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Daryonka of

of Daryonk is a name of my daughter.

After fourteen years of circulation on doctors, two operations (removed the left and 3/4 right ovaries) and EKO with a donor ovum (the several years were not) was followed by a sentence of doctors - children will not be. Besides, until the end of my days it is necessary to carry out zamenitelny hormonal therapy. In few months to me bothered to feel like the disabled person, and I refused tablets and tried to live happily, in passing collecting documents for adoption.

But destiny - the big joker, and by miracle I became pregnant. All pregnancy I was frightened by doctors by threat of an abortion, but I solved: time God allowed to become pregnant, will allow and to give rise. On preservation I did not lay down, but approached the choice of maternity hospital responsibly. I looked for maternity hospital where a priority is natural childbirth. However, there it was necessary to write a pile of refusals of Cesarean section since doctors said that there will not be enough hormones for patrimonial activity. Wrote refusals because was going to nurse and for the child natural childbirth it is better. I gave rise quickly (in 4 hours) and without problems, doctors only made a helpless gesture.

the daughter had to be finished feeding the First days mix, and milk appeared then. Yes so many that in 2 weeks began laktostaz. I rummaged all Internet, rang round all acquaintances and learned to fight against it. There are basic rules.

After all done procedures pain left, and problems from a zastoyama came to an end. Now I do not decant since I consider that milk the necessary quantity is allocated. An exception are cases when I leave Daryonka to the grandmother. Here such history with the happy end.

I Wish

to all mothers of healthy children, and to believe all rest that miracles happen and doctors are mistaken.