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“Buffet“, “full board“, “all inclusive“ - these phrases for many serve as synonyms and a guarantee of high-quality rest. Before a mind`s eye there are ranks of appetizing dishes and the mountain of food...

In Sheremetyevo - 2 when our slightly excited tourist consciousness anticipates luxury and rest, the poor stomach fades with fear. Still! He should experience all madnesses of “buffet“.

how not to “break“ at a rich feast and not to turn own stomach from delicate body into a dump for processing of waste, is told by the dietitian Nadezhda Osipova.

I will tell

At once:“ buffet“ - the evil. The tempter is more terrible than the dragon which tempted poor Eve with apple. Tourists in hotels and with system “all inclusive“ eat with a full board, really, without feeling sorry for the stomach and breaking all laws of reasonable food.

About what laws there is a speech


we Will begin

with a breakfast. As a rule, in the forenoon the power of the person is not ready for digestion of the next portion - the organism has enough yesterday`s calories. The saying that the breakfast needs to be eaten most is incorrect. Many of us have breakfast only because it “is necessary“, and eventually the organism gets used to it, though with damage to itself. Besides in the morning in our organism the acid environment prevails (but not alkaline, “healthier“ and clearing). Therefore if the person got used to have breakfast, it has to be the minimum of low-calorie alkalizing food (berries, fruit, vegetables, warm milk). And what it is possible to see on a plate at having breakfast in hotel? Fried bacon, fried eggs, cheese, sausage pieces, fruit, yogurt... He will wash down it is several glasses of the concentrated juice and in couple of cups of coffee. Absolutely incongruous products!


to digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, starch, involved tens of different enzymes and gastric juice. Squirrels for splitting demand acidic environment, starches - alkaline, acidic environment slows down hydrolysis... The illiterate combination of products demands huge energy consumption on digestion. This energy is taken away from other systems (that is why we weaken - us drives in a dream). As a result for processing of food, neutralization of slags and poisons leaves energy more, than then arrives calories. And harm to an organism is caused more, than advantage. We its zashlakovyvay also wear out before time.


For lunch vacationers eats just unreasonable quantity of food: soup (by the way, not for all a useful dish!) meat, vegetables, baked puddings, fruit, juice, desserts. Only units watch that they put on a plate, think whether it will do them good. As a result at most of vacationers the lunch turns out heavy of - for incongruity of products: bread - meat, yogurt - sausage, cottage cheese - pea soup. And the orange or apple eaten for a dessert only aggravate a situation. The fruit eaten next the heart will leave it in 10 - 15 minutes. But having been digested during this time in a full stomach, they cannot promote through a dense lump of greasy proteinaceous food and begin to decay. At the same time it is worth to remember that the area only internal an intestines surface - two hundred square meters! it is difficult to p to Remember

. Whether there are simpler rules by which it is necessary to be guided a table?

the Most reasonable of diets - separate food. There is a wish for some meat - arrange proteinaceous day or at least only a lunch. Eat meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, drink kefir. Also do not forget about greens. But the next day let will be vegetable. This day it is possible to eat also a piece of cheese. And it is better to drink juice natural, without sugar.

restaurants are open for

In expensive hotels all day long. You will not manage to get hungry as you are tempted with something tasty again. As it is better to eat: gradually and often or one - two times densely?

In food the main criterion - feeling of hunger. It is not simple when “sucks“ in the pit of the stomach, and real feeling of hunger. It can be shown in an easy chill, the general weakness. Present the simplest food, for example, a crust of black bread. If at you saliva, and language began to flow (not a stomach!) wanted to taste this crust, you are really hungry. By the way, this imagined crust can be also a signal that it is time to get out from - for a table though it seems to us that we were not sated yet. Ask a question: whether I want a bread crust now? If is not present - everything, gorged on. It is considered sufficient if the stomach was filled half or even on a third.

What then - to lie down in a chaise lounge in a tenechka or to go to swim for a while?

Neither that nor another. Active recreation prevents quiet digestion of food, but also lying will not do good too. Yogis have a remarkable exercise of “help“ to a stomach: they become at a wall, nestling a back, heels and a nape. Men clamp the left nostril a ring finger and a little finger of the right hand, and the woman - the right nostril a thumb of the right hand. In such situation it is necessary quietly, rhythmically, without straining, to breathe through a free nostril of 5 - 10 minutes. At the same time, as tell yogas, “digestive fire“ amplifies. “Fire“ digests food therefore the same yogis never drink water after food. It is considered that water fills in fire, digestion turns into fermentation as they speak, “brains are flown down in a stomach“. Water or natural juice (they recognize nothing else) need to be drunk for half an hour to food or later one and a half - two hours. whether

Many liquid needs to be drunk?

The more the better: water washes out an organism, removing slags. The Tibetan doctors recommend to drink 10 - 15 glasses of water. At the same time they explain that water as chemical is present at any food therefore for digestion of its firm food it is enough both in fats, and in proteins, and in carbohydrates (for example, 100 g of fats at oxidation give 107 g of water). Endurance of a camel is explained by the fact that the fat laid in humps turns into water over time. About people who drink a little east doctors speak: “the dried people“. At the same time these patients look not thin. But it is visible to wise doctors that problems of their health are connected with an insufficient irrigation of an organism. The lack of water of an organism provokes many diseases. It is necessary to drink slowly, enjoying each drink. Having woken up, it is necessary to drink a glass of water. It is useful to drink a glass of water or a glass of warm milk also shortly before a dream. Cold drinks, as well as cold food, are harmful.

A as about exotic food? Abroad so there is a wish to try everything. Besides and owners it is not necessary to offend.

our organism, most likely, has no enzymes which will quickly digest unusual products. Abusing unfamiliar food, it is possible to get poisoned. Sometimes food curiosity leads to a severe allergy and even to anaphylactic shock. Therefore it is better not to risk. Yogas in this respect are guided by the remarkable rule: they do not do of food of a cult - live quietly.