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Pilates:“ the body is created by reason“

of Nearly all 80 years of the existence Pilates was only the privilege little devoted. But eternally it could not remain in a secret. The technique of Pilates, one their most available and effective programs, returns to a body grace, force, endurance and flexibility.

of Nearly all 80 years of the existence Pilates was only the privilege little devoted. Long time it was an ancestral lands of ballet dancers and film actresses, gymnasts and athletes. But eternally it could not remain in a secret. By the most nature Pilates probably the most suitable and effective program for most of people. Experts of both traditional, and alternative medicine found favorable influence of this gymnastics in disposal of pains in a back, treatment of spine injuries, fight against osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, consequences of injuries of knee and shoulder joints, and also displays of a stress and headache. The list can be continued infinitely.

Josef Gubert Pilates, was born in 1880 near Dusseldorf. It was the weak, frail boy who had rickets, asthma and rheumatism. Having decided to strengthen the health, he instead of blindly following the standard programs of physical culture, constantly experimented, using various approaches. In its heritage we can observe elements of yoga, gymnastics, skiing, circus and fighting arts, dances and weightlifting. Choosing the most effective of them, Pilates managed to develop system which provided an ideal combination of force and flexibility of a body.

before World War I Pilates trained detectives Skotland - Yard, but right after the beginning of war was interned. The conclusion served for it as the catalyst, and during this period of time he developed the technology of gymnastic exercises to help companions in misfortune, many of which were old men and disabled people, to keep health and physical shape in the conditions of the conclusion.

After war he returned to Germany where trained in rules of self-defense of the Hamburg police officers and soldiers of the German army, and then moved to New - York where in 1923 he together with the wife Klara opened the first studio. Thanks to appeal of the fact that began to call “Pilates`s method“ or just “Pilates“ later, multiplied by the width of character of Josef his studio soon found extreme popularity among dancers and other actors where everyone trained in the own mode which is equitable to its specific problems and interests. All these years used the benefits of Pilates very many legendary persons from a film world and the ballet, including Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Gregory Peck, Catharina Hepburn, Terence Stemp, Joan Collins, Kristen Scott - Thomas and others.

“The body is created by reason“ - the favourite quote of Josef Pilates from Schiller.

Present to

for a minute that you cost and you look at the playing children, ordinary healthy children. How they move? Easily, freely, nothing constrains them, nothing disturbs them, their movements are free by nature. Their bodies have all necessary qualities: grace, force, endurance, flexibility, speed.

What happens to natural freedom of their movements on a growing measure? To 5 - summer age this freedom of movements still is, and then we send them to school where they for hours sit at inconvenient school desks; we load them with homeworks and examinations, increasing stress level; they carry heavy backpacks and bags, bending a backbone and breaking harmonious development of muscles. When they reach puberty, often hesitate of the body - round-shouldered and inconsistent.

Then these former school students go to work with

, and it is necessary to work with much of them sitting at a table or driving. And at the end of the day they come back home and all evening sit on a sofa in front of the TV. Where movements, where incentives, where input of information? There is only very narrow set of constantly repeating movements. And muscles react to it as appropriate. Non-use and/or misuse of muscles is reflected in capacity of all muscles. Incorrectly using muscles, we make especially negative impact on muscles which, working against gravitation force, are responsible for a bearing (stabilize a backbone) and settle down in the depth of a body. If they are weakened, their function is undertaken by other muscles, causing thereby a muscular imbalance.

Pilates starts

from scratch, gradually retraining a body that it moved correctly again. The nervous system is incredibly flexible and very well is able to adapt to the changing conditions, being reconstructed in the course of trainings. This process consists of three consecutive stages:

In this sense Pilates - ideal system of exercises.

of 8 principles of a method of Pilates

Josef Pilates constantly improved the method, adapting exercises for individual needs of clients. Uniqueness of its approach also consisted in it. After Pilates`s death (at the age of 87 years!) its method continued to develop, absorbing the innovations entered by talented teachers, including the latest opening in the field of medicine and the recommendation of doctors.

Many years Pilates was destiny of professionals - dancers, actors, gymnasts and other athletes for whom a body - life. Pilates bases are nowadays studied by representatives of all segments of the population, step by step moving ahead to classical exercises.

If Pilates also lost the exclusivity, then it did not lose the qualities. Also the spirit of a method remained. The essence of approach of Pilates expressed in his eight principles continues to remain a basis of each exercise. These 8 principles:

the Relaxation

is a reference point of each beginner. That. who got used to start exercises from active warm-up like running on the spot or an extension, such beginning of a complex can seem strange, however it is very important for us that before occupations you got rid of tension which collected in a day. To learn to reveal zones of undesirable tension and to get rid of it - absolutely necessary condition, otherwise muscles again and will go about not the own business again, and you will not manage to escape from this vicious circle.


Pilates is the system of exercises for a body and reason training both components of yours “I“. Pilates demands continuous understanding of the events in your body, continuous concentration on each movement. It develops in you kinestetichesky feeling, feeling of a body, understanding of what place in space is taken by each part of your body and that it does. Though some movements become automatic over time, all of you equally have to concentrate on them because there is always higher level of consciousness to which it is necessary to aspire.


So, you relaxed and concentrated. The following step - to develop a correct posture. Constantly reminding the body as it has to stand, sit or lie, and correctly moving, you can gradually level it. It is very important if you want to restore muscular balance. If you are engaged, without paying due attention to the correct arrangement of joints, then risk to injure a joint and to strengthen an imbalance in surrounding muscles. Programs of exercises at various violations of a bearing will help you to return a correct posture gradually.

the Correct mutual position and forming of various parts of a body during exercises is a crucial factor of safety and it is absolutely necessary for restoration of muscular balance. Bones have to take the places allocated to them by the nature, muscles have to carry out strictly the functions and support a joint, but not press on it.


As all - to breathe? Filling and expanding a back and sides. It really makes sense - lungs settle down in a thorax therefore expansion of its lower department allows to increase the volume of internal space for the arriving air. Besides so you as much as possible use the lower part of lungs. This type of breath helps to develop the muscles located between edges that promotes bigger mobility of the top part of a trunk. We call such breath chest or lateral. Your lungs assimilate to forge bellows - at a breath the lower part of a thorax extends, and at an exhalation contracts. Not only the type of breath, but also its speed is important for Pilates. Inhaling and exhaling in due time, you can accelerate or, on the contrary, slow down the movement when it is necessary. All exercises of Pilates are calculated that the correct breath stimulates mobilization of the necessary muscles.


is difficult to believe

that Josef Pilates found out already more than 80 years ago that at pulling up of a navel to a backbone the lower back becomes more protected. At that time he could not know about the stabilizing properties of a cross muscle of a stomach, but had magnificent feeling of a body and “the navel to a backbone“ entered the instruction into all the exercises. Since then we considerably moved ahead. The last medical researches demonstrate that the best stabilization of the case can be reached if to mobilize muscles of a pelvic bottom, and then muscles of the lower part of a stomach. That is why we nowadays use a formula “be clasped and tightened“: exhaling, you tighten muscles of a pelvic bottom up, and then tighten a stomach bottom to a back as if you clasp a certain internal lightning.


Now when you learned to breathe, build correctly parts of a body, to create the powerful center and to allocate the stabilizing muscles, it is necessary to learn to coordinate all these skills with performance of movements. First it will be hard test, but your actions imprinted in muscle memory will become automatic soon - it is like to learn to drive the car. For now you master this coordination, process of study will become excellent training for reason and a body as it stimulates bilateral “communication“ between a brain and muscles. It is comprehended and precisely repeating the correct movements, we can gradually make them absolutely natural to the body.

Smoothness of movements

the Essence of Pilates consists in the correct, graceful and operated performance of absolutely natural movements. From you will not demand to adopt inconceivable provisions or to strain excessively. The movements are, as a rule, carried out slowly, in the direction from the strong center. It gives you the chance to check correctness of forming of parts of a body and to concentrate on that. that necessary work was performed by due muscles. If you feel any discomfort, then at any time can stop - it does Pilates of one of the safest systems of exercises. However, slowly does not mean easily at all. Moreover, it is slowly usually much more difficult to carry out exercise, than quickly, and less chances to deceive themselves!


At last, we want to increase endurance of your main muscles. It is reached by gradual increase in intensity of trainings. When you accumulate some experience and your muscles will begin to work as it it is appointed the nature, you will find out that your endurance sharply increased. You will cease to spend energy for the unnecessary tension and the useless movements. Many people complain of fatigue which is tested, having walked the whole day. It is connected with the fact that they are not able to stand correctly. They squeeze a thorax, so, and lungs. When you learn “to open“ and straighten the body, breath will become more effective. All exercises of Pilates are aimed at increase of overall performance respiratory, lymphatic and is warm - vascular systems. The car with the good engine and the balanced wheels goes much better. The same treats also your body.

Pilates helps you to take excellent physical shape for occupations by the chosen sport or other activity and ensures functioning of necessary muscles during run, swimmings or games in tennis. Pilates helps to prepare your body for these occupations and to restore balance after them.

That gives Pilates`s method

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