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My history

Many thanks that posted on your website such information, very important for the nursing women, about Avent Isis milk pump.

I Will tell

the story. After the delivery (and gave rise for the first time) I drank foolishly a lemonade bottle (in general “-Coca“ I love the cook on life, and the husband in maternity hospital with products brought to me).

milk Every other day came that was!. Temperature under 40 jumped up, inflated a breast to the 5th size (to sorts 2 was), and stone everything, will touch - it is hell natural... It was easier to give rise, really.

the doctor, Duty on maternity hospital, having examined me (it was the man, by the way, who hardly represented, what it when the breast from milk is broken off), it ordered urgently to go to be decanted by means of an electric milk pump (they in our maternity hospital in the special room stood which all and was called - doilnya) and itself went to decant me.

went So far, each stir of my tits - it fire and brimstone were. Came, the person on duty, a warming up my breast during 5 - ti minutes, put on me this electric milk pump (at the same time on both breasts, well it is honest - the real milking machine for women), included in the sparing mode... I shouted from pain while this device milked dry the first drops, and the doctor with the midwife held me by legs as I kicked from pain and could injure a nipple. Probably, dairy traffic jams in both breasts because when the milk pump punched them, milk went the fountain were formed there, and it became not so sick... More than a liter, simplification milked dry - as though anew was born... But through a couple of hours everything repeated again, however, already not so painfully.

generally, “started“ to me a hyper lactation, now I do not know how to extinguish it, to the child on August 5 year was executed, I all this time suffer from laktostaza and a hyper lactation, and everything from - for such stimulations in maternity hospital. By the way, so stimulated all women in labor who with me lay (that the child had enough milk, they said). Some girls essentially declared we will not give milk supposedly, we are not milk cows, but when the milk came, to give milk ran as nevterpezh already was.

A I was forced to get Avent Isis milk pump, and without it year I cannot live as the breast is constantly poured, and, really, would deliver a monument it to the creator. One is good - nipples hard and milk does not follow, and that would be filled in with the milk moreover always with interest was enough for the child of milk.

A I need consultation of the competent specialist in breastfeeding and a lactation.