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As I gave birth to Vanyusha of

When I was pregnant, I read literatures on pregnancy, modern childbirth, on kids much. It seemed to me, time is so much modern methods now, easy childbirth without consequences - it is real. Especially as shortly before me my girlfriend and the cousin gave birth to the daughter. She on this subject spoke so:“ The main thing - to listen to the doctor, and everything will pass very easily“. About always the trapping difficulties I tried not to think. Therefore was not afraid of childbirth. It was sure that, time I is constant in the movement, I monitor the food and health - means, everything will be good.

began to think Of the choice of maternity hospital somewhere before a maternity leave. There were several options: to remain to give birth in the small town (the matter is that we with the husband it is from the different cities, but at that time lived where I worked not to leave); to go to my godmother (she is the chief physician of maternity hospital in other, even more small town); to look for paid clinic in the capital. But when we went for Christmas to the husband`s mother, she began to persuade us to arrive to their regional center and to me to remain for supervision and childbirth there - allegedly, she has good acquaintances in the maternity hospital and among children`s doctors, big maternity hospital, it is a lot of doctors, “not that you have provinces“. So I appeared in the city where knew nobody and where we decided subsequently to remain to live.


on arrival at me began At once some strange bloody allocations. It is more than any bad symptoms, but I decided to go to the doctor on the same day. I lower my numerous “campaigns“ in a maternity welfare unit to be registered - it was necessary, but a lot of time for some reason demanded. And here I got on reception. After survey the doctor told that nothing terrible, it is an erosion.

there Passed still some time, I went to an appointment constantly, everything was good, allocations only continued. But once I lifted pressure, the doctor did not like behavior of the child by results of KTG, still it told that I began to lose weight - means, childbirth soon, and I was sent to a hospital. Began 37 - I am week of pregnancy. The husband`s mother in maternity hospital also did not remember the acquaintances.

Less than a week I carried out

in a hospital, about these days I remember with inexpressible despondency. The melancholy is green, white walls and gray windows, six neigbours in chamber and their frightening stories about any awful cases... Tablets, tincture of a peony and infinite analyses. Scary inconvenient beds, in which not that to pregnant women on deadlines - to the healthy person not to turn. And expectation that, maybe, will sometime remove quarantine.

the Neigbour in a bed all sighed (it had 39 weeks) though not on Monday childbirth - day, allegedly, heavy. And I told that to me all the same, on Monday so on Monday if only rather from here to be chosen. Just like that told, being sure that till that day still far.

On Sunday at daybreak the neigbour began to pack things - came it is time to go to delivery room. The day before took away the little girl at night with premature birth therefore on Sunday women in chamber joked:“ Do not take in head to give birth afterwards, give though night to have a sleep“.

the Next night passed

quietly, but since the morning I began to feel belly-aches, weak, approximately as in the first days monthly, but frequent. Did not go to a breakfast - having not felt hungry. The husband called, told that he will wait on the first floor in a maternity welfare unit (we made the way secretly there to meet the family, they could not see us from - for quarantine).

In the beginning I suspected nothing

- for fights yet early, was sure. But when went down to the husband on the first floor, pain was already quite strong, and it was difficult to restrain not to give a sign, and there was no wish to speak about it: why it is vain to it to worry?

Returned back and understood: it is necessary to go to the doctor (somewhere after 12 in the afternoon). Grabs though it is weak, but is quite frequent: in about 3 - 4 minutes. After survey I was told: pack slowly things, we will make out in maternity. And fights already became such, as not to things - that. Farther everything as in fog: procedures in an accident ward, some questions, took away clothes, gave a shirt.

At prenatal rest already. While examined them, I made a bed, put a package of things... Further - on a chair. Without telling anything, right there opened waters, as well as to the previous women, but why? It turned out that waters green. I - shocked. “You were ill nothing?“ - “No“. “Probably, it is necessary to do Caesarian“. About - a pas! Here so beginning! Began to prick some pricks. I ask: “What for preparations?“ - “It for the child“, - did not begin to be told more.

was Sent to a bed, put under the device to measure heartbeat of the child, gave a “hot“ injection and still some prick... Without knowing anything about action of the first, I thought: “It that, anesthesia?“ - it became so bad. But then recovered. Did not feel any time of fights, and then... Several times it seemed that I faint, I remember wild cold and pain. There was a strong wish to rise, but this device... And - anywhere anybody.

Already then I thought that I lie in one shirt near a window from which strongly blows (there was a beginning of spring). How many so passed time, I do not know. Probably there is, a lot of, because when the doctor came (she just accepted change), it was absolutely dark. She was going to examine me, and I began to cry. And here... Oh God! What stream of abuse I heard in the address! Never before so I was called: both cow, and silly woman, and someone else... And I was absolutely izdyorganny and flat-out. “Lie here! Let your child dies if you want!“ - also left, having finished so the tirade. It to me which so loved it 9 months and, apparently, even earlier... I burst out crying.

After a while it returned:“ Get up! Go, look how normal women gave rise! Yes brush the hair“. Rose - and as the veil fell from eyes. It became easy if it is possible to call it easily. Then felt dizziness, began to tear bile - from deep breath dried up in a throat, I stood and drank from - under the crane cold water. Came to a corridor, resembled. Sat down on hunkers - even easier. My doctor left office somewhere, having punished to listen to the midwife.

the Midwife came to put me again under the device. I began to ask not to do it - it was terrible to lay down again. She agreed, and now I only approached that she listened to heartbeat. Told what is very cold - it brought my warm dressing gown. Explained how I will feel when attempts begin. Told something good. It became quieter and is somehow lighter. And still this:“ There now, we will go to give birth soon“, or “Do not worry, I will try to look so that it was not sick“. It seemed that it also is the guardian angel, our with the kid.

When allowed to make an effort, it became even easier. Passed in rodzat. The midwife ordered to wash cold water and allowed to be extinguished, squating. On a chair everything went according to the accelerated scenario. The doctor came, it posuyetitsya around, shouted naturally, rezanut, pulled hard on a stomach - and got the kid at one stroke. It was small - less than 3 kg, 50 cm in height.

A as he beautifully began to cry! When it was shown me - literally on a fraction of a second - it seemed to me that I and appearance know it for a long time. And - My God! - what nonsense everything that was with me during the day!

. Then it was carried away, and me darned for a long time, looked. But it became so good! When left one in absolute rest, having felt thirsty only and to get a package of phone.

Here such not remarkable history from which I drew a conclusion: childbirth is really not so terrible. Would be. If only three conditions were met: warmly in chamber (and it is better - very warmly), any compelled provisions that it was possible to go, sit down, behave freely but not to lie (not to lie at all!), and less intervention in natural process (pricks, opening of amniotic waters).

A if also moral support yes glass of unsweetened juice... then childbirth would be ideal at all.