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Far from noise city. Part 2

Part 1 can be considered it here.

Earlier when parents came to the dacha only on Saturdays - Sundays by electric trains when existence on giving phone was considered as the privilege of inhabitants of heaven, and to the nearest shop five and a half kilometers were div>

to All... Generally, products it was necessary to leave so much that was enough to next weekends. Parents always brought bread three times more, than it was required, and at some moment it began to grow mouldy. Then from it urgently shaved off a mold - and the grenochny period began. I know 1163 ways of preparation of toasts. There is no such product on light with which toasts would not be combined. Even if you have no products including eggs at all, - it does not matter. Dip white loaf into sweet tea, wring out and fry - it will turn out is not worse at all than if you potomit it in yaichno - creamy mix, and then fried, having put from above a piece of Camembert and a spoon of cowberry jam.

the Law, pies and mushrooms

Giving - the certain world with the laws which need to submit strictly. Evaded - and it was right there punished. Mosquitoes, in especially large sizes, or acute neighbors. The general list of country laws will make bible volume volume - so we will be limited main kukhonno - table postulates. For example, at the dacha it is accepted to treat from a kitchen garden and newly-baked. “And here try, sosedushko what cucumbers at me arose!“ is sacred even if actually you want to offer the neighbor of potassium cyanide. (If you have in a kitchen garden never before nothing, except the scarecrow which remained from last owners was - it is necessary to pour.) Preparing something for lunch, exhaling a smell, be always ready to what to you will be glanced by group passing by veterans - timurites. Will seat, will begin to remember how you together in the childhood hijacked the bicycle. And to absorb pies which you bake at this time. So, making dough, put twice.

Pies at the dacha (so-called rural, with a stuffing from what grows on neighboring kolkhoz fields) for many males - the only incentive to visit the fazenda. My father, having arrived to the dacha, dug up usually unearthly beauty a bed. Further, full of feelings of lawful pride, ate cabbage pie or mushrooms, laid down to take a nap and in the next days woke up only to drink to tea with its remains.

Pie is and there is a lunch, either a dinner, or a breakfast. Pie is self-sufficient - it demands to itself(himself) unless a samovar on cones. Here, for example, pie with white milk mushrooms. Life is devoted to it whole (though short, of day). It is necessary to get up early - early, to take a knife and a basket, to go to morning forest dampness and fog. To go there, looking narrowly and listening to mushroom talk, to search for the firm, tightened by needles and the earth gruzdevy hats on the road, to select untouched rivals - worms and with a basketful to come back. Then to wash them lovingly, to rub a brush, to presoak in salty water - that the hidden worms and the first bitterness left. Then to cook milk mushrooms - not really long, but many times changing water, to fry slightly and to put in pie. It is possible to add, of course, some onions fried if there is not enough volume, - but it is milk mushrooms simplifies, and we unless strive for simplicity? Pie will be ready in half an hour, but is its hot it is not necessary - will not sort taste. And with it, of course, it is necessary to drink not tea, and vodka - cold, it is better for a hrenovukh.

If to you and the ryzhikovy glade will get - collect everything, even with a centimetric hat. These for pie it is not necessary to cook and to presoak too - it is simple to cut large pieces and to roast. And from large fleshy saffron milk caps “shish kebab“ which is turns out a mad tastiness it is necessary directly in the wood, very hot, with coarse salt...

the Berry again

Still pies happen sweet, to various berries. By the way, in supermarkets now as much as necessary ready test. Buy, defreeze, stretch - roll, spread on the oiled baking sheet with a high side and pour berries. Berries are good any, and about a side I speak to you not without reason. Than the high probability is better than some berry, subjects that they will decide to evaporate - in a literal sense. It is unlikely there is something more tasty than fresh-gathered forest raspberry or bilberry pie. But, if you do not powder it with starch while you mix with sugar, berries izoynut juice, it will flow out and everything together will burn so that only your dog will be able to enjoy pie wholly.

can be told

About vareniki approximately the same. More tasty them on light there is nothing, and juice from them any minute will flow out, and dough can be bought in shop (though, perhaps, it is not necessary). And it is better to do them not with potato or cottage cheese (this typical “not that“ for summer giving), and with cherries, bilberry, blueberry - and even with strawberry and wild strawberry. But here other cunning. Berries cannot be mixed with sugar in advance - powder them directly there, in a gaping mouth still of a crude varenik. Then, when you will water them with hot oil that did not stick together, will add sugar. And, above all - mold, Shura, mold! It to you not pelmeni: two prishchep - are also ready. The edge has to be wrapped by a braid that for certain. To twirl a braid - talent from God. I fifteen years for three months in a year of a spit - and all the same am impossible. But I do not worry about it. Just I eat the flowed-out vareniki together with violet water - and to me gets more.

At the dacha wants to do nothing. About beds I speak “no“ at once. And about to cut a lawn I speak “no“. Only about a lunch I speak: “Well, I can prepare!“ Because if here not to overcome itself, it is necessary to eat obviously tasteless things. Because all people around - same as I, weakened, but also also do not know how to cook. Or are able to prepare, but are weakened even more, than I.

the Lunch for summer residents, I consider, it is necessary to prepare easy. For example, they will never refuse cold okroshka. And here what I spotted at Mugarits restaurant, in the Basque Country. You do not think, there is no okroshka there. But soups give very intricately. At first bring a plate with such tiny bed of greens, flowers and vegetables, and on a table pour in it actually soup. Having a little bit thought in this direction, it is possible to invent one thousand options of okroshka. For example to make a bed of juicy scapes of a beet tops of vegetable, the boiled young potato cut by thin segments and several leaves of an estragon. And kvass to take beet. Or on the contrary, to take several thin segments of a pear, it is slightly more than young zucchini, to steam of leaves of any salad, for flavoring contrast to cut couple redisok, and from above to place several berries of blackcurrant. And to fill in with mint kvass. The main thing that kvass was unsweetened. About flowers I do not know what can be eaten what are not present - from growing in a midland. If you personally know, can add several lepestochok.

Other my favourite country product - couscous. It is even simpler to prepare it, than responsible okroshka. To fill in with boiled water, to allow to become impregnated - five minutes, then to add a grated lemon dried peel and to allow to cool down - too minutes five. Then to take a mint greens handful, as much a basilica, more - to cut, add to couscous less, to water with olive oil and lemon juice to taste. To mix. Well I do not know what else. It is possible to salt. Also is.

meat I prefer not to cook

A at the dacha at all. Laziness.