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History of one campaign

Wind quietly rustled with branches of trees. They rocked, creating illusion of the independent movement and contributing these the share in a unique picture of the snow wood. This picture was observed by us, standing on top of the hill and looking at the opening types. We are I and two my satellites who were called by Vladislav and Dmitry. The idea to gather and make a campaign on skis arose at us not once any more, and here now, approximately from the fifth attempt, it managed to be realized.


So, before us spread the snow valley. It seemed, nothing can shake rest of ancient beauty of the quiet and majestic wood. Any foreign sound - except, of course, singing of birds, a crash of branches and howls of wind, - was not distributed under a quiet smooth surface of a crystal-clear cloudy firmament.

- Is not present

, I will not go there! - Dmitry exclaimed suddenly, distracting me from sublime thoughts.
- All right, Mitya, go! - Vladislav told. - Here it is quite safe.
- Not, I better here will wait.

should tell

a couple of words about my satellites Here. Vladislav represented that type of people who possess analytical mentality and like to apply it to the world around phenomena. He spoke carelessly, with a certain sad aplomb as if telling interlocutors what they also could guess. Our companion was more introversirovanny personality. Dmitry spoke by the grumbling, some shipped in itself voice, often complained and showed discontent with severe realities of world around, for example, with need to take examinations at university or to go by the bus. But would be a mistake to claim that Dmitry treated those people who practically do not get out of the inner world and look at others with condemnation and arrogance from there. There were times when he became bright and just enjoyed life - as well as it is necessary to do to any being wishing to live in harmony with the Universe.

However at the beginning of our campaign Dmitry definitely was in low spirits. Hardly we fastened skis and took the first steps on the route, he began to suggest to return somewhat quicker, often lagged behind us and, probably, mentally swore. Here and now, when we stopped for the purpose of survey of vicinities, Dmitry was obviously not eager to follow this purpose. He was shocked by height of the hill on which we were, and answered appeals to approach and admire the top view with flat refusals. And in vain - the look was rather interesting, despite some monotony in view of abundance of snow. Below, meters in forty from us, the stream on which coast trees grew various look, and afar, to the horizon proceeded, the pine woods lasted.

After several rounds of arrangements during which Dmitry still persisted I decided that it is time to continue a way. The matter is that I played a role of the conductor as already happened in these regions and knew quite interesting routes.

- Well. We go further, - I told. - The following item of appointment - a hill. By the way, it terminates in break so be careful.
- Break?! - Dmitry was disturbed. - Perhaps we will back go better?
- Yes it is not dangerous, - I calmed it. - It is just necessary to move down slowly and at the end in time to turn to the right.

I all company moved further. Our way lay along a wood edge that allowed to survey both the wood on the right side, and the field on left. It seemed that we will not meet anything unexpected - very much snow landscapes were monotonous.

I here, absolutely near a ski track we saw something special.

- Watch

, traces! - I exclaimed, having stopped. - How you think whose?

Near a ski track the chain of some traces going to depth of the wood lasted. Having seen traces, Vladislav approached and began to study attentively them, having low bent. Mysterious silence set in.

the Squirrel is? - I assumed in a few minutes. there is no
- - Vladislav slowly answered, continuing to study found. - Not a squirrel. I think that it is a boar.
- From where? - I was surprised. - Here they are not found.
- And you have a look... - there began Vladislav, but here he was torn off.
- What here it? - peevishly Dmitry asked. It lagged behind us again and just approached.
- Yes here, traces, - I explained. - It is thought to whom they belong.
- Where?
- Here, nearby.

Some time Dmitry looked at traces.

- I think, it from a cow, - he said then.

We began to argue with Vladislav. Lines of traces from the left and right extremities respectively adjoined too closely to each other to belong to the called animal. But Dmitry persisted, repeating that it from a cow. After a while I remembered time and urged to continue the satellites a campaign, having decided not to say to Dmitry yet that it knows about cows very little. And we vigorously slid further.

the hill Mentioned above was quite long. It was easy to slide on it, but this ease was deceptive - the matter is that at the very end of a way before the skier there were trees, and in order to avoid close contact with them it was required to turn quickly aside. The processed snowdrifts about these trees said about what not all managed to curtail. However our company rolled down safely. It was reached thanks to special art of movement on a slope which consisted in frequent stops for the purpose of reduction of speed. Especially Dmitry as he often fell succeeded in safe rolling, thereby reducing the speed of the driving.

At the bottom new types opened. Now we were in the flat district - on the right and to the left of us the long hills which overgrew the wood were stretched, and between them the stream flew and bushes grew. In the ringing silence only murmur of a stream was heard, and in air snowflakes quietly flew, - this picture caused special winter feelings and some feeling of a pacification. I thought that it is advisable to pay to it attention of the satellites.

- Silence, - I told.
- Yes. Now NATO bombers will fall down us, - Vladislav responded.

of Hm. Some time we went silently, along a route along a stream, near one of long hills. Having stopped, I decided to make one more attempt. - Watch
what hills.
- Yes. Here it is easy to do a round-up, - Vladislav answered.
- As it? - I was surprised.
- At the edges of hills can put archers. The convenient place for firing. - And Vladislav with suspicion was lop-sided on a forest thicket on the right.

the perception of the person Outdoors naturally changes, there are new feelings which are hard for testing in rooms. First of all, this feeling of a scope, immensity of space, interest at the sight of a variety of manifestations of life in the wood, and many other things. And, above all - there is a feeling of freedom and a freedom. But meanwhile my satellites not really - that reacted to surrounding. Vladislav constantly released aggressive remarks, mistrustfully looking around, and Dmitry stubborn repeated how he was tired and wants to return. Probably, it was explained by the fact that old habits recede not at once. Even when changing a situation some time remains inertia to think and work still. Besides Vladislav with Dmitry studied philosophy, and this occupation promoted excessive intellectual activity and complicated pure perception. I thought that it is possible to try to stimulate process of change of mood of my companions. As if to make it? Well of course! By means of one of my favourite subjects - about forest animals.

to me happened to communicate In due time with the people having hunting experience. Their stories about a survival in extreme situations and animal habits could help with business which I conceived.

- you Know what to do if the bear attacks you? - I when we stopped asked to have a rest about a small glade. The course of a stream extended there, and on its coast stood, considerably being allocated, two high pines.
- to Run? - Dmitry assumed, scaredly looking back. there is no
-. The bear will catch up at once. Speak, it at full tilt can stop a horse.
- to climb On a tree?
- Is useless. He will climb, or will shake it.


offered various options: to use fire, a cold weapon, make-shifts etc. But, as any skilled hunter will tell, against a bear all this would be ineffective.

- Everything is very simple, - I when versions ran low declared. - It is necessary to pretend to be the dead. Then it will not touch.

In the same vein we discussed possibilities of protection against wolves, elks, boars and kites. - There is one more dangerous animal, - I told at the end of conversation. - Badger. It seems harmless, but if you try to get to it into a hole, then it can otgryzt a nose. One acquaintance told.

- Ha! - Vladislav told. - And who will get - that?
- Well, somebody who knows about badgers a little, - I answered. - Well, let`s go further. This is dear, - I waved a hand along a stream, - in half an hour will bring to the settlement of rural type. And we will go towards plant. For this purpose we should climb here this hill.

Of course, me it was interesting to learn whether conversation about wild animals yielded results. Also I will tell without false modesty that this conversation bore fruit. Supervision showed that Vladislav`s mood for the following half an hour strongly changed. It relaxed and began to represent voices of various birds and animals. The wood was disclosed by unusual sounds, and I with satisfaction smiled about myself. And here Dmitry after my instructions behaved differently. Instead of following the example of our companion, he began to askance on the parties, obviously expecting attack of badgers or than whom it is worse. So his mood did not manage to be improved so far. In addition he chose the unsuccessful place for rise on the hill and got stuck in a snowdrift. Having decided that without skis it will be easier, Dmitry removed them and got on the hill on foot, peevishly groaning. However it did not consider the low density of snow and was forced to move ahead extremely slowly.

- Yes - and, - Vladislav told, having climbed up the hill. - Without skis we here in general... would not pass.

Waiting for our companion, we talked on a subject a little about how there is a lot of a distance of a human civilization of a ski.

- Yes - and, - Dmitry told, moving to us like a mole. - There is a lot of snow.

we did not begin to develop

But this subject as there was a time at way. Having gone to the track conducting to plant we temporarily stopped conversations and some time went everyone in itself. I went ahead and admired a forest landscape, Vladislav imitated some bird, and Dmitry went behind and grumbled about difficulties of our campaign.

Approximately through couple of kilometers the route went downhill, and country houses ahead seemed. There were they small, but with garden sites and in a large number.

If it, we would get into one of dachas (of course, in exclusively informative purposes), and found traces of a mysterious crime there. Using our abilities to deduction and induction, we would reveal him, and this crime would be only part of the world plot which is directly affecting destinies of the Universe...

However it is not the detective. Before the reader only the description of a ski trip in prose.

So traces of crime we did not open

, and went further.

Soon we approached

the plant territory. More precisely, it was not the plant, but HBK - cotton combine. Having seen constructions of combine, we began to examine them.

- Yes - and, - Vladislav thought.
- Yes, - Dmitry thought.

Such unanimity even in thoughts could mean only one - what was seen made impression on them. And it is valid, was what to look at! Approximately in two hundred meters from us the tower of combine smoked. It let out the huge white puffs similar to clouds. This show sharply contrasted with a species of the snow wood which we observed the last a couple of hours and therefore a little embarrassingly worked on my satellites. Naturally, there was an idea to be photographed against a tower. However the problem appeared here - Dmitry suddenly flatly refused to pose. Such dialogue followed approximately: “Let`s go, Mitya, it quickly“. “Well, I will not go. I was tired“. “Yes here all steam of steps“.“ Well. Better you“. We did not begin to use force therefore on a memorable shot with a tower only I was depicted and Vladislav.

after that we conferred and decided to pass on the combine territory, having used open gate. There was what to look at. On big space various building materials, and also shabby structures in one - two floors were scattered. It was hard to define purpose of these constructions - many of them were with the driven-in windows, and reminded the look shelters of the count Dracula, others had some signs of population.

- What, here somebody lives? - discontentedly Dmitry when we stopped around one from houses which windows were driven partially in by boards grumbled, and are partially broken.
- Hardly, - I told. But when we went further, the door of the house was suddenly slightly opened, and someone`s head leaned out from there. But we did not manage to notice whether it had red eyes and long canines as the door right there slammed. By the way, the doorway was brightly lit with a sunlight.

our advance did not remain to

unnoticed - on the way we met a great number of passersby who with astonishment looked at us. But we efficiently looked around, representing the high administration. However, skis and lack of a limousine spoiled image a little.

Not far from the smoking tower we stopped.


- we Will get? - I asked.

the Others took my words seriously and began to adduce arguments concerning inexpediency of implementation of this action. Phrases about allegedly too big height of a tower (only meters fifty), a slippery ladder (on outer side of a tower the ladder spiralno curled, and looked quite reliably), and too strong wind were heard (though the ladder had handrail). Dmitry already chilly shrank and sighed, having a presentiment of new deprivations, but then I explained that my offer was a joke, and our company started on on a way back.

we Went, without hurrying, and only occasionally exchanged words. By this time the sky became brightly blue, and on it floated clouds of various degree of a whiteness. In the wood it was silent, and it seemed, for a long time nothing will break general silence.


Suddenly distributed peep of a bird.

- I thought, it you, - Dmitry told Vladislav.

But it. It was the real bird. Vladislav did not represent a voice of different animals and birds any more, depriving of us an opportunity to present the atmosphere of the spring wood. And Dmitry, judging by his alerted views through a shoulder, did not recover from conversation about animals yet.

- Silence, - I told, hoping to change a condition of my satellites.

But at this moment in the sky the plane hooted. All raised the heads.

- TU - 134, - Vladislav explained. - Known Soviet plane.

M - yes, everything is not so simple. In what business why they do not manage to listen to beauty of the nature quietly? And here I understood, put in our excursion to combine. Stay among the collapsing sheds obviously worked on companions painfully and distracted them from feeling of environment. If so, then any drastic remedy is required to restore tranquility in their perception.

At this time we approached

the place of flood of a stream at two pines and stopped to take rest. While my satellites stood nearby, dejectedly looking down, I tensely reflected on means.

- And let`s keep silent in general, - Dmitry suddenly offered.

The fact that it is necessary! Dmitry pushed good idea. It is not obligatory to strain constantly at all, all the time to do something, to think of something. Rather just to be, and just to perceive. Because the silence and silence are self-sufficient. And from them all thoughts and affairs are born. Combining action and inaction, it is possible to come to vital harmony. Sometimes just it is better to stay in silence, without doing anything and without thinking of anything. From time to time it is even necessary, a signal to what fatigue and decrease a self-gametroll. A condition of complete intellectual silence and rest - the best rest. And it is a creativity source - in this state to people and the original ideas sometimes changing all history of mankind come to mind.

I we silently stood several minutes.

- Watch

, a nest! - unexpectedly Dmitry told.
- Let`s climb! - immediately Vladislav responded.

Here and original idea. Though not such fatal for a civilization, but, certainly, original. When subsequently I told about it to various people, unanimously asked: “Well and that, climbed?“ It was necessary to explain that it was the joke.

Still some time we stood in silence. On the sky white clouds floated, tops of pines smoothly rocked, - all this caused feeling of tranquility and thought of greatness of the Universe. And suddenly from a forest thicket the crash of branches was heard, and we saw...

Be it the book in a fantasy genre, in this place to us something unusual would meet. For example, the knight astride a fighting unicorn suddenly would come out of the wood.

- Oh, sirs! - he would tell, shivering from cold. - Where I am?

Though is not present

, knights are too unusual to local fauna. We could see the bearded gnome in a blue turban. We with Vladislav would give up him a friendly chat, and Dmitry at first would not notice him, and, having noticed, would be horrified as he did not read science fiction.

But - alas. Before the reader the ordinary story about events in the usual three-dimensional world where gnomes are not. At least, it is so considered to be. Therefore we saw an ordinary black bird under the name of a raven who soared up up and departed on the West. This event reminded us of time.

- Well, we will go further? - Dmitry said.

I we started at way again. Again passed a hill, an edge of the wood and drove on snow-covered open spaces over which the immense blue sky was stretched...

Ya thought that at the end of our travel the mood of my satellites obviously changed. Here, for example, Vladislav. It went silently. It seems that delights of the Siberian nature nevertheless influenced him and dissolved aggressive rushes of his soul. Eventually, he noticed a nest.

- Well, Vlad? - I told. - Well went?
- Yes. I already on an automatic pilot go, - the answer followed. - Even to speak is not present forces.
- Yes - and, not bad, not bad. - It was Dmitry who at this moment caught up with us.

its emotional state was strikingly changed by

. Being gloomy at the beginning of our campaign, now it considerably became cheerful, quickened and all strove to shoot ahead.

- Yes - and, not bad, not bad, - still long time he repeated this phrase.

So, our travel came to an end. We came back again to plunge into the habitual world of corridors and rooms in which snow and skis do not have the place. It seemed, with our leaving in the wood everything became still, - the silence was broken by one birds yes wind, and on a snow crust only squirrels and boars ran.

I only from - for pines the gnome in a blue turban on the fringe of the forest looked out.