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In a sports complex - all family of

It is sports - the improving center “Kimberly Lend“ - a fine opportunity for family rest, occupations in the gym and necessary for care of a body of actions. You already decided on a complex of trainings, but do not know how competently to approach them, without having done much harm to the health? Here will help you the physician - the rehabilitation center with which visit your way to a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful figure and pleasant pastime in a circle of the family will begin. Yes, in the bosom of the family, because interesting occupations will be for all here.

So, the first step - medical examination: computer cardiotesting, definition of the constitution of a body, diagnostics on the device AMCAT and the unique David complex for definition of a condition of a backbone. Proceeding from results of inspection, by means of skilled experts you will be able to pick up optimum types of loadings, the full program of restoration.


At an inactive (sedentary) way of life two departments of a backbone - lumbar and cervical most often suffer. The last - the most problematic, it is closely connected with warmly - vascular system. If this department is blocked, there can be a violation of blood supply of a brain, and, as a result, - headaches, irritability, low working capacity and constant fatigue. The program in which methods of manual therapy, dot influence of sou - Jock and the laser - a punktura, by KVCh - therapies are applied is developed for effective elimination of all problems of a backbone by the physician`s experts - the rehabilitation center, exercise machines of the rehabilitation David complex (Germany) are used. This complex represents system of computer testing of muscles of different groups of a backbone, their force and mobility. By means of the David complex our experts in the safe mode will eliminate consequences of injuries, chronic diseases and operations oporno - the motive device.

Thus, you strike off the list of pressing problems visit of the doctor, long turns in hospitals and the subsequent visits of procedural offices. The part of the problems preventing to enjoy life disappears by itself.

What is farther according to the program? “In the person everything has to be fine...“ . Remembering the quote of the famous classic, you aspire in beauty shop which visit takes away a lot of time too. And what if to combine business with pleasure here, in the territory of the sports center?

the Academy of Beauty not without reason holds a specific place in club, the full range of hygienic, decorative and medical services in face care and a body is presented here. You wanted to go to the sea or to the balneological resort, but work does not release you even for a week? Carry out to days off in it is sports - the improving center and, believe, you receive everything, without leaving the hometown! A photo - talasso - a balneoterapiya, massage, SPA - a sauna - all this at your disposal. Strike off the list of the planned affairs visit of salon - a hairdressing salon: will be engaged in your hairdress, manicure and a pedicure here, in Academy of Beauty. Relax and have a rest from cares until experts carry out all necessary procedures for care of your body and a face.

“Wait a moment, - you will tell, - and where at this time there are other members of my family?“ The choice very much is also very rich. Perhaps, as well as you, have a rest in a sauna, or in a gym - work on a relief of muscles, is or perhaps noisy lap in one of pools of the Aquapark... Everything depends on their mood and desire. By the way, it is possible to spend time on waterslides, among fountains, in the bar on water all family, together with children. The pool for kids - the safest place where they can learn to swim, and entertaining hills will delight not only children, but also adults!

If the speech came about children, it is necessary to tell in more detail that it expects them in is sports - the improving center. For occupations the Children`s Club works with your beloved children here. His children can visit at any age, and even... till the birth! The program of occupations of club included trainings for pregnant women - water aerobics, yoga and shaping. All classes are given under supervision of the doctor therefore they not only are safe for future mother and her kid, but also bring joy, give pleasure, and, above all - help to remain with a good form. But here your child was born. Of course, some time you will be forced to devote all the time only to it. But whether it is worth forgetting about a sports complex for a long time? From monthly age together with you it can already visit the pool where will learn to float, and further - to float and dive. You have a fine opportunity to spend time with the kid and to together receive the mass of positive emotions. And in order that young mothers could return quickly to former forms, the special course of restoration after the delivery is developed for them.

But we will return to children. Than to be engaged in it that time when parents dispersed on the corners of a sports complex, depends on their age, addictions and interests. One of options - the group occupations including children`s fitness, occupations in an aquapark and informative programs for children from 3 to 13 years. Teenagers from 14 to 16 years can visit the adult aerobic programs which are not connected with power loadings (of course, under supervision of the instructor). But the Children`s club is not only occupations in gyms. Psychologists will teach kids to communicate with peers, logopedists will give classes in development of the speech for children of 3 - 4 years, skilled teachers will help to develop creative and informative abilities. Each occupation, undoubtedly, will bring benefit to the child and will allow you not to worry for it while you are busy by yourself.

It is sports - the improving center “Kimberly Lend“ is a place where there are all opportunities perfectly to spend time all family whether there are you and your relatives in one gym or everyone chose for himself something individual, all of you equally together. After trainings you can have a bite in one of bars or restaurants or to gather on the territory of the Aquapark where it is possible to have a good swim much in the pool, to ride long enough from waterslides and even to watch favourite film on the big screen, lying in the hydromassage pool or in a convenient chaise lounge.

So forget

about those times when trips to a sports complex tore off you from children and your darlings: in “Kimberly Lend“ are glad to all of you, and for everyone - irrespective of age - there will be an interesting and fascinating occupation. Besides it is far more cheerful and more pleasant to play sports all family!