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Russia. Golubitsky

Azov. June. It is not sat to me in one place, therefore holidays are decided to be spent not in habitual Dzhemeta (besides risen in price recently that for lonely mummy with two children very essential argument), and in the village Golubitsky (Russia), on the bank of the Sea of Azov.

on the Internet was a few

of Responses and that inconsistent, but nevertheless went, and not for nothing. Having written off with the owner, picked up the room (requirements: ń / at in number + the conditioner + the TV + the refrigerator). Having agreed on date and time of arrival (since I went with two children, and surprises were not necessary), left St. Petersburg and were met precisely according to the schedule at car doors. Us took out from the car and carefully transferred to the car.

Having reached

to Golubitskaya and having sorted bags, jerked at the sea and right there bathed (cool, water already was warm). The beach still thin (the beginning of June everything is), the sea is dark - green with blue impurity. After St. Petersburg which got wet through it was a miracle.

of Nakupavshis, descended on investigation on the beach and Sovetskaya St. where found the local market and several cafe and shops. Found a stop of the bus 105 and the minibus of the same name which bring everyone to the well-known city of Temryuk (there we went together with owners behind meat and fish). And the river Kuban still there flows, and in July on it conduct tours on a teplokhodika to the valley of lotuses (they begin to blossom by this time).

was Prepared, but at desire it is possible to eat in cafe. June - month of mothers and grandmothers, is not present the exhausting heat yet, and the sea warm therefore on the beach all range of children`s age from one-year-old wheelchair invalids further, on increasing. And at senior (12 years) and at younger there were friends on the beach. From fruit we got on strawberry, red currant, sweet cherry, to departure also apricots went. Well, naturally cucumbers, tomatoes, new potato, green peas - all local. Eggs for a table bought from neighbors through two houses (for fans it is possible to buy also nearby goat milk).

had not to Miss. Enjoyed very much visit of an aquapark, and also a trip to the neighborhood of the city of Abinsk. At first there was a horse walk, and then we visited an ostrich farm and a terrarium. Everything is pure and aimed at the client. The younger daughter was in a saddle with me, we had a big white horse by nickname the Baby (the sea of positive emotions). The guide, he is an inspector of a terrarium, just the fan of the business - tells and is informative, and with humour, and shows the wards not only from - for glasses, but also literally carries on hands (python). And about purity and an ukhozhennost of reptiles and it is not necessary to speak. Both children and adults are happy. For fans of exotic offer a strausburger and an omelet from ostrich egg.

Even without leaving the village, it is possible to find entertainments. On the beach it is traditional “banana“, a parachute, the water bike. In the evening just once descended on the Lada base - there old “Soviet“ attractions. At the end of June the local aquapark has to open, it was just completed. Judging from the fact that we saw, it has to be “cool“ - more Novorossiysk, or perhaps and Anapa. Generally, were bought, received a charge of positive emotions and vitamin D. Acquaintance to local fauna was very interesting to city children: little young frogs were nightly caught for research (then were released), we. Such big dragonflies saw anywhere yet younger got acquainted with a local bull-calf and a nanny-goat, on the way to the beach met a hedgehog, a small lizard and even an overland turtle (boys are more senior than them caught). Owners got very lovely and sincere persons, and to children treated as the grandsons. Finally it was good, but it is not enough.