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Istrian Peninsula: children`s territory. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.

Routes istriysky...

the Peninsula in the form of heart is not big

at all, on Russian - that to measures. Therefore on the car it is possible to get far and... for a long time. To travel over all region for a two-three of days, to drop in in next Kvarner, and even to reach Central Dalmatia.

Selecting routes, we proceeded from reasons of endurance of kids. That stages were small, it is more than sights in the fresh air. The route Porec - Lim - Rovin was interesting as to sea, and automobile excursion. So, Porec , strongly affected by bombardments at the time of World War II, is proclaimed UNESCO a monument of world cultural heritage for Evfraziya`s basilica.

Porec - nearly the most visited city Istriyska Rivyery. To us with the kid it was remembered by natural pools on the embankment and a huge crab whom we caught. In church the poster claiming that “rest - gift of god“ caught sight to me. What it is difficult not to agree with, having a rest in Croatia.

of Rovin is called by small Croatian Venice. Of course, scales not those, but the town is very lovely. Surely get on a belltower of a basilica which was built by 26 years (there is an entertainment - rise on shaky wooden steps - 10 kuna), vicinities are worth it. In Rovin there is a small aquarium where with children it is possible to turn safely.

By the way, near Rovinya the so-called paleontologic park Porto Colone Bay is. If your child is fond of dinosaurs, then it is possible to go and show it this place. Here found traces of stay of dinosaurs, more precisely, prints of their huge paws.

One more beautiful town nearby which cannot simply be passed is a Lima fiord. It is possible to drive up to the coast, to sit down on a katerok and to give a ride deep into the channel. We, despite a ban, managed here to bathe. Water ice at the expense of thousands of springs beating from - under lands. Water on taste amusing - it is fresh - salty.

the First on the way from Istria on the island of Krk which we elected the destination it was p of Buye`s .“ Krasnokryshechny“ the cozy town among green hills. From height of 222 meters to us the view of fields - terraces and fields, vineyards and maslinovy groves opened. As practice, a typical istriysky sketch showed: green hills, gray loop of the road, chapel of a certain form and red roofs of tiny lodges. Such towns and small towns subsequently we happened to see not less than two tens...

before a trip the Khoum where there live several tens inhabitants was necessary to read

about the smallest city on the earth. And so, in Istria it is such not one. We got into Grozhnyan where lives neither more nor less - 193 persons. Stone small streets, music from open windows, galereyka and showrooms, silence, the sleeping cats and a rumble of your steps. Exactly here it is worth tasting malmsey, wine from local vineyards.

In the valley of the river Mirna located the wood of Motovun - 280 hectares of “the pure wood“, it is the unique territory where rare plants, the English brown oak grow. This wood is specially irrigated because truffles of a look tuber magnatun exactly here grow. As mushrooms grow underground, collect them by means of the trained dogs. In absolutely charming fortified city of Motovuna there live 590 people, it is already more, than in Grozhnyan. 3 parts of this town are connected by fortification system, quite curious city gate and, of course, a belltower on which there is a wish to climb. For 10 kuna we carried out the desirable, having on the way met a couple of the cooing pigeons. There is no observation deck per se here, it is necessary to bend down under a bell and to look in a window, inconveniently bending. But look beautiful.

of Opatiya - the place to which we turned incidentally, on the way to Rijeka, but this accident brought us into absolutely wonderful city which was once the residence Austrian Gabsburgov. Some mad Mediterranean vegetation, 12 km the embankment - a lyungomara along the clean sea with pass - bays, along pines, reed thickets. Generally, do not pass.

If the desire to wander on the mountains is, stop slightly to the north of Rijeka, on the way from Umaga to Rijeka in national park Rysnyak . It is between the Alps and mountain Dinara, there is a special pedestrian footpath. 4 hours should be spent for rise, length of a track of 9 km. One more noticeable mountain on the way - Uchka, in the east of the Istrian Peninsula, near Kvarnerska rivyeroy. To the tunnel of Uchk you will admire majestic mountain landscapes. And the tunnel will deliver to children the mass of pleasure.

Rijeka - huge, in comparison with Umag, Porec, Rovinem, the noisy city. After five prepare for traffic jams, the pipe of industrial production very much spoils the most beautiful vicinities the oppressive smoke. Besides, leaving Rijeka, be attentive, verify indexes with the card not to get lost. However, all this trifles: it is worth getting on the bridge connecting the continent and the largest island of Croatia Krk, - you forget all unpleasant moments.

the island of Krk , by the way, enough kamenist is also uninteresting

, in his middle part. And once you reach the town Krk, and further to the Head - kamenno - the sandy beach of Kvarner - that will understand the largest that you overcame distance not for nothing. So landscapes lunar, and gold dust. In the Head it is absolutely necessary to get on the mountain to look at all this disgrace from above. We with children, however, remained at the first stage of ascension. Not to torment them arrived.

of the Pool - “capital“ of Istria, from Umaga - an hour and a half driving the car. The city is beautiful, positive. But the port, and as the child was expressed, water loves dirt here... It is better to walk on the Bullet one, “under the own steam“, having reached here on a rolling car, but not to run for the guide with the put-out language. Leave the car in the port at the bottom of the Roman amphitheater, and further on foot according to indexes - sights are allocated with bright plates.

the Little son was absolutely struck by the historical museum, surely glance there if you have boys. The ships, guns, voyenno - sea attributes. I did not see such delight on a face of the kid long ago. He literally tirelessly ran two hours in a row from one hall in another, becoming for a steering wheel, pulling a bell-tongue, being active a gun. Tickets cost about 10 kuna - quite budgetary.

In some ten km from Pools Medulin - a coastal zone from 2 km of sand is. Heap of campings, hotels, but the beach all the same pure and if at you in hotel the platform or stones, is an excellent occasion to buy children in the “Bulgarian“ conditions. Nearby there is an airfield for extralight planes. 15 - minute pokatushka cost 200 kuna from the person.

the Mosaic of useful supervision

Fruit and other products

Fruit, as usual, are on sale in the city markets and in special tents. The prices in places are higher than capital. Strawberry costs 25 kuna, sweet cherry - too. But in June it is far more pleasant to gather wild sweet cherry independently, directly from trees. And in the fall nuts and a fig will keep up.

In Istria the Italian influence (all signs bilingual) very strongly affects therefore do not forget to regale on the Italian ice cream - gelato. Gelaterii here at every turn. By the way, the kitchen of our hotel really struck with the delicacy. Mussels in garlick sauce, spinach pie, ham prnut. Paste and excellent pizza (a separate corner for its preparation), fruit are a lot of and juice - carrot, beet. A dietary corner with tasty honey. Bread - just objedeny.

Drinking water

Water from - under the crane can be drunk. At the limited budget it is quite option, “floated - we know“. Water tasty. But is more perspective, of course, to buy several liter bottles in the next supermarket.

the Internet

In hotels the Internet, as a rule, costs much. There are alternatives: to look for the Internet cafe or to ask in libraries. For example, the Internet in library of Umaga stands up 10 kuna for half an hour. It is possible to use USB - port, that is to download photos, to send documents from a flash card, generally, it is possible to work at long holiday quite. The subscription in library costs 20 kuna for a month, it is enough to bring documents, the international passport, for example. Grants, guides, phrasebooks in Italian, English and other languages, bright children`s books, however, on Croatian and Italian. With the subscription you will significantly save on the Internet: it will cost already 5 kuna.

On wheels

In Istria in a coastal zone excellent bicycle tracks. It is asphalt of high quality along the sea, in a shadow of the Mediterranean pines. It is necessary to use this opportunity to arrange “pokatushka“ simply... Therefore rollers, bicycles, scooters, both family bicycles for three and four are necessary. In some hotels it is possible to take rollers free of charge. Surely ask about it in the sports or animation center. But it is better if you go a family, and your child already costs on rollers, to take a set with itself: you never know. will not carry with a size.

can ride bicycles both on the next beaches, and on vicinities in search of adventures. The bicycle rental costs from 80 to 100 kuna in a day. For an hour it is unprofitable to take - 20 kuna, one half a day better. - it is simple to ride the bicycle, paths excellent, asphalt or out of roads - to look after apartments, to go to the neighboring towns if to start with morning.


In information center of any resort (it is noted by the letter “i“), take the map of cycle roads, and then it is quite possible to make a day trip. However, considering the hilly district, it is good to have experience of long cycle stages or to be prepared for loadings.

In Porec two well-planned paths of 90 km, in Rovin it is possible to sweep from the protected Austrian wood of the Gold cape to the ornithological reserve Palud.




It is clear that having seen the jumping age-mates, the child will request shows. The trampoline costs about 2. 5 euros in 10 minutes, a roundabout, the autodrome - 1 euro in 5 minutes, 20 minutes of machine pokatushka - about 3 dollars.

Water hire

the Motor boat for rent costs to

100 kuna an hour, a catamaran on four persons - 50 kuna, 10 minutes of a paraseyling - 180 kuna, a kayak - 30 kuna an hour, driving on banana - 50 kuna in 10 minutes, hour of surfing - 70 kuna. It is possible to hire even the yacht, the prices begin from 200 dollars a day.