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And now we together

the Story about my pregnancy is here.

the 39th week Went, and I was simply obsessed with idea to begin to give birth somewhat quicker. I was not afraid at all (as read pieces of 500 stories on the Internet about different childbirth), but I was held apart by curiosity. Also it seemed that everything will be easy and it is not sick at all. Fights - harbingers tormented me for a long time. Sometimes could not even fall asleep at the nights because there were they regularly and quite painfully, in 3 - 4 minutes. However, it was worth getting into a bathtub, right there everything passed. Well, again not that...

On Monday the doctor who did me KTG, told: “Today, probably, will look at you on a chair... can, will even put“. What is? It turned out that KTG shows regular skhvatochka in 3 minutes. Hurrah, perhaps?! I hurry to the doctor and I speak: “Watch that to me drew here!“ .


But survey on a chair that the neck is not ready at all and I do not give birth yet. Generally, the mood deteriorated. On what the doctor speaks: “The following appearance to you for July 4, but you all the same do not reach it...“ .

Next day after survey the stopper departed, but more nothing occurred. So on July 4 I sadly and sadly trudged on the next appearance. The doctor told that a week more I can pass... There now! Just prophesied fast childbirth, and now... I trudge back home even more sadly and sadly.

in the Evening, as always, I am online

when again skhvatochka begin. But I am already so exhausted with expectation that I try not to pay attention. And just in case:-) I go to walk - if it IT, then can, process will go? Fights amplify, go with the same intervals.

we go to bed in the first hour, but I understand that it is impossible to sleep somehow... However, so already was, it does not speak about anything too! To get into a bathtub there is no opportunity - in all area disconnected cold water. So this way of check does not work. Lay down to four o`clock in the morning and decided that it would be necessary - to go all to maternity hospital. And all was afraid that there I will be cursed and will send home if I all - do not give birth.

Called a taxi, went. On the street there was a rain, a thunder-storm, a temnotishcha such (lamps, perhaps, forgot to include?), generally - beauty!

In maternity hospital me was accepted, did not even abuse:-). Took blood, sent to delivery room. There the sleepy doctor on duty pomotret me (and fights somehow at this moment became very rare) and told that disclosures any to give birth early. Also I went to sleep in separate rodzat (did not understand for what to me such luxury because all this rodilka was contract, but all other women of fight waited in usual prenatal chambers on 4 persons) with a smart bed - a transformer (it was supposed that on it I also will give rise, but then doctors changed the mind, and I gave birth on a standard chair).

to me even managed to fall asleep hours in 7, and in 9 my doctor came and drove me on a chair.“ There now, disclosure is centimeter 2, we will open a bubble “.“ Right now?! And it is possible to descend at least in a toilet? And that everything is so unexpected...“ . But nobody to me allowed to descend anywhere - the doctor took some tool with a hook on the end and punctured a bubble. Whether it is sick - I do not remember. And no water from me poured down, the doctor told that I have a flat bubble and before a head very few waters (it complicates childbirth therefore in that case the bubble is punctured, without waiting for bigger disclosure).

were Given the curtailed sheet instead of laying (then I replaced it with the rags, more convenient and not torachashchy from two parties, taken from the house - on them then there was a pink slime, and water was still not), and I went back in rodzat where to me connected the device KTG. Apparently, the kid felt not bad, even popinat device “plateaus“ finally...

of Any enema to me was not done (interestingly what THERE was at the time of delivery? and I felt nothing that...) things left everything, even hours I did not remove. And it became more painful to me though so far and tolerantly.

That it is not strong to p to think of pain, I went for a walk on delivery room. And it seemed to me that this rather cheerful place - at doctors music plays, they joke, talk. Even in spite of the fact that from the next chambers terrible groans rushed at times, I was quiet and thought that process is started, there is no road back, and my little son will come to this world soon. Somewhat quicker!

my circulations, however, to doctors bothered

soon, and me asked to sit in the chamber.

I here enjoin to give birth to some girl, and rodzat - through a wall, doors are not closed. I carefully looked out - wanted to look on the baby as he looks. At first this girl strongly shouted, and also her child cried then! I stood at a jamb, nearly crying, all in white envy to these two happy people, but the doctor called me on a chair again and nothing was succeeded to see to me.

After survey I still long enough in “the“ rodzal was one and tried to make though something that it was not so sick: sat on a ball (helped not for long, then it was necessary not to sit any more, and to crawl on it), stood in different poses on a special rug, breathed “doggie“ (helped only as the distracting factor). Then the doctor, probably, considered that process is dragged out, and can just not be enough for attempts of my forces - and disposed to stick to me promedol with but - shpy. And better they would not do it because... but we will be one after another!

After a promedol I fell asleep. Woke up, only when the husband arrived (already closer to one o`clock in the afternoon). And, “woke up“ - it is loudly told! Eyes it was simple to open extremely laziness! So we also communicated with the husband - blindly.

Soon promedol came to an end in

, and it became sick! At first back potiraniye helped, helped just wonderfully. But pain all accrued... The highest high was - to hang fight on the husband. Or to die! I waited for each fight with horror, and during it gradually began to howl from pain and horror that it will be even more sick further...

Here then - that was also influenced by insidiousness of a promedol!:-) Began to ask anesthesia. To me dragged the device with nitrous oxide (“the amusing gas“). But it did not help me, to see, rather late was for such easy anesthesia. I lay on a bed and on each fight rushed to a mask with gas, took several almost convulsive breaths (from what the head - at me always so when I breathe deeply was turned, it seems it is called hyperventilation), then threw a mask, howled and rushed about on this bed. It is no wonder that animals try where - nibud to hide at the time of delivery! I wanted to hide too - from pain. And at this time I with crying... made a declaration of love to the husband, said that only now realized as I love him.

generally, I used foul language on fights soon and begged to make to me the second promedol. And itself still under the first - as in fog there is my doctor, says that it is impossible, the child will be born in a narcotic coma... I convince her that all this is too sick that I will just die now. Of course, she not for the first time heard it, but for some reason I took an injection (together with condemnation of the husband continuous now for the impatience and unwillingness to think of the child. and I just believed that the child has my health that he will not even pay attention to this prick). This time pain did not leave, but became more deafly, I even dozed. And disclosure before a prick was 7 cm

through some time began to podtuzhivat. But me, in - the first to sleep hunting, and in - the second, I know that at first will not allow to make an effort all the same. And I peacefully sleep. Passes still time, and I cannot sleep - hunting to make an effort! I send the husband to look for the doctor, she comes, sees that to rise for me - a problem, and about a chair... Generally, I take off shorts, and I am watched directly there (the husband temporarily sent for a door) - disclosure full, went to give birth.

Aha, is “sent“! Hardly I slip from a bed and, being unsteady as deryabnuvshy superfluous the drunk, I go to that next door. On a wall. It is remembered, I was conducted in general... but it is remembered badly:-). As climbed on a chair - I do not know. Settled there, however, it terribly inconvenient - legs slide, to rest them there is nothing. Around me stood the person 4 since nobody plainly believed that I with my parameters (the 42nd clothing size, 43 kg of weight) will give rise itself, without Caesarian. Prepared including for the worst.

A of attempts at me more was also not! Fights, thank God, still remained, here from the beginning of fight I strain, make an effort... I exhale... I strain, make an effort... I exhale - and so 3 times as everywhere write. And, last “attempt“ turns out out of fight, just like that. “I incorrectly make an effort? I do everything not - a pra - vil - but.“ But nobody says to me what is wrong, ask to make an effort “on pain“. And not to exhale too early (and there is not enough air - that! I try to exhale not “breakthrough“ that the head did not leave). After each series of attempts the doctor listens to the child`s heart... And here to me suggest to touch Golovinka. It very soft (why?) and volosatenky.

I do not remember

of Inflow of forces. But further proceeded not for long. I make an effort - I make an effort, and here to me shout: “Not tuzhsya!“. Bzzzz, backing... Feeling of the log which is slowly creeping out of me. And then - creeping out quickly... and falls of warm water (back waters)! And on the right the midwife carries away is white - yellow “samoletik“ (so it hung at her on hands). He looks in a floor and shouts-! at once! did not beat a bottom!:-) It is carried away, and I comment:“ What klassnenkiya (time 3 repeated)! And it is the boy, huh?“ . Boy, really boy!

A I, appear, tore - no wonder, here Caesarian waited for all:-). The boy was born on nearly a half a kilogram more, than promised - 2930 (growth 49). I beg me not to sew up because in all stories it is described as the most dreadful pain. Anything similar!

That pricked - I do not know, but I felt only the last 2 seams (and was not less than 5), external. Thrust a dropper in a hand and brought the kid - to get acquainted. As far as I remember, there is it did not become. So, lay down nearby:-). It was carried away. I provalyalas the put 2 hours with ice on a paunch, and on a wheelchair brought me to chamber.

I Slept after all this 5 hours. Then brought the kid (him still did not call in any way). All first night I was afraid that his life will break, having hardly begun - jumped, looked whether breathes? Then put with herself and with pleasure fell asleep...

Here so we were also born