it now even if you settle to work on this specialty. The employer will think that you reached nothing bigger since then moreover and are not capable to development.

For beginners and those who apply for a low salary some things which will play bad service to the person who is looking for highly paid work, say, with the monthly income are pardonable

it is more than 700 c.u. and positioning themselves as professional of high level. In similar situations use of standard, hackneyed formulations, such as “easy learning ability“, “high resistance to stress“ and to that similar personnel neologisms is inadmissible.


On the contrary, serious business approach, manifestation of professionalism, knowledge of development of branch in which the person assumes to work, the interested relation to business, an opportunity attracts something to offer also lack of the irritants stated above.

Only the truth, and anything except the truth!

Having armed with

with knowledge of what should not be done, it is possible to turn to work. Most often for drawing up the summary use standard models of works of this genre or try to make something special, but taking into account features of a standard.

you have to write

one after another about yours to a name and a surname, to tell about the business contacts, a working career since the last place of work, about education and about what you will consider it necessary to report about. Describing each place of work, specify terms in which you worked there, a profile and the name of the organization, your position. It is good when provide the main list of functional duties and state data on some personal achievements (if they, of course, are). If you the ordinary employee, specify only the personal achievements and if the head - progress of the department entrusted to you. Funny sounds when the ordinary employee writes that during his work of sale of department were doubled. At once there are doubts in its truthfulness and adequacy of a self-assessment.

can list to

at the end of the summary the skills or business qualities. Standard set, as a rule, following: language skills (if about it it was not told earlier), diction, sociability, experience of management, typing speed, your level as PC user, etc. It is worth listing such qualities, only if you possess them and they will be required for further work. Never deceive - any lie most likely will turn back against you!

do not forget to write to

numbers of your contact phones (it is worth specifying time which it is better for you to ring), the e-mail address.

It is desirable for

that the summary was located on one leaf, but if it is not possible to make it, you should not crush a font - number sheets and on everyone leave information on yourself and data for communication with you.

Allow the summary to ripen! Let the ready document will lie down at least day. Then attentively re-read the text. Perhaps, there will be mistakes which you did not notice at once. Recite the summary aloud, let`s study it to someone from relatives regarding whether everything is it is clear explained. Perhaps, you enclosed in some phrase clear only to you sense. Any text, especially such responsible as your summary, has to rest in bed. It is not excluded that you remember something important or, on the contrary, you will consider some information on yourself rather harmful, than useful.

my summary reached you?

In certain cases you are invited to interview with a request to bring the summary. Such situation happens when big flow of candidates is supposed. In the announcement of vacancy time in which conduct interview can be specified or carry out record on it. In this case your summary will be read just before interview. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to readability of the text of the document.

Happens that it is more convenient to summary to send by fax. In that case pay attention to font size. It is better to give contact information more largely than the main unit and several times: all know that the similar way of transfer time distorts the text. To check whether the addressee of the summary received, it is pertinent to it to call back. The main thing - not to use ambiguous phrases it seems “My summary reached you?“. Far more decently the question “You Received My Summary?“ sounds, for example .

If you send to

paper by e-mail, then it is necessary to think of observance of secret etiquette. It is more convenient to summary to send in the form of the attached files, it increases chances that initial formatting will remain. It was some time ago not accepted to send the attached files from - for prevalence of viruses. Now the situation changed: those who conduct continuous correspondence by e-mail installed anti-virus programs and update them from time to time so there are no special problems. The exception is made by those cases when in the announcement it is told that the letter should not contain investments or attachments (from English attach - “to attach“).

do not forget to specify a message subject, differently the letter from the unknown addressee moreover the containing investment, it can be filtered as spam. If in this respect there are no special instructions, in the column “Subject“ it is possible to write, for example, “The summary for Ivan Ivanovich“ or to specify the name of vacancy for which you apply. It is insufficiently simple to attach the summary to the empty letter, it is necessary to make personally focused text. If in the announcement the contact person is specified, safely address it. In business correspondence after the address it is not accepted to put an exclamation mark - better a comma, but further it is necessary to pass to a new line though seldom who pays attention to it. At once report what vacancy interested you. Then it is possible to place the so-called functional summary, that is to give the list of the qualities and skills which are available for you and to tell about experience, - the word, to specify what does you by the ideal candidate for the position interesting you. In other words, your letter has to awaken desire to attentively read your summary and to invite you to interview in the potential employer.

For example if you worked the chief - the cook, then you list the places of work in a chronological order in the usual summary, and in the letter you report

: “I know how to cook the first, second courses, desserts, compotes, to decorate banquet dishes. There is an experience of drawing up flow charts, the managements of collective from five people“. And certainly, the letter has to come to an end with the signature and a statement of contact information.

Sending to

the letter to several addresses at once, make copies hidden. If you correspond with the recruiter or the employer, keep her history that to your potential employer all letters were not necessary to lift every time and to remember details. It is necessary to delete from the letter the previous messages only if it is done by your addressee. Progress to you!