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Put on very clean!

Each woman seek to be one and only. For a long time nobody wants to put on “as all“, in fashion - identity. But to find a suitable dress - both beautiful, and qualitative, and it is desirable in the single copy and that on a figure “sat“ ideally - it is almost impossible. But an exit all the same is: it is possible to sew clothes most!

It is possible, in you with a school bench there lives the reverential horror in front of the sewing machine inspired in you at manual training. However not everything is so terrible, and any woman can master sewing process. If in you there is a commercial vein, you can go further away. Many women, having ended courses of cutting, sewing and modeling, open the author`s studio and workshops. This kind of business gains steam more and more in recent years. Tailoring in such workshop costs cheaper, than in fashion house of the famous fashion designer, at rather high quality as such private studio values the reputation and fights for each client.

Besides studio can open also own courses and to train all in eager art of modeling and tailoring. It is bread too, and considering the fact that recently more and more women wish to seize sewing skill, demand for similar educational institutions will only grow. Many graduates of educational combines get a job in prestigious salons of fashions, studio, theatrical workshops subsequently if there is no desire to open the business. Even abroad the gained knowledge will serve good service, there too there live women who want beautifully to put on or be able to sew.

to Study

never late, and study prolongs youth, do not forget about it! The more you will master new in the life, the will longer keep a spark in eyes and a lucidity of mind. Now you sit with the kid, every day it is not necessary to go to work so “quiet time“ can quite be devoted interesting and the main thing - to useful business.

With what to begin


you remember

what object was set for themselves? To learn to sew! And it means that you are ready to treat business seriously and to study diligently. Therefore forget about short-term courses on which promise to train you in this art for few months. During this time you a little what will be able to learn if you only do not devote to sewing 24 hours a day. In our situation it is impossible, we devote the main part of days to cares of the kid. Therefore be guided by courses where training lasts of a year and longer.

of the Organization, training to sewing art, can be called differently: workshop, combine, training center, school. Essence one: there learn to sew also the general word for all - “courses“ which can be both at studio, and at fashion houses, institutes, creative workshops.

Be defined by

what you want to learn: to sew easy women`s clothing (skirts, blouses, dresses) or top (a coat, raincoats, jackets), or the nursery (dresses, jackets, shirts), or man`s (trousers, shirts) as usually it is different courses, to everything at once you will not be taught. The course of outerwear is especially difficult therefore on it accept only already skilled dressmakers.

Classes on courses are usually given by

in two changes: on weekdays work as morning groups which begin to be engaged about 10 in the morning, and evening, to whom occupations are carried out after a lunch. Almost everywhere groups of the day off are open: it is possible to study only on Saturdays or Sundays in convenient time. However occupation lasts around three - four hours. It absolutely not so long as it seems: in these four hours you will hardly manage to make everything that was planned to be executed on occupation, and time will pass quickly.

the Cost of training at courses can make

from 1000 rubles a month and above, and academic year consists of ten months (July and August are excluded). And one of the most important requirements - not to skip class without good reason, differently will difficult catch up then with group.

Several words about teachers. As a rule, it is professional seamstresses and cutters, but happens and so that the person who ended in due time the same courses then it is necessary to work as the teacher. Both options are good, the main thing - that the teacher not only was expert, but also was able is sensible to explain to pupils all necessary nuances.

to What teach

on courses? You without fail should get acquainted with manual stitches and technology of their performance, types of machine seams, the range of fabrics and features of work with them, in the ways it is damp - thermal treatment of products in the course of their tailoring. These are bases of bases, the alphabet of sewing. Further technologies of tailoring and to modeling of skirts, blouses, dresses, trousers and other types of clothes depending on a course for which you signed up will already begin to train you.

of Techniques of creation of clothes exists very much. Earlier practically all sewing workshops and studio of the country used for creation of patterns CAPACIOUSLY - the Uniform technique of designing of clothes which was developed scientifically - research institutes several decades ago. And now this technique is highly esteemed, and many schools teach by it as it is checked by time. But now there were many author`s techniques therefore you can pick up to yourself such courses where train in system necessary to you.

Upon termination of a course the majority of training centers grant the certificate in which the passable subjects and marks about tests and examinations are specified. Offsets are carried out, as a rule, after passing of a certain subject. For example, you finished the subject “skirt“, so, to practical part of offset it will be required to sew this product. Besides, it is necessary to execute a certain number of drawings - a modeling and to fulfill stages of technological processing of a skirt on samples: vent, section, lightning stitching, pritachivany belts, folds, coquettes and so on. Examinations are carried out at the end of each academic year on the subjects passed for this year. If for you it is important to get an official secondary vocational or higher education in the sphere of needlework, then it is better to pay attention to the state colleges and institutes.

For the busiest

It is possible that to you even once a week it is problematic to escape without child somewhere. And maybe, in your area just there are no schools of dressmaking. An exit all the same is - to comprehend skill elements independently under the leadership of the teacher, that is in absentia.

the opinion Is that it is good to learn to sew it is in absentia impossible. But if something is strong to want and make for it a maximum of efforts, then results surely will appear. Eventually, correspondence course - it is better, than at all nothing.

Process happens according to the standard scheme: at first the pupil sends the application for training on courses, then fills in the contract sent from courses, pays a course and receives a parcel post with the manual at the chosen course and the schedule of training. Some schools send also videotapes with bases of the offered technology of sewing that significantly facilitates the pupil`s tasks. It is necessary to study a grant independently, meticulously studying each point and fixing it practically, carrying out samples of products. Communication with the teacher - the consultant happens, as a rule, by e-mail: the pupil can ask any questions arising on the training course. By the end of a course it is necessary to be prepared for offsets and examination and to sew one or several products on subjects of the passable material.


of the Instrument of labor

it will become chosen the sewing machine

From now on your main instrument of labor the sewing machine. It will serve to you for many years therefore it is necessary to treat its choice seriously. Especially as the choice is really big now: it is possible to pick up the machine, proceeding from your needs, prospects on the future, well and, of course, considering the sum which you are able to afford to spend for purchase. Electromechanical machines most popular now. They can carry out from 10 to 20 operations which allow to work practically with any fabrics. Besides, they are compact and convenient - as a rule, have a removable platform, local lighting, the device helping to pass a thread in a needle, and others, existence or lack of which depends on brand and model of the machine. The most popular firms delivering sewing machines to Russia are Husqvarna, Pfaff, Brother, Janome, Singer, Jaguar today. Machines have more limited opportunities cheaper, however the most expensive can carry out a huge number of operations which most part can be never useful to you.

what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the sewing machine to?

In - the first, on material of which the machine is manufactured. All internal device of the unit has to be metal, but not plastic if only you do not set as an object to buy the machine which quickly breaks because when tailoring products from thick and rough fabrics very big loading which can not be sustained the details made of plastic is the share of internal parts of the car. In - the second, do not deprive of attention the engine. You has to be interested he the power because the it is lower, the machine will be worse to stitch the same products from thick and rough fabrics. In - the third, be not too lazy to glance under a pad of machines which to you attracted. There they have “comb“ which helps fabric to move ahead during sewing. Pay attention to its size: the it is more, the thick fabrics will move easier, so, and I will be easier to scribble to you. whether


Needs an overlok?

If sewing machines went such “clever“, then very expensive device under the name an overlok really is so necessary? In many cases - yes. The matter is that this device can perform such operations which not in power to the machine, - it is capable to stitch together details for one calling, to cut off excess fabric and to process cuts, with its help it is possible to execute qualitative knitted seams, to sew a rubber band... It is possible to list possibilities of overlok long, but the overlok will help to give to your product a noble trade dress. Nevertheless it is impossible to replace the machine overloky - he acts only as the assistant, but will not be able to execute a lot of things from the fact that the sewing machine is able.


, intended for domestic needs, usually happen three - four - and five-filar. Expensive models, just as expensive sewing machines, can be equipped with the information display and have the mass of various functions, certainly, interesting and useful, but enough seldom demanded in life.

Necessary “trifles“

Krom of the machine and an overlok to you will be necessary for

any trifles; the truth, it is possible to call them trifles only conditionally because they play one of leading roles in successful sewing process.

On courses to you for certain first of all the same scissors for cutting of fabric and for paper will forbid to use

. Paper rebates edges of scissors therefore they quickly become useless, cease to cut or cut unevenly - so easy to spoil all work. And if fabric very strongly pours, zigzag scissors will come to the rescue.

What you will transfer lines of a pattern to fabric - soap or chalk, - to solve only to you. Many teachers strongly recommend to use remnants of a cake of soap as they give much thinner line and reduce errors.

it will be easier for p to Comprehend modeling bases to you by means of curves. As a modeling draws not full-scale, and in scale, and curves will be necessary small. They can be found in the Internet and to unpack, and it is possible to make of a dense cardboard. Subsequently it will save to you many precious minutes as to you it is not necessary to draw anew for each subsequent modeling a basis any more.

of the Needle it will be necessary for p of the different size and thickness, with small and big “ears“ of a pin buy usual, without color balls - “heads“ - with them will difficult steam and iron a product in the course of sewing.

do not forget

about a squared paper - paper for drawing, pencils (firm and soft), compasses, plastic curves, the cutter`s ruler, a tracing-paper and a notebook. All this will be required for creation of a modeling.

How to open the business

If the desire to become business - the lady in you did not die away, then opening of own studio or a workshop can become an excellent way of self-expression and earning money. However only to be able to create faultlessly clothes of any complexity for this purpose it is not enough. First of all it is necessary to decide for whom exactly you will create the products, that is to define the contingent of potential clients: perhaps, it will be children, or pregnant women, people of middle-income, or, on the contrary, well-founded ladies and gentlemen. If definitely not to define target audience, your business will not be successful. Proceeding from the purposes, it is possible to count what equipment and in what quantity will be required to you, and then to look for the place where it can be bought cheaper, than usually.

the World of fashion and beauty has to become your second life. You will be constantly have to aware of all whims of fashion, new technologies of tailoring and modeling, that is you have to become the real expert in the area, and your enterprise has to keep up to date also with needs of your clients. And that to attract them, it will be required to examine various methods of advertizing to interest those on whom will your dresses, suits and blouses are calculated. However, as well as in any other business, for success here the main thing to trust in the forces and to make a maximum of efforts for achievement of the purpose.