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Everything that speak about London, - the truth. Foggy, rainy, a little prudish in the commitment to traditions, with it is gray - yellow buildings, with red two-storeyed buses, red phone booths and red mailboxes. And also multi-colored, many-sided, ill-matched, with a different section of eyes, a hair color and skin.

In London it was restless at the end of July, the subway worked with interruptions, “Bobbie“ in their typical police helmets and kettles met anywhere and everywhere, but their presence inspired confidence. Probably, it was big risk - to go to London in July, after everything that there happened, but this smack of risk created feeling of participation. We were not idly detached tourists, we divided a grief and fears of Londoners and monitored search and capture of terrorists - the report on it was published every day in newspapers. In the morning subway of the newspaper at all were open on the first pages, going out of the car transferred the newspaper going further.

London met all our expectations and even surpassed them. And here that surprisingly - the British “island mentality“ something is very close to the Russian mentality, probably, the not similarity to others.

And now about things of ordinarier.

to Move in London very conveniently public transport. We liked to go by doubledecker`ax - red two-storeyed buses. We were in London week and bought a week travel card on the subway and the bus therefore we rode across London how many we wanted, and surveyed the city from height of the second floor of the bus.

As for food then not everything is so simple. English cuisine per se does not exist, in difference, say, from kitchen Italian or French. Probably, therefore Londoners willingly eat at various small restaurants and cafe with ethnic food: Indian, Turkish, Greek... Besides, such various culinary addictions are explained by the fact that London - the city very cosmopolitan multinational, diverse. The traditional English dish did not make special impression on us - it is ``fish and chips“, the fried breaded piece of a cod with French fries. In our guide it was told that, without having tried this dish, together with a glass of beer in a pub, it is impossible to make impressions about Britain. About beer I will agree...

A here that really cannot be passed in any way, being in England (it already in our opinion), - so it is traditional “5 o`clock tea“. Traditional English tea drinking is the real tea ceremony, beautifully arranged ritual, not cheap and a little prudish, but all “truly English“. Give 5 - tichasovy tea not at any restaurant, as a rule, is restaurants of large hotels, for example, “Ritz“.

We enjoyed

the tea ceremony developed before our eyes and for us in “Fortnum and Mason“ on Pikkadilli Street. We were led to the hall with the crystal chandeliers, antiquarian pictures and sofas upholstered with green plush. Quietly, but the grand piano distinctly sounded, water in the fountain streamed, and we chose from 12 offered tea grades.

to us brought to

a “three-storyed“ dish with snack which traditionally move to 5 - ti to hour tea. On each “floor“ certain snack settle down, and it is necessary to absorb them, beginning from below up: below - sandwich with a piece of a delightful salmon and tiny buterbrodik - a canape of triangular shape. On average “floor“ - small round rolls, oil and strawberry jam. On most at the top of us waited for cakes - very tasty, but, unfortunately, very tiny. To tea also give sugar and cream - British prefer so-called “cream tea“, not without reason it is called still by “English tea“. Whether it is necessary to say that after such “tea“, slow and nourishing, we felt as after a good lunch, it is a pity only what we were able to afford to taste traditional “5 o`clock tea“ only once - its cost equaled to four lunches in cafe! But it was worth it.

In general, food in Great Britain, as well as in Western Europe, quite expensive if to try to convert it into rubles. But it is better not to do it as these recalculations will not reduce appetite, and the mood can seriously be spoiled. Especially as costs for food with interest become covered by free entrance to all state museums. Among them there is a National gallery, gallery Tate, Victoria and Albert`s Museum, the Museum of science, the Museum of natural history.

the First two museums are art galleries, in Albert and Victoria`s Museum generally applied art from Japan to America, and also objects of fashion, design, an interior is collected.

the Museum of science and the Museum of natural history are especially interesting to

To a campaign with children.

In the museum of natural history are struck by effigies of animals full-scale - from a mouse to a blue whale, there is a department of dinosaurs where enormous reptiles are recreated in a natural size, and some even move. It is a lot of informative material. On the second floor of the museum - geological department where it is possible to learn about an earth structure, and also about comets and meteorites.

the Museum of science closely adjoins the Museum of natural history. It was pleasant to me much more as in it there is a lot of not only models and explanations, but also interactive models, games. For example, it is possible to see model of the spaceship and even to get into it, and there are models - simulators in which you feel as the astronaut during flight. Each hall is devoted to a certain subject and at the exit is equipped with computers at which it is possible to check whether well you studied this subject. We spent almost all day in this museum, and adults were impressed not less children (and too a lot of things was learned).

the London zoo deserves attention too - animals live without cages, almost like under natural conditions there, is told in our guide. We did not manage to be convinced of it is alas, we lacked time. But we managed to feed squirrels from a hand in Kensingtonsky gardens, to admire pelicans in Sant - James park, to be photographed near huge crows in a gloomy Tower...

We surely will arrive still!