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Istrian Peninsula: children`s territory. Part I

Among the Russian tourists for some reason there was an opinion that the Istrian Peninsula with its cut-up rocky coast and the sea, is colder, than in Central and the Southern Dalmatia (and what it two degrees of a difference for the northern person if water temperature higher than 25?) is suitable for rest with children a little. However we risked and went exactly there. Also were not mistaken: because North - the western part of Croatia - for “semyan“ the fact that it is necessary.

in favor of Croatia is told by a lot of things: the simplicity of entry into this country, lack of the visa connected with it an opportunity to travel independently (“to itself the operator“), the sea, good ecology, most beautiful, purest in the world. So, on number of the blue flags proving a perfect condition of water and a coastal covering, Croatia is comparable with Greece. Only at us the hotel beach was solemnly given this symbol.

As for talk on undeveloped infrastructure: yes, such variety and a full board as in Turkey, you will not find. However hotels on a formula all inclusive appeared and here, neighbors - Italians seriously attended to development of business in this country and invested the serious capitals so at desire of hotel of worthy level it is possible to find in several local hotels. Besides you should not forget about campings, apartments, private lodges and rooms - there is a lot of all this, and nothing prevents to live in Croatia month, and even all summer...

of Options of placement weight: from rooms - 18 - 30 euros for the room for two, and 39 for four (and such offers came across) to... you understand, there is no limit to perfection. Everything is given - country houses, hotels, apartments, rooms in accurate lodges, hotels of the Spanish and Italian chains, beacons, spaces for tents and even yachts.“ Counter“ in what to rent the room in Croatia it is not difficult, difficult to buy the cheap charter ticket without permit. You understand that it is not favorable to tour operators. However, I repeat, it is possible.

One more cunning way to get to this wonderful country - to make the Hungarian visa, to visit Budapest, Balaton, and then already by train or the bus to move to Rijeka - Kvarner`s center. And then from there - and to the next Istria.

it is the best of all for p to go to Croatia in June, in July, in August and September. But if it is serious, then June - the beginning of a season - an excellent opportunity to save on family permits. The price of percent is thirty less, than in July. To us two-week stay in Sol Umag with a half board came out for three in 1400 euros. However, choosing June or September, it is necessary to prepare itself for vagaries of the weather. During our stay unexpectedly there was “the Arctic air conditioning“, and the air temperature of days five did not rise higher than 15 - 16 degrees. But water both was pair milk, and remained. As Istria everything is the North of Croatia, such surprises are possible: the geographical position obliges.

Today the green hilly peninsula - the “untwisted“ resort. 100 thousand foreign tourists are the share of 15 thousand locals in Porec. At the same time Istria did not lose the seclusion, in the afternoon you do not leave feeling that you are abandoned in the Italian and French province: landscapes are so similar and there is a hot silence. Especially, when in the middle of the empty field - a sweet cherry tree. In a grass chirrs, and you with children jump up to get the most tasty berry.

the Coastline is so broken by

that literally on each family can be found on the beach.

Infrastructure of the majority of resort towns and hotel territories of Istria - very friendly to kids. Bright and ergonomic playgrounds at every turn, huge cones of the Mediterranean needles, lawns, pine avenues in which it is possible to hide from the sun, far without departing from warm “Yadransky“, or that is more habitual for our hearing, the Adriatic Sea. “But“ - an entrance, convenient for kids, it is necessary to look for the clean, transparent sea, the only thing. Usually we hired bicycles, and reached the attracted beach with convenient “calling“ in ten minutes.

of the Island and a grass

For the little son the fact of travel somewhere moreover and all family, became a reason for pleasure. The whole month of expectation, and here we, at last, in the sky. “Wow, as the earth under us it is high“ - he cheerfully cried, once we rose over the capital. And the outlines of the Hungarian Lake Balaton (clearly) and then which flashed before landing of the island of the archipelago of Brioni (“beauty!“ - the son cried out) left, though for a while, a bright trace in his memory. Eventually, the main thing is emotions.

Istria from air me just struck

... Thumbing through magazines, I often was surprised what beautiful can be the earth, islands, the sea. But one business - to look at pictures, another matter - to see all this the goggle glazishcha.

Often had to be heard concerning friendliness of Croats. In waiting list for passing of passport control, really, we were pleased by the relation of employees of the airport to families with small children. We and other parents were passed with children out of turn.

Istria - the small peninsula, therefore the road from the airport of. Pools to one of places of Riviera - Porec, Rovinya, Umaga, Novigrada - will hardly take more one or one and a half hours of hours. Little children during this time manage to doze.

Croatia accurate. To the core. Even skyscrapers Pools are roofed by a red tile or under a tile. After eclectic Moscow the ukhozhennost of the istriysky province is evident: at each house a garden, carefully processed red earth. The country created for holiday! Present: you rush on the car, suddenly there was a wish to have a bite. Right there the small river, we leave, and we gasp. I had to see roadsides of such purity only in the tundra of the Kola Peninsula, near the settlement of Prirechny. There it is pure because there are no people, here - because do not litter. A sin not to arrange here picnic.

In Istria several “Rivyer“ - coastal resort areas. Are most known Umazhskaya with the center in Umag, Porechskaya in vicinities of Porec, Medulinskaya with the center of the same name and novigradsky - with the towns of Dayla, Mareda and Novigrad, Rovinskaya, Vrsarskaya Riviera, famous for a pleasant microclimate, resort town of Funtana and a pebble bay Rabats. The main public in Istria - the Germans and Italians diluted with Poles, Russians and British. The Croatian speech is a little similar to the Russian, but you quickly learn the words “Kind Is Given“ and “To Vidzhennya“.

For restless

Despite the fine nature, ecology, the warm sea and good infrastructure to stay in hotel two weeks in a row - serious test. Therefore if pulls legs in a dance, it is time to examine vicinities, and those who are not frightened by distances, - in a pursuit of impressions in the national parks and the cities remote from the place of the main dislocation.

Here, at least, two options: to organize trips independently, that is to hire the car, or to trust in travel agencies and, having left a certain sum of money, to join a close formation of excursion groups. We tried both, and came to a conclusion that for family rest unambiguously better to take the car and to study Istria at speed, convenient for us.

For a start we will deal with excursions. The prices can differ a little, depending on the resort and the operator. The main thing what it is worth thinking of: whether children will sustain six-hour moving by bus moreover and on the serpentine if you buy tour to Plitvice Lakes. Park, of course, tremendous, but it is painfully far. There it is necessary to drive the car, starting, at least, at 7 in the morning, and it is two days better to wander both on top, and on the lower lakes.

In Istria are offered by all range of excursions - from bus and sea, to combined. To children till two years of excursion, matter of course, free of charge, after two - a discount to 12 - 50%. But experience shows that it is possible to agree with the guide also about three - a chetyrekhletok.

the Combined round - Porec - Lim - Rovin with Phish - picnic in the Lima fiord, tremendous beauty the channel, - costs about 320 kuna from the person. However purely sea excursion - from Umaga and everywhere on the boat - by experience is quite tiresome further, even for adults. Excursion to Zagreb costs 400 kuna, in the Pool by bus - 315 kuna.

Krom of a sightseeing, the mass of thematic actions - for example, evening in the Croatian village is, solemn eating up it was overgrown:. It is possible to participate in vintage in the fall and to look how tell wine. And also to posobirat mushrooms truffles - the known delicacy which “is found“ in vicinities of Mr. Buzet, in the wood Motovun.

Kids for certain will estimate walk on a catamaran with a glass bottom (glassboat), such katerka ply on the next sea vicinities every day. Excursion lasts two hours that, you see, for the child not absolutely tiresomely. However, a lot of things depend on temperament and endurance of your kid. Mine quietly endured a day marathon of Umag - Porec - the Lima fjord - Rovin and back in the same way. - the kid - and all road they played fast acquaintance to the age-mate with machines, in the middle of a trip they got a little “fan“ - on the Lima fiord fed the seagulls pursuing our small boat within long twenty minutes while we tried to finish Phish - the picnic included in excursion cost.

Excursion to Briuna`s archipelago, national park which is near the town Pheasants costs to

300 - 315 kuna. For three, considering a discount to the kid, it turns out in the sum of 750 kuna (6 kuna are a dollar, 7 kuna are euro). It is simpler to rent a car - 390 kuna a day plus gasoline plus 370 for an entrance, but on the way to visit the mass of interesting towns.

What to hide: the majority of organized excursions for a malyshna are tiresome. In the car to them somehow more habitual, however, you look on circumstances. To hire the car in Croatia as easy as shelling pears. You have to be 21 years old, 2 - 3 years of a driver`s experience, matter of course, of the right of the international sample. If you have a credit card, then pledge will not be taken, most likely.

Procedure of registration is extremely simple

: the representative of the company comes since morning to hotel after your call, you read the contract, signs documents, keys at you in hands, and the machine with a full tank at an entrance. Both local rolling offices, and the international operators, the type Hertz, Avis, Interauto, Sixt are presented. We took the car from two last, and were satisfied both with car, and service.

How many there are these pleasure and a freedom of movement? Daewoo Matiz of 350 kuna a day plus gasoline, how many to a nayezdita. It is necessary to hand over that car - with a full tank, “as was“. Renault Twingo 1. 2 370 kuna a day, Opel Corsa 1. 2 and Renault Clio 1. 2 390 kuna. Opel Astra 1. 4 already 600 kuna, and Renault Megan all 700.

As a rule, the increased demand because of profitability and narrow Croatian roads minicars use

. Here and we chose for ours march - throws of Opel Corsa and Volkswagen Polo. Consider that some roads, bridges and tunnels in Croatia paid. Fare makes 10 - 20 kuna for the car. Gasoline or the diesel from 70 cents to 1. 5 euros. We bought liter for eureka.

Should get used to hilly small streets and the serpentine, movement speed in settlements - is no more than 50 km/h, out of them - 90 km/h, on highways - 130 km/h. Yes, also do not forget to include headlights: you in Europe after all.