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Street fitness. If your stadium - the street of

strongly proved Street fitness in Russia where not everyone has an opportunity to visit fitness - clubs. In comparison with jogging street fitness has many advantages.

to begin

C of what (if you did not begin yet and did not begin to enjoy)? From overalls. It has to be something old (what it is not a pity), it is obligatory from natural fabrics, free and not constraining movements. Footwear: not necessarily sports, and that in which it is convenient to a leg in which you are not tired and who does not feel sorry for you. It is possible even on a small heel. In hands nothing has to be! Therefore do not try to combine street fitness with a campaign behind bread or walk with a dog (still you will lose a dog!) .

the Place for street fitness - the park, a public garden, the waste ground, some space between houses where children do not play, does not hang out youth and skameechny grandmothers do not sit.

Preferable time for street fitness - evening when you were quit with household chores and you can devote

hour to yourself and only yourself, and you should not hurry anywhere.

to use

As this hour:

1. A foot walk with speed acceleration - minutes 15 - 20.

2. Warm-up - moves hands up - down and inclinations to the right - to the left - 5 minutes.

3. Exercises on “a stomach and legs“: squats, moves legs, inclinations to a floor, rotations by the case - 10 minutes.

4. Exercises with loading: the stone or a brick is lifted and we lower (only not on a leg!) - 5 minutes.

5. If you find a pure bench, free from grandmothers and the kissing youth, then do exercises, sitting on a bench: we lift - we lower legs, holding hands a bench - 5 minutes.

6. Excellent exercises in a pose: sitting on the earth (if it is dry) and having leaned against a tree or a wall - scissors and moves legs with the maximum amplitude - 5 minutes.

7. Do not forget exercise for a peredykh: a free sigh, bent, waved a hand as lashes, exhaled.

8. Back home - at normal speed with feeling of moral satisfaction and in the calmed state. Street fitness is also psychotherapy.

9. Additions: then it will be possible to complicate street fitness - to do it in baud - a belta, Slim - shorts and cuffs with loading. But then right after return - in a shower.

If someone meets from acquaintances - well and what? You do not steal and do not indulge in public debauchery. Shyness can be rejected: follow an example of relaxed Americans. In New - York they run on the Central park, facing visitors of Metropolitan Museum of Art and forcing down the kissing couples, and in Washington I with amazement observed runners around the Arlingtonsky cemetery (in my opinion, this blasphemy - to jog around a cemetery where presidents are buried).

Good help to street fitness - evening twilight. In twilight you will feel more freely.

the Only obstacle to street fitness - a pouring rain. If such trouble happened - replace this day street fitness house and circulation on a ladder up - down, accelerating.