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Golden rules for the pregnant autolady of

In our century of progress the woman driving any more surprises nobody though the relation to this phenomenon, especially from a strong half of mankind, still ambiguously, and is even more ambiguous the attitude towards the pregnant woman driving. Let`s try to understand what reasons are to refuse or, on the contrary, to begin to drive the car during incubation of the kid and if you decided to drive, it is necessary to take katky measures for your safety and for safety of yet not born child.

Besides that it is necessary to follow traffic regulations that will secure also you, and your kid, during pregnancy it is necessary to follow the following rules.

Rule 1. You should not begin to learn to drive or to go actively to pregnancy time if before the practician of driving was small . Pregnancy changes work not only genitals of the woman which directly participate in incubation of a fruit, - it is reflected in work of one and all bodies and systems of an organism including nervous system. During incubation of the kid the placenta and ovaries produce biologically active agents thanks to which work of a cerebral cortex is a little slowed down while the structures of a brain located under bark, on the contrary, become more excitable. All this provides safe incubation of pregnancy, and here in a critical situation on the road can play a dirty trick - especially with the beginner. To be fair It should be noted that the skilled driver does the vast majority of manipulations unconsciously, at the level of reflexes, that is to him well to feel driving and to provide the same good health to surrounding drivers, this most thinking bark not especially and is necessary. While the beginning driver very needs that “thinking“ part of a brain which at the pregnant woman is slowed down.

Rule 2. The car has to be absolutely serviceable . For this purpose in due time you pass checkup, address in service at the slightest doubts in work of the car. Even if you before pregnancy had experience of independent replacement of wheels, got used to wash the car and to perform other works demanding physical expenses during incubation of the kid it is necessary to refuse these entertainments and to shift them to shoulders of the husband or, better, - car service. Considering all this, perhaps, it is necessary to correct the budget planned for the maintenance of the car towards increase.

Keep in mind

that during pregnancy you several times should change the provision of a seat, a wheel, so, and mirrors of a distant look - it is connected with the increasing stomach sizes. Every time, taking the wheel, estimate comfort, a look in mirrors.

For convenience remove a driver`s seat back so that between your stomach and a wheel there was a free space not less than 10 cm, and slightly reject a back. But you remember that it should not worsen visibility. Massage capes on seats, wattled of wooden balls, or tarpaulin with an air layer, can serve good service; it is also possible to enclose under a back a usual pillow. At desire it is possible to establish also an armrest.

Documents have to be in a full order. At a meeting with representatives of GAI you should not hope for condescension even if the increasing stomach is already obvious and the more so - if at first sight pregnancy is imperceptible. And excess “dismantling“ with representatives of the law can bring you unnecessary negative emotions which can complicate the course of pregnancy.

Along with usual driver`s documents. It is the passport, the prenatal record, the medical policy of obligatory insurance and voluntary (if that is available).

Rule 3. Categorically it is impossible to take the wheel if you badly feel . It must be kept in mind also that at the complicated course of pregnancy the feeling sick is not always observed: states at which future mother feels well are possible, but at the same time the probability of sudden approach of heavy complications is high.

treat contraindications:

Should be

careful in the following cases:

Anyway at deterioration in health stop, without looking for a parking lot, but, trying not to create hindrances to the movement, include a signal of an emergency stop, take measures for correction of a state if it is possible, or ask about the help.

Rule 4. Fasten belts.

us in the country very many neglect

U this elementary rule, and meanwhile the belt is that elementary trifle which can save during road incident life not only to you, but also the kid. Some claim: the belt presses on a stomach, can do harm to a fruit. It is possible to object to it the following: in - the first, the kid is reliably protected by amniotic waters, a fetal bubble, uterus walls, muscles of a forward belly wall, and it is impossible to reduce the space intended for it by means of an automobile belt. Agree that a stomach sdavleniye a wheel at road accident, really dangerously, unlike a harmless belt. In - the second, having correctly fastened a belt, future mother herself also will not feel any discomfort: the top part of a belt has to settle down under a breast, lower - under a stomach.

Can get special seat belts for future mothers and fastening to them. However, on their searches it is necessary to spend a lot of time. The belt for pregnant women differs from usual in the fact that it has not three, but four points of fastening and much more elastic. Thanks to it the woman practically does not feel discomfort from pressure upon a stomach and is protected from possible blows.

Rule 5. The first-aid kit has to be completed with standard means, which needs to be had according to appendices No. 1, 2 to the Order of Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Russia from 20. 08. 1996 No. 325 and taking into account the changes made on April 17, 2002.

Besides the first-aid kit of the established sample to future mother needs to have with themselves other preparations which can be useful in emergency situation:

Especially wants to note that after emergence of any indisposition even if you took a pill, it is necessary to stop the movement, to ask the help.

the water Bottle though it also does not treat medicines, is a necessary subject including for first aid.

we Will hope that you do not need any means from the listed list.

Rule 6. Use the warning signs which can be attached on the car . Traffic regulations provided only a letter “U“ in a red triangle. But we already said that by car in which the pregnant woman drives by definition there should not be a letter “U“ because to learn to drive the car - not the best occupation for the pregnant woman. However it is possible to designate the state, having pasted an exclamation mark to back glass or to download the sign “pregnant driver“ from the Internet. Even if you consider that you drive as the real expert, such precautionary measures will not be superfluous.

Rule 7. Whenever possible ensure mobile communication that it was at any time possible to call relatives, to ask about the help . In due time pay use of telephone services if your tariff provides an advance payment. Not to appear in such situation when everything, it seems, is, but the accumulator was discharged, get a car charger which is connected to the lighter. However you should not use the mobile phone during the movement, especially if it is not equipped with the “free hands“ device, in this case one hand is occupied with phone that complicates driving and the obtained information distracts attention.

stock up with

In advance with several phones of friends which always “on wheels“, have autotow truck phone: you will be able to resort to their help in case of need.

Rule 8. Think over departure time to the city and to the country, a movement route, try not to go to rush hour, to avoid traffic jams . Try not to spend driving more than 1 hour; even if the long way is necessary, try to do stops each hour. During a stop it is necessary to go out of the car, to do breathing exercises. It is better if there is a fellow traveler who will be able to replace you.

So, estimate a possibility of implementation of all these rules during pregnancy and if you manage to observe them, then - happy journey!