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My favourite stair-steppers Darya I gave rise to

on the twenty-fifth anniversary, in September. She was a desired child. Firstborn.

When I learned that I am pregnant again, Dashunke was 5 months old, I was on the second month of pregnancy. Feelings were different, but the unpleasant deposit remained in soul after a question of the doctor: “When we will do abortion?“. I was not going to do abortion, though planned the second child only in four years. At once words of the doctor delivering Dasha were remembered: “Well, we wait for you in a year!“ .

Even before ultrasonography neither I, nor the husband doubted that there will be a boy. Ultrasonography confirmed it, and date of birth was defined for September. We still joked, here it would be healthy that the child was born in Dashkin birthday. So it also left. Acquaintances and relatives celebrated birthday of my baby, and I at the same time was not present. This day my son - Danil was born. The age difference of my children makes exactly a year and 45 minutes.

of the Weather - it is simply remarkable, I thought. Children together grow, play, it is not boring for them, they have common age interests. Besides the first two years I did not expect to buy for younger clothes - will wear. Months to four Danil really wore Dashina baby`s undershirts, but some to him since the birth were small. So further it was necessary to buy clothes already for two at once.

Shopping began

always and everywhere is identical. As soon as I began to consider children`s things, the seller was interested at once: “For the boy or for the girl?“. “We need style a unisex!“ - I answered and saw round eyes of the seller. It was necessary to explain that we both the boy and the girl, and have no basic importance that the boy has to carry blue, and the girl - pink. I gave preference to things which really well would look both on the boy, and on the girl. It became in order that I as required could combine clothes of children among themselves. I acted this way until senior executed three years, to the son, respectively, two. By this time they were made even - were equally weight, and nearly one growth. On the street all took them for twins.

Now when I look at them, I regret only for one: as time quickly flies! I already practically do not remember how they looked at the birth. There were only feelings of deep, languid happiness.

Many are surprised to

how I decided for two children. With participation ask: “Probably, it was heavy?“. “Is not present!“ - always I answer. For me for these years everything occurred quicker, perhaps... I always count only on myself, we had neither a help from grandmothers, nor the nurse.

it was most difficult than

the first half a year. We passed all way with jealousy before fights. The first two days Dasha terribly was jealous me to Danila. I had to feed the son, holding on hands and the daughter. But, having seen that the love of mother did not weaken, and the attention is still given it much, Darya ceased to be jealous.

the Following stage - a vykalyvaniye a peephole to the brother. It not for rage and jealousy, just Darya very naturally showed where the brother has eyes. Serious test of steel for me day dream and walks. It is difficult to explain to the small child why it is not necessary to rustle when he plays. Periodically, at first, children awoke each other. But later got used, and the dream at us more - was less adjusted.

About walks can be talked endlessly. Problems arose to an exit to the street. Try to dress at the same time two small children and yourself. All this should be made in record-breaking short time that children did not manage to sweat. Further it is necessary to take out a carriage for the son. There is no elevator. I lowered in turn a carriage and children. So far the younger child does not go yet, walks rather quiet. But as soon as both of your children surely stand on the feet, besides and run quickly, the saying approaches here: all covet, all lose. The most important rule on walk - never relax and do not distract!

you get used To everything... When near you two most favourite beings on the earth run, the sea seems knee-deep. Now I represent how they will go together to one kindergarten, in one school, and there can be also a class. I teach them to love and to protect each other. Never it will be boring for them, the reliable and loyal friend understanding you will always be near. And it does not matter that now they often fight from - for toys and embraces of mother. All of us very much love each other!