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“Moscow - Perm - Moscow“. The story about swimming by Nikolay Shchors motor ship of

Tatyana Popova`s Comments

Ya wanted to share the impressions about travel, but, having read what was written by the daughter, decided to send her “article“, without correcting it, and having only supplied with the short comment which essence is simple: as it is exciting to travel by motor ship with the child! I think, the daughter gained so much knowledge of history and geography of Russia for these two weeks how many she will not receive for one or two years of training at school. And the pleasure from swimming, contemplation of two great Russian rivers, the big and small cities, from bathings and foot walks, from communication with new acquaintances cannot just be estimated. We in general like to have a rest, visited both Finland, and Bulgaria, and Turkey, and the Crimea, but Half-Inca this summer which she spent as the real frog - the traveler became the most saturated and interesting for: June - Ukraine (sanatorium in Sloviansk, at relatives in Donetsk), one or two July of week of swimming across Volga and Kama, August - 10 days in St. Petersburg (about it I still will write). Generally, that at whom children grew up already enough I urge to follow our example and to go to travel over own country. In it is what to look at!

With what everything began


... And everything began with the fact that we often went to walk to park at the River station, sometimes came into the building of the station and watched the schedule of steamships. Dreamed how we will sometime float on the beauty to Volga. And here, the dream came true!

We float!

Fine, solar July day. We stand on the deck of the steamship and we wave a hand. We are seen off by the grandmother and the grandfather.

In the same day we had new acquaintances. We floated across the Moscow Canal therefore there were many locks.

the Facts

We pro-dust on the channel, Volga and Kama 2242 kilometers. We passed many reservoirs: Uglichsky, Rybinsk, Ivankovsky, Gorky, Cheboksary, Kuibyshev, Nizhnekamsk and Votkinsk, 13 locks.

our way passed

across such areas: Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Gorky, Perm. We visited the Republics of Chuvashia, Tataria, Mary - Al, Udmurtia.

Ya saw 18 cities: Uglich, Myshkin, Kostroma, Reach, Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod, Makaryev, Cheboksary, Nizhnekamsk, Tchaikovsky, Votkinsk, Perm, Kungur, Chistopol, Kozmodemyansk, Chkalovsk, Yaroslavl, Rybinsk.

of Impression

Of course, we floated beautiful places, but most of all to me the Kungur ice cave was remembered. It is just the fairy tale (the truth cold)! The first grotto in a cave is called Diamond. Of course, diamonds not the presents, but only snow. Very beautiful show. To me one legend was remembered:“ Once upon a time there was a girl. It was very beautiful, but is rather poor. Having learned that at cave spirit there are a lot of diamonds, she married it. And diamonds were not the presents. Since then the girl sits over the underground lake and cries“. And to the lake “slezk“ really fall. Water in the lake so transparent that the ceiling is reflected.

All excursions on the cities me very much were pleasant to

. And summer I would like to live in Chkalovsk. It seemed to me more similar to a village under the loud name “city“. There are silent zalivchik and bays, flowers and herbs grow everywhere. The only sight - Chkalov`s museum.

History with geography

Many cities which we visited can call

“illustration“ to history of Russia. In Uglich, for example, the tsarevitch Dmitry died. On a legend, the boy went for a walk to the yard. Boris Godunov`s people approached it and killed him. The bell sounded the alarm, and citizens hammered with stones of murderers. Boris Godunov ordered to banish the people who gave the alarm to Siberia, and to a bell to chop off language and to flog lashes. After Godunov`s death appeared False Dmitriy and the time of troubles began.

Ipatiev Monastery (it is near Kostroma) is called a cradle of House of Romanovs. There lived young Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov and his mother. Here Ivan Susanin saved Mikhail from Poles:

A in Gorodtsa Alexander Nevsky on the road from the Golden Horde died.

the Makaryevsky monastery - very interesting place. There lived novices Nikon and Habakkuk. In a consequence Nikon became a patriarch, and Habakkuk - the spiritual leader of dissenters - staroverets.

Votkinsk is important

not so much for history how many for culture of Russia. There was born and lived till eight years Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. His father was the managing director of steel works. Tchaikovsky`s house stands on the bank of the lake dug for needs of plant. Perhaps, it is also “the swan lake“?

, in Spaso - Preobrazhensky the monastery, found

A in Yaroslavl in the 19th century “Tale of Igor`s Campaign“. Still Yaroslavl is known that there the Russia`s first public theater was founded by the Russia`s first professional actor Fedor Volkov.

of Entertainment and friends

with us sat At a table three more: Lena, Marina and her mother. All of them, of course, were much more senior than me, but we made friends. Still got acquainted with the seventeen-year-old girl Tanya and children - students. Together we almost completely organized the Neptune`s holiday. I, Marina, Lena and Tanya were Little Mermaids, and my mother - the Gipsy. We well played the roles, danced. It was very cheerful.

A with Tanya we completely held a final concert. Staged different contests, conjured. But not all people wanted to participate, and some of our plans were ruined. But all were very satisfied.

the Conclusion

Such type of rest me very much is pleasant to

: you learn a lot of new, and at the same time you have a rest, slowly and quietly you float. I dream to float by steamship once again.

Polina and Tatyana Popova