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Rest of one day: from Moscow on falls!

This summer we decided to wait a little with distant trips. Of course, to go from Timoshkaya (2 g 3 months) somewhere - lovely business, but seven-months Ilyush does not want to leave for a long time.

Recently we three together quite often ride bicycles in park near the house: we watch how ride horses, Timoshka rushes on avenues, and the father bathes in a pond. Ponds here two: they are located the cascade; water in them flowing at the expense of the falling springs.

Recently the father showed to Timosha the place where water, strongly murmuring, falls from a small stone ledge.
- Is pleasant to you such falls, Timosh?
- Is pleasant! - shines Tim.
- What is falls? - I grumble to the father on an ear. - Why you mislead the child?
- Everything is correct! - the father objects. - Water falls? The falls mean!

Timosha enthusiastically watches meanwhile

at the gurgling stream, splashes and dips a stick in water. It is impossible to take away it and when we finish patience - the father hardly puts the kicking child in a cycle saddle.

the father who came from work are met Next evening Timina by cries:
“On a vodop - and - hell!“ .
- And that, - the father reflected. - Let`s show it the real falls!

So we conceived to go on the Gremyachy Key.

Falls the Gremyachy Key is near Sergiyev Posad. According to the legend, fertile sources hammered from the earth on Sergey of Radonezh`s prayer more than 600 years ago. Their strong streams merge together and fall from ten-meter height down.

it was decided to go on the next Saturday.

B 7:30 our friends, Volodya with Ania come for us by car, and we go to a way, having charged to Ilyush the grandmother.

by Timoshk`s

it is seldom taken for a ride in a car therefore all road stares in a window, and only in the end begins to ache a little. But we already arrived: the road borrowed only an hour and a half.

What beauty: on a green meadow there is a wooden church, the wood is nearby visible. The water rumble is already heard. We go down the road; a planked footway begins: wide, accurate - it is visible that are made recently. Under us the stream rages. Some girl laps, sitting on a stone in the middle of water - I notice this place for Timoshki.

Here sources: strong streams of water fall from a high slope down. Interesting designs from wooden trenches are brought to them: so each stream flows in the necessary direction and to everyone the application is found. One of them is directed in a small wooden swimming bath. People in turn come under an ice stream and that is surprising: no squeals are heard - undoubtedly, at all, arrived here, a special spiritual spirit.

Upward, by the beginning of sources, is conducted by a wide ladder. It is constructed of thick boards and huge logs, and very much it is pleasant to me. For some reason at once I represent what huge was a tower in the fairy tale at seven athletes. Timoshka, holding us by hands, with ease runs on steps and squeals for pleasure: two strong water flows follow their wooden trenches and, foaming, break against stones. Here come for water with large bottles and canisters. Thanks to the attached wooden platform, Timokhe is where to run about. He wets hands, splashes, rushes circles, touches wet stones and just looks at water. Does not want to leave categorically.

- Timosh, today we surely here will return!

Timofey quite originally Goes down: it strong holds us with the father by hands, and just draws in legs.

The fact that I from far away took for a chapel appears the real pool!

It is put by

from massive logs too, and carved columns hold a roof with a dome and a cross.

Some bearded man, having crossed, dives into water with the head. Happy gets out. Our father and Volodya with Ania bathe too, and long enough. But at Volodya it turns out especially beautifully: it fades in transparent blue water and as though soars in zero gravity. Still: morzhovsky training!

Along the pool are cost by people, but it is somehow strange as though in turn. It becomes clear that one more pool, but closed - for those, who have with themselves no bathing suit is near.

In general, on an astonishment the people have not enough. Probably, still early.

On the way back I show to Timosha the stone surrounded with water: “You want there?“ It was possible and not to ask. The following half an hour undressed Timokh sits on a stone and plays with water and pebbles. We take away it hardly.

wants to have a rest a little Now. We go to the next wood: we pull an awning from the sun, we spread a cover, we get different delicacies.

Near us the company was located too: the loud fat man in an environment of several aunts. They arrived for the whole day: it is visible by quantity of things.

we do not manage to eat

properly as Timokh begins to pull us by hands: “On a pebble to play!“ . Well, Ania and Volodya remain with things, and we go the habitual road again. Without having reached a planked footway yet, we understand that to the people it is a lot of: along the road it is full of cars. On sources - a chaos. In a swimming bath there is a long turn; on the top platform - there are a lot of persons interested to gather waters so I hold Timoshka by a hand all the time.

Once again we go to the pool. Our father bathes again - happy gets out.

Nearby the woman dips

into water of the son of years of six: it it is noisy exhales air, but smiles. Right there some mummy in turn dips the children: the boy and the girl of years of three - four, and it does obviously for show. It is visible that children are not prepared for ice water. The boy, hardly he is dipped, begins to whine as a puppy, and with eyes, round for horror, tries to get out, but mother does not give.“ Having bathed“ the son, mummy is accepted to the daughter: takes it on hands and … we fast leave - at me do not maintain nerves. It is interesting whether she will bathe?

runs to play Timoshk`s

on the stone. We gather to it small pebbles - with pleasure throws them into water. The sun already decently burns. I wet Timokhe of a leg - it is pleasant to him. Quickly I dip it in a stream up to a neck - joyfully squeals. Again plays and dries on a stone. We pull out Timoshka hardly - of course, he does not want to leave. While I dress it, some boy goes down to a stone, but he is called by mother: “The Seryozha, do not go there!“.


breathes sigh of relief that his stone was not occupied, and mutters: “The Seryozha, Seryozha, do not go there - there the vicious dog will bite!“ . See you are what!

we Come back to the wood. Now Ania with Volodya go to bathe, and we remain with things. We feed Timofey: he quickly gorges on and now demands entertainments (for some reason we forgot to take with ourselves toys). At first we gather florets, and even we find surprising chyorno - a yellow caterpillar, but Timoshke all this quickly bothers: he runs up to an awning and begins to pull without restraint ropes - he obviously wants destructions. My look falls on Volodina flat-nose pliers: it seems, I have an idea … I hand them to Timofey together with foam plateaus from cheese cutting. There now, now it is possible and to lie down: we with the father have a rest, and between us Timoshka who is hazardously breaking polyfoam flat-nose pliers sits.

Ania with Volodya Come back. Perhaps, it is time to gather especially as the next company already reached standard - their shouts and loud music reach us. The wood is approached by the minibus, and becomes right there too crowded. We fast pack things; Timoshka helps to clean garbage. Well, it seems all. Thanks to this wonderful place.

Already half of the third. Timoshka was tired. We do not manage to drive off far as he falls asleep at us on hands and sleeps to most at home.

Eh, kid! Tomorrow you will ask on falls again. And on light still there are so much beautiful places - and we will surely show them to you!

How to reach sources. From the Yaroslavl station an electric train to Sergiyev Posad or bus from the station square. From Sergiyev Posad (from city bus station) the bus to a stop Raspberry brakes goes. Further on foot on a country road about 5 km.

By car: from Moscow on Yaroslavskoye Highway to Sergiyev Posad then to come out to Nizhegorodskoye Highway and on it about 10 km to the index “Gremyachy Key“.