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The psychology of director`s game

of One of the most acute psychological issues with which to prikhoditsyastalkivatsya to the experts working in kindergartens is “extinction“ of director`s game as expression of ability of the child to kadekvatny actions in the imagined situation created by the egosobstvenny imagination and reflected in his words and acts.

As could happen what the leading activity of preschool vozrastarastvoryatsya in studies, and the place of a basis of bases of children`s thinking - imagination - begins to occupy imitation standards, navyazannymdrugy?

Knows that one of criteria of any game is the imaginary situation. However practice shows that if two - the three-year-old kid has to present nothing a cube the machine (the beginning of director`s game), atrekh - four-year-old - itself the engine (it is figurative - a role-playing game), then to a tomumoment when the child is already capable to understand various points of view to iprogovarivat them, development of children`s game comes to the end an imitiruyushcheydeystviye and words of others syuzhetno - a role-playing game. At the same time a trebuyushchayavysoky level of development of imagination director`s game (on the child`s sobstvennomuzamysla) in everyday life of the children visiting a garden, no, and mental health of children who without looking nakaky imposings, are engaged in individual director`s game, causes concern of tutors and parents.

So what is director`s game?

we Will consider the most indicative criterion good razvitiyasposobnost to director`s game - execution of roles in the children`s performances organized in gardens for parents. One child agrees igrattolko certain roles and refuses flatly game in a drugikhpersonazhy spektalya. For example, the girl wants to play only the Princess, the Snow Queen, Thumbelina, and that only because at the end the spektaklyadyuymovochka leaves in very beautiful dress with transparent wings, the parents ivoskhishchenno applauding envy the girl`s mother, at future actress kotoroyrastt.


But if to look at game of this girl in raznykhspektaklyakh, then it becomes clear that it plays not a role, and itself. The scene for it is a way of self-expression, game - real life, aostalny participants - the tools used for this purpose to chtobyvyrazit itself as it is possible more stoutly. During game she does not interact sdrugy characters, and, pronouncing the learned words, aspires tolkok to achievement of the purpose - as sebyazritel can show more brightly. This girl can become the famous actress, but to her trudnobudt to become the director. Crowds of admirers will go to it, and a nen of “Macbeth“ or “Romeo and Juliette“.

A mother of other girl who perfectly played the Toad goes to the psychologist and, quietly crying, is distressed why her so untalented child that and suits only for a role of the Toad. But this girl was also given rolzhaba just because she can play everything: and the Snow Queen, an iroza in a flowerpot, and even a flowerpot, and even a window sill on which this flowerpot costs. She is able to create magic, to animate inanimate, to see fine in ugly. In kazhdoyrol it unrecognizably differs both from itself, and from the previous roles. She perfectly interacts with other characters of game as horoshopredstavlyat to itself their purposes and requirements and can play any of them.

In other words, this child safely passed all stages of razvitiyadetsky game and is on the highest step - director`s game. What stages are?

On the third - the fourth year of life when at the child of already dostatochnozhiznenny experience and development of his imagination reached such level, chtoon can transfer functions of one subject to another (for example, the car - a cube), formation of director`s game as sposobnostiobjedinyat various objects - substitutes begins a uniform plot and rukovoditsozdanny imagination of the child a situation which development podchinenoy to own plan.

At the first stage formation of director`s game all actions of the child of a spredmetama - substitutes are based by

on qualities of a togorealny subject known to it from which “the portrait“, by an ispolzuyushchiysyarebenok in its miroustroitelny work is written off. The child feels the sebyavsemogushchy creator of the own world in which for it netnichy impossible. Than it is more at the child near at hand objects and toys which can be used according to his own plan (cubes, coils, flakonchik, stones, etc.) that in more blagopriyatnykhusloviya his imagination will develop.


It is clear that before beginning to use the objects “not to destination“, the child needs to get acquainted with their own properties. Poetomutak it is important to provide to the kid from the earliest age access to kakmozhno more wide range of toys and things, various on the properties. The child can transfer functions of the machine to a cube, only horoshopredstavly to himself what is a cube and what is the machine. It to smozhetpredstavit to itself(himself) a basin a motor boat, having only well got acquainted iso properties of a basin, and with properties of a motor boat.

the Following stage developments of game is characterized by the fact that the child nachinayetprimeryat on himself “clothes“ of various characters of vital theater - “director“ in the child for a while gives way to “actor“. Neodushevlennyepredmeta are animated, animals think and feel how the person. Takkak the kid can already separate himself from actions of other people, to perceive a poyavlyaetsyasposobnost the played character as a being, not zavisimoyeot will of others, having own purposes and own opinion about sebesamy and world around: the child - the vehicle is operated nobody, and an edetsama on himself, the child - a chickabiddy flies where it is pleasant to it, the child - Mowgli lives one in the wood and is afraid of nobody. There comes the period figuratively - a role-playing game. Many parents are disturbed by so rapid development a fantaziirebenka though this ability and tells about normal psikhicheskomrazvitiya of the kid.

Later the child begins to understand

that with others to an egopersonazh not to do without interaction: the child - the car needs gasoline to go, to the child - a chickabiddy - mother and the father, to the child - to Mowgli - friends. The third stage developments of children`s game - syuzhetno - a role-playing game, - if onosnovan at a high level of development of the first two, a harakterizuyetsyasposobnost to play in surrounding life, not just imitating it, avystraivy acts and words of characters according to the trebovaniyamisyuzhet created together with other “actors“. The life surrounding the child acts as the director of this game, the akachestvo of game depends on ability of children to be identified by the sigrayemy character, abilities to agree with each other, podchinyayasprinyaty in life - game to rules and making real acts.

the Children who do not have at younger preschool age to vozmozhnostipopraktikovatsya by

in individual director`s game, and also vobrazno - a role-playing game, at the advanced preschool age hardly to podchinyayutsyavoobrazhayemy rules of the game, do not understand the purposes and requirements of ostalnykhuchastnik, are not capable to be identified with the played character of dotaky degree not just to imitate the actions copied a srealny prototype, and to be it during game, understanding at the same time, to a chtovsa occurs “for fun“. In other words, at such children badly razvitovoobrazheny.

When one child can play all roles in the samimspektakl conceived already by it, there comes blossoming of director`s game. the Child prekrasnoigrat one, acting on behalf of himself, mother, the father, a chair, the TV that, besides, begins to disturb parents. To define whether it is necessary to consult the child at the psychologist, or it is a natural stage of a vrazvitiya of the children`s imagination, not difficult. If the child prekrasnospravlyatsya with various roles in children`s performances if he legkoprinimat rules of the game if it without effort is given communication an ivzaimodeystviye with other children in syuzhetno - role-playing games, and at the same time onlyubit to stay alone with itself that in an individual rezhisserskoyigra to comprehend everything that happens to it and around it, poprobovatsebya in various roles, the child not only is healthy, but also psikhologicheskigot to school.

Dear mothers and fathers! Unfortunately, leaves our families traditsiyapostanovka of house performances. And it is a nutritious source a dlyarazvitiya of the children`s imagination and ability of the child to communication to an ivzaimodeystviye with others. And for you - the irreplaceable assistant in iskusstveponimaniye of psychology of your child.