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Rest on the Sea of Azov, on the Fedotovy braid of

(Recreation facility “Breeze“, July, 2005)
the Story about our rest we will begin

with the fact that the Sea of Azov very well is suitable for rest with little children. Lodges are on the seashore. The sea is warm, small and not really solyonoyo.

the Recreation facility “Breeze“ is one of the coziest places on the Fedotovy spit. The territory of base well-planned, with the paved paths, a big playground, the beach, a dance floor and many other. Capacity - about 600 people. During our stay the camp site was filled practically for 100%.

we heard

About this camp site from acquaintances who had a rest on it last year and were very satisfied. There are several types of placement:

Irrespective of the fact which you will choose accommodation option, food is identical to all in the dining room (except for inhabitants of lodges luxury - they ate in cafe, but the menu was practically analogous). Feed quite not bad, variously, but all the same there were claims on food. Food 3 - x single which is included in permit cost.

We lived in the case, in advance thought of lodging on the first floor. The room is small, but everything that is necessary, there were in the room, plus all conveniences. Cleaned and changed bed time in 5 days that was obvious a shortcoming. As it was necessary to wash out floors on 3 times a day (a lot of sand). An exit from the room was on a small verandah, and nearby the excellent platform and a tree. On the platform I put a paddling pool and poured out all toys. All this economy staid on the place of all 14 days of our rest and was not brought to the room even for the night. The kid was played in a sandbox, swam in the pool, and I at an open door could observe quietly it from the room. Thereby managed to make everything that I needed (to wash, be tidied up).

I By the way, went to have a rest with two children - Vika 6,7 years and Nikitushkoy to whom year was quite recently executed. And the father came to us for the weekend. Very much the scooter, rollers, a ball, badminton for senior and the inflatable pool, a set were useful for a sandbox and a carriage for the kid.

to Vick it should is almost visible to

, it is not heard, she rode, ran on a playground, then got acquainted with children, and they thought out weight for themselves occupations.

the Territory of base is enclosed with a huge fence and is constantly protected therefore I was not afraid of it to release one.

Besides, in the territory of base the cafe with two billiard tables, the disco platform where we also spent evenings is. At first arranged a karaoke for children from about 4 to 15 years, and the least children could be taken for a drive at this time on machines, bicycles which were given for rent. Then various competitions for children were held, and the disco began later.

in the territory of base could hire the paddling big pool, it is necessary to drive on what only to soul. There was both an inflatable banana, and the water bike.

Also in the territory of base constantly the doctor is and the massage office works. The doctor was very opportunely as Vikina the torn-off knees and grazes on hands just did not manage to heal. There are a drugstore and a cinema hall. Cinemas showed three times a day and every time something new.

That very much was pleasant, so is the territory of a camp site. Everywhere beds with florets, the small pool with small fishes, a water-mill, a well with a stork, fountainlets. Everything is thought very over and made in good style, very beautifully and purely! Also at every turn a children`s swing - both on the beach, and near the dining room, and near a disco.

On the beach could hire both a chaise lounge and a plank bed. Too you will not remain hungry on the beach as just every minute carried both fish, and corn, and shrimps, and ice cream, etc. The beach was too quite pure as cleaned it every morning, as well as all territory of base.

generally, for the Sea of Azov rest very worthy, but also should pay for this rest respectively. It is the best of all to reserve permits in February and March, then it will be cheaper and it is possible to choose everything that it is necessary for soul.

In 15 minutes from a camp site the market, little shops is, it is a lot of various nurseries and adult attractions, etc.

Rest we were very satisfied. Vika all way back asked us to remain at least on couple of days. Agreed that we will arrive next year... She very much became friends with children and we got acquainted with an excellent family (Alla, Dima, Kolya and Tisseyushka, big to them hi and thanks for cool rest!!!) therefore rest really was successful wonderfully well. It was not lucky with weather a little, from 14 days about 7 days at the sea there were waves, and our kid swam only in the “local“ pool. But for children is more senior and adults was in a high to jump on huge waves which just forced down you from legs...

generally if you choose comfortable rest on the Sea of Azov, then I think, “Breeze“ is that it is necessary for you!:-) Successful to you rest!

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