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Rest of one day: walks on ENEA of

I again we at this show-window.
- Timosh, we will go!

my hands delay bags with products.

- Still to look a font - and - ny! - Timoshka aches and drags me closer.

I Put bags on a floor and I take it on hands. About ten room fountainlets murmur in unison. They are different, but everything equally tasteless: with alyapisty ceramic gnomes, plastic cockleshells and artificial flowers. However, my child is excited. Now to it 2 and 3, but he adores water in any kind nearly since the birth.

- to Touch water! - asks Tim and reaches for water.
- Well all already: was not enough still to lap in shop! Let`s go.

I Lower it on a floor, I take bags and I go to an exit.

- Still! Still review - e - to etyet! - shouts Timokh and with irritation waves hands as though is going to fly up. Complains, but catches up.

the Poor child and you did not see the real fountains! I know where we will go tomorrow.

I here we on ENEA (the truth, is the All-Russia Exhibition Centre now, but all call as before).

Before a main entrance - the festive lawns framed with fluffy bushes, flowers and a scattering of white pebbles. Timoshka right there gathers a handful of stones.

- the Billeting, well where to you so much? Take a couple, and enough!

We enter on the territory and we walk on the main avenue. (As Timoshka speaks, “we go to look ogro - the omny fountain“, doing for greater effect round eyes.)

Around us surprising beds with various ornaments of flowers. Many compositions are made in honor of 60 - the anniversaries of the Victory. Here a bed with big flower figures “1941 - 1945“, and here a red star with the globe in the middle. On a lawn there is a small plane with the propeller - all his body and wings are covered with fluffy greens; nearby - two tanks executed in the same style. On lawns on the way to the central pavilion, on both sides - a set of small fountainlets which for some reason do not work. But not they are necessary to us. Now we will come for the central pavilion... here it, Friendship of the People fountain! Huge, round, with gold girls in the middle, but not working. How so?


runs on a ladder to the fountain, climbs up the region of the pool and looks at water. Below there is a lot of water - Timoshka is happy also with it.

I Notice

between gold sculptures of three men in working overalls.

- Uncles! - I shout, putting a palm loud-hailer. - And the fountain will start working today? there is no
-! - shout to me in reply.

I do not manage to be upset strongly as to me shout again:
- Following will earn at eleven o`clock... already works!

On my hours eleven. We hurry upward, and already from far away we distinguish strong streams of water. Timoshka rushes forward, like mad - I behind him am not in time. Hardly I reach - grabs hand, dancing from impatience, and we climb on a wide side of the pool. At Timoshka eyes burn, and is from what: in the pool the area about a football field, were built, as on parade, two rows of fountainlets; over them the diagonal streams beating from sturgeon mouths clashed. And directly before us - geese: water splashes from their beaks.

- As though geese are spat! - Timoshka laughs.

We go down from a side and we go to watch center of composition “Stone flower“. It is poured on the sun by a multi-colored mosaic; water it is noisy falls in different directions.

- Timosh, you want to throw a money?

Of course, wants. The coin slowly falls by a bottom and sparkles on the sun.

two last pyatirublevka go There. There are no coins any more.

- Still, still! - Timoshka who began to enjoy shouts.

Incidentally I find in a pocket those pebbles from a bed - and they go to bathe too. Timoshka is happy, and I too.

Now weekday and to the people is not enough

, but all whom we meet, joyfully smile - feeling of a holiday here everywhere!

it is not simple to p to leave for good from here Now. Timoshka gives in on arrangements hardly, only after the promise that we here still will return today.

Water - not the only Timoshkina passion. The same rough pleasure transport, and especially a tractor calls excavators, skating rinks, etc. in it. And wheels of all types - in general the separate song. Therefore now we go to look for the Agricultural machinery pavilion: we stray a little, but all - we find.

the Showroom is on the first floor. I am a little disappointed - there are no tractors here. But there is a harrow, a seeder, a sprayer - healthy designs for fastening to a tractor or the combine. And Timokh it is happy. Especially it likes a kartofelesazhalka: the difficult unit with mills, tanks, hoses; and, above all its advantage - two big wheels about Timosha growth. The aunt at an entrance allows everything to touch that we also do. Well, saw enough. At parting we are given a color leaflet with tractors. it is time for p to be supported with

Now: we settle on a bench under a high fir-tree. For both cheeks we knead sandwiches and we drink juice. And from where - that from above to us plays local radio.

- There now, and now we go to look...
- the Fountain! - rejoices Tim
- No, the plane!

I we go to planes near the Space pavilion. One of them is open for visits.“ The entrance of 20 rubles“ - says the plate. I put Timoshka on a ladder:
- Well, rise!
- Will depart! - is afraid of Timokh. there is no
- you see, to it here and there are no place to disperse. It as the museum, you understand? It is just possible to look at everything!

On an entrance us is met by the grandfather - the ticket collector:
- Hi, the kid! You are interested in planes? Then surely glance in a cabin!

At first we go to empty salon: we sit in chairs, we look in windows. In the tail - a small show-window with models of planes and helicopters, but everything that it is impossible to take in hand, to us is still uninteresting.

A now cabin of pilots. All charm consists that here all is possible: to sit down in chairs, to hold a steering wheel, to pull levers, to switch the toggle-switch and to press the buttons which here not to consider. Of course, there is a lot of persons interested - generally school students. It seems, to us not to break through. The grandfather - the controller who put on a severe look comes to the rescue:
- So, children, you play long ago, go to salon now! Later still you will come.

passes Timoshk`s

forward and the next ten minutes accurately and with concentration presses everything in turn: probably, realizes that it was allowed to something adult and important.

new children Come, and we leave.

- It was pleasant to you on the plane? - I ask Timoshka
- It was pleasant, - he answers seriously and suddenly joyfully screams: wheels!!!

the Plane costs

on a pedestal with released by the chassis: from each party on 6 wheels, apart from lobbies. Timokh already runs there:
- to Sit near wheels!

I Place it - sits long enough, does not want to get down.

- Mother, do not block!

It appears p, I prevent to look at wheels opposite.


Suit cheerful Vietnamese - are photographed near Timoshka.

- Well, we will go again to watch the fountain? - there are I on cunning.


On pool perimeter with fountains big fir-trees grow. - Watch
, Timosh, each tree - as a lodge!

We come under one of fir-trees and we notice the broom hidden on one of branches, a bucket and rubber gloves. Now we know a small secret of local janitors.

Again we watch

at noisy water from a stone parapet. To the people considerably increased. Nearby at three tables play table tennis. Kids roll astride camels and horses.

wind Suddenly blows and one million splashes fly to our party.
- And - and - and! - Timoshka squeals! - To hide for mother!

Squats and hides for me. And then from - beyond clouds there is a sun, and we see a big rainbow. - Watch
, Timosh, a rainbow! And you remember, you on it wanted to ride the bicycle?


puzzly - in my opinion, it did not connect among themselves a rainbow real and drawn in the book.

Very much does not want to leave, but we have a lot more plans.

we Come back to a main entrance: now attractions! Very much Timoshk wants to take for a drive on a huge big wheel, but tickets expensive - 150 rubles. I am warned at once that only children till two years free of charge ride. I try to tell lies that two to us were not executed yet: ask to show the passport. I have no three hundred rubles and not really there is a wish to ride for such money!

of the Price of other attractions - more acceptable, and Timofey with pleasure rides a children`s roundabout from samoletika (60 rubles) .

Now we go on a stop of a children`s engine. It is necessary to tell that engines here different. Is such which travel over almost all territory of ENEA, but they are for some reason not visible. We get an engine with the shortened route - to the central pavilion and back. (The ticket - 50 rubles, Timoshka goes free of charge). But it has many other advantages. On roofs of cars heroes of animated films sit: Shapoklyak, Carlson, Boa, Monkey. Besides, in each car on two malyshovsky chairs with a wheel and pedals: Drives Timokh with pleasure. And from loudspeakers reaches: “Chukh - chukh, chukh - chukh...“ .

We perfectly took a walk, but very much were tired. We leave a main entrance and we go gradually to our trolleybus stop. Timoshka looks around and suddenly declares:
- Now by train we will go!

Directly over us station of the monorail road. And why is also not present? It would be worthy completion of our travel. Especially somehow we already tried to drive on a monorail, but the station was closed at us before a nose (trains go till 16 o`clock).

Monorelsovaya Road works with

in the excursion mode so far - only two trains and tickets not for frequent trips - 50 rubles go, but a time it is necessary to sweep.


Intervals between trains big, but to us it was lucky - we wait for only five minutes. Stylish it is white - the blue train opens before us doors: now that`s something like it - cars - that tiny, in everyone on only eight seats! Timoshka sits down at a window, and we with interest look down. There is a pond, here a traffic jam, and here the parking of water carts. There is a green luzhok, and on it people sunbathe. And here we passed level with windows of some plant. Here final - Timiryazevskaya station.

In half an hour we already at home. Timoshka drinks kefir and instantly falls asleep - namayalsya!

A in the evening the father comes from work, sits down at the computer and with delight looks through everything that we nasnimat in a day. He very much is glad for us though he, of course, envies a little. Next week he will ask for leave from work that on weekday to take a walk together with us - the truth while we do not know it yet.

Yes, the ENEA is a small city in which always a holiday. And everyone will surely find something special here. whether

are Known by you that the ENEA has the website?

Look there more often not to pass something very interesting!