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Five serious parental errors of

As soon as in the house appear the child, he begins to take the most active part in family life. The kid is fed, look after the kid, the kid is taken with themselves in the road.

I just during travel adults often make mistakes which endanger fragile children`s life. Let`s give the most popular parental beliefs.

  1. “So far the child absolutely small, during driving is better to keep it in the car on hands“.

It is the most dangerous and unreliable way of transportation of the kid. At a speed of 50 km/h at blow against a motionless obstacle the weight of everything that is in salon, increases in 33 (!) time, i.e. the blow force falling upon the kid (a body weight and weight of the adult which holds the child on hands), will be equivalent to falling of the child from the fourth floor. Remember with what maximum speed you usually move in the car, and then you will be able to count, in how many time stronger there will be real loading. For this reason transportation of children on hands is considered the most dangerous.

  1. “When the child grows up, for example, starts going to school, it becomes rather adult to do without special automobile chair“.
All belts and safety cushions in the car are intended to

for adult passengers not lower than 150 cm in height. Plus to everything - a children`s organism is very fragile and its opportunities even at insignificant blow are much lower than resistance, than at the adult. Being in the car without special chair, the child remains in general out-of-pocket protection, his life and health are exposed to serious danger.

“Seat belts in a children`s chair press
  1. and irritate the child. It is better to weaken them or in general to try to do without them“.

One of the main safety rules of the child - use of the fastening belts which belts have to adjoin to a body of the kid densely: no looseness is allowed here, otherwise the chair will not be simple to carry out the protective functions. For especially active and restless young passengers the RECARO company has special car seats with the built-in audio system: on the way the child listens to the favourite fairy tales and songs, fidgets less and is capricious that considerably simplifies process of transportation of the kid.

“The children`s car seat with an upholstery from natural materials is better to use
  1. “.
the Rule by which we got used to be guided at the choice of clothes in a question of the choice of a car seat does not work with

. Materials of an upholstery should not be natural as they absorb in themselves all harmful substances which are in the automobile atmosphere. Best of all the artificial fabrics which are well passing air, for example, velor or microfibre are suitable for an upholstery of a children`s chair.

“Does not have
  1. sense to buy to the kid expensive car seat. All the same he will grow up soon and the chair should be changed“.
the child grows at

In the first year of life and develops directly in the eyes - it is both remarkably and troublesome at the same time. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make so that the car seat grew together with the kid therefore experts of RECARO developed the special children`s program “ONCE AND FOREVER“. Now any other car seat from the RECARO collection will be in exchange provided to each kid who grew up from a car seat for babies.

Getting ready for a trip with the child, you remember, his life is too valuable and fragile that to risk it. Be serious and responsible in safety issues of your kid. And let the child brings you only happiness and joy!

P. S. Good news - the Russian legislators at last paid attention to the most unprotected part of the population - to children. Now the bill ordering to adults in transit of children in the car obligatory use of the special holding devices prepares.