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Lessons of Drawing

Once today`s problems of type: as what to choose rice, Basmati or a jasmine, - could cause in our country unless explosion of a Homeric laughter. If somebody in general understands it what he there is a speech about.

And so: in these immemorial times people all the same wanted some pilaf. And from that rice that was on sale in shops, it was possible to cook only porridge and that not quite rice. But pilaf everything is it turned out! Because we had enough water, thank God, always, and all strengths of the hostess were thrown on soaking and washing. After 125 - go time rice ceased to stick together and even it turned out friable.

Present rice is not obligatory to be washed out at all, it already will not stick together. But if nevertheless in you the distant relative a raccoon - poloskun is living - wash out. Only by all means cold water. Indians even always presoak the purest rice for 15 - 20 minutes before cooking. Having absorbed water, grains do not feel invincible draft to each other any more and cook friable. I prefer not to presoak rice, and to fry. For this purpose it has to be dry. It is the best of all to use melted butter - it gives to rice gently - nut smack.

Three - seven - two

When I studied

a class in the eighth, the radio receiving station pleased me every morning with “The youth channel“. There was also a heading like “Advice to hostesses“ there. And in it - that told the recipe of cooking of rice on once - Chinese. Many years passed since then, I got acquainted with the Chinese cookery in general and some Chinese in particular. Nobody and ever had never heard of such way. But I with persistence continue to cook rice quite so - and even from the most deranged grade it turns out ingeniously. So, you take two parts of rice, three - waters. Slightly you fry dry rice, you fill in with boiled water, you add some salt, densely you close a cover. It is better to take a big pan - from small water will immediately get away, rice will turn out badly, and to you it is necessary to wash long and tiresomely a plate. It is necessary to cook according to strictly certain temporary scheme. Three minutes on strong fire, seven minutes on an average, two - on weak. You learn by heart, write a crib. Only twelve. And twelve more (more, till tomorrow`s morning, perhaps is possible) it is necessary to hold a pan gently wrapped up in a blanket, a plaid, a pillow... That to it it was warm and cozy.

If after the first 12 minutes takes in head to open for you a cover and to look what under it becomes, you have to see the following picture: water does not lap anywhere, a rice surface smooth, is evenly covered with small holes.

Existence of holes means that rice “breathes“ - in it the system of parovyvodyashchy channels at the expense of which it prepares evenly is formed. If to you hunting to mix rice during cooking comes, you it will only spoil it. It from below will burn slightly, and from above will be undercooked. Hashing is demanded by only one type of rice - for risotto. But what hashing!.


me, disturb!

of Risotto is a super food. It with pleasure is eaten by all - from babies innocent to grown wise with experience of gourmets. Also it is necessary for it a little. The main business - rice yes broth, a little bit olive oil, slightly - slightly dry white wine, a little grated parmesan - and still all that your dear will want. Risotto can be done with mushrooms, berries, vegetables, fruit, nuts, greens, meat... and still some submeat like Parma ham or a salami. That is risotto is the Italian analog of the well-known lrish stew in which throw everything that will come to hand. It is simple to do it, but do not can to distract. Rice for risotto often and is called - “risotto“.


From what is on sale at us best of all suits a grade “arborio“ - its short round grains will give enough starch that risotto received the correct “cream“ consistence. To wash it, it is clear, it is contraindicated - all your kremovost will appear in a sink. Broth (it is better chicken, house) needs to be brought to boiling in advance and to keep in readiness on tiny fire that did not lose heat. At first rice is fried on olive oil together with other “firm“ products. For example, small you cut onions, you fry to softness, then you add rice and, stirring slowly, you fry until rice does not become translucent. In the following half an hour continuous stirring is the main thing, than you will be engaged.

Liquid is added by

to risotto as follows: at first you pour in wine. Then you add 1 glass of broth and, stirring slowly, you wait until it is absorbed. Waited - add 1/2 glass. It was absorbed - still a half-glass. Then still half-glass. And then already on a quarter. Also disturb, disturb! Somewhere after two and a half glasses usually put any gentle additives like spinach or tomatoes. Right at the end pour parmesan and if “slivochnost“ turned out insufficiently, throw an oil piece. Does not suffer warming up of risotto, it is necessary to eat it at once, and all without the rest.


of Risotto and pesto
of Risotto with leek and mushrooms
of Risotto to walnuts

Towards pilaf

Pilaf happens to spinach incredibly different. Pilaf with a quince, pilaf with chick-pea, pilaf with mushrooms, with a starred sturgeon, from rapana - mussels, with vegetables, just with potato... and even pilaf with dolma from grape leaves! Also is called not quite equally: where pilaf, where palova, where pulao...


the Baku pilaf with dried fruits
Pilaf on - Uzbek
Pilaf fruit

Rice for pilaf is absolutely separate article. It is possible to take, of course, the steamed rice which will not stick together even if you want it. But nevertheless it will be, as they say, “typical not that“. For the Uzbek pilaf it is possible to go all out, marketing and buy the pink large devzir rice - at it improbable aroma and color is pleasing to the eye. Long-grain east rice - it dry will be suitable for sweet plov (Indian, Indonesian), very gentle and cooks quickly enough. If you cook pilaf with meat in one of numerous Uzbek options, the rule of laying of rice one: in a cauldron it has to lie on meat, onions and carrots, without concerning a bottom at all. And it cannot be disturbed too!