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To Denmark, on the earth of Vikings, Hamlet...

we decided to Have a rest two families as we did not see each other long ago, and many subjects for discussion collected. In total 5 adults and 3 children turned out. I with the husband + the one-year-old child, the girlfriend Yulka with the husband, the oldest daughter and two 6 - summer twins. To the manager in round - office were the list of our requirements to the country of future rest is given:

  1. lack of a wild heat;
  2. the cottage settlement is not less than 4 stars of
  3. ; the cottage equipped at full scale, including any dryers - dishwashers;
  4. existence of entertainments for children and adults;
  5. of sight;
  6. bathing;
  7. safety of entertainments for 18 - the summer blonde (Yulkina the daughter) and existence of entertainments for this age category;
  8. unfatiguing road.
the Manager long scratched

in the head and, at last, uttered:“ And give - all of you to Denmark, in the center of family rest of Mariyenlyust“. Also began to decline, and at last inclined. The girlfriend told that to her though to bees in a beehive if only to optimize expenses on rest for such big family, her husband - the Israeli agreed too, and all together began to remember and that we, actually, know about this state.


Ya about prince Hamlet and about one of the Russian empresses - the Danish princess Dagmar, subsequently Maria Fiodorovna, the wife of the emperor Alexander III and mother of the last emperor of Russia. The daughter of the girlfriend called the storyteller Andersen, still remembered about Vikings, the artist Herluf Bidstrup, sausages Stef Holberg, liver pate, some political disagreement between our states, beer of Tuborg and Karlsberg, the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

my Husband pulled the socks up and Olufsen and the fact remembered quite decent equipment of Beng and that in 1992 the Danish national team won the European Football Championship. The Danish national team incidentally got there. It did not reach the final, and all Danes parted on exotic islands on deserved rest. Relaxed on - Danish actively. Here suddenly declared boycott of Yugoslavia and knocked out the national team of this country from the final, and instead of them called Danes, bringing together them literally on one, tearing off from women and rest (from where my husband knows such intimate details - I do not know). Danes were upset, flew into a rage and won the Championship.

I here we arrived. At first we arrived in the Danish airport Kastrup, then reached by an electric train the city of Helsingor. Were settled late at night, the landscape especially was not visible, but Baltic somewhere breathed, warm wind blew. The girlfriend moved into in a cottage, and we - in number. Drank for arrival, and went to sleep.

in the Morning to me from a balcony absolutely tremendous picture opened. It is Strait of Baltiysk Orezund. The Baltic Sea on appearance does not differ from, for example, Mediterranean Sea in any way. On the sun it seems warm and quiet. And on other side - the lock of Kronenborg.

Ya I try to the touch absolutely unsalted water of the Baltic Sea to understand how many I should drink to get into it - a little, water on a shallow rather warm.

the Standard set of the traveler for preparation in marching conditions of cocktail Ping - Kolada.

Denmark. Locks of Northern Zealand

Elsinor or Kronborg . Exactly here, as my husband who is poorly understanding Shakespeare`s creativity burns, Hamlet strangled Ophelia. We examined the lock at once next day in the morning. At an entrance on an exposition photos and portraits of those actors which ever played Hamlet are hung out, our Smoktunovsky is absent.

“Eh, there lived people“ (c) - a dance hall of the palace.

Palace guns are still sent to

towards Sweden. In former time Denmark often was at war with Sweden, and is valid, close why far to go? The lock there is in the bottleneck of the passage Orezund.

Then we with an interval in one day visited 2 more castles of Northern Zealand - Fredensborg and Frederiksborg.

of Fredensborg . Summer residence of the Danish queen. In the lock it is possible to look practically at everything, including guest bedrooms. The most interesting place - the hall of receptions under a dome. On windowpanes of the palace left various politicians of different scales and times (scribbled) the autographs.

In gallery of portraits can see various monarchs of Europe with whom the Danish princesses entered marriages, the portrait of the Russian emperor Alexander III married to the Danish princess Dagmar, mother of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II hangs in the same place. Danes very much are proud of such relationship with Russia.

the princess (in a consequence the Russian empress Maria Fiodorovna) endured both the husband, and the Russian Empire, and death of almost all the children and grandsons. It was taken out after October revolution from the Crimea. Died in the homeland in Denmark in old age. It is buried in the city of Roskilde in Denmark, and in 2006 its reburial near the husband Alexander III in Russia in St. Petersburg prepares. The sad story similar to one of those fairy tales which were written by her contemporary and the compatriot Hans Christiaan Andersen.

Here that Nicholas II wrote about frequent visits to Denmark:

“When I was small, I was mother`s favourite, and only little Mischa`s birth a little as if set aside me, but I remember how I followed it everywhere in my early years. We spent wonderfully time in Denmark with my cousins.

Swam in the sea. I remember how my mother came up far to Sund (gulf) with me, I sat on her shoulders. There were small waves, and I grabbed her curly short hair both handles so strongly that she screamed from pain. Our purpose was the small rock - a reef in the sea. Having reached, it both of us were delighted!“

Here such here it was, the Danish princess Dagmar.

Frederiksborg Palace - the lock impressive, very beautiful. That to bypass it, 3 hours were required. It is located on several islands. Between islands the boat in which it is possible to go round the lock from three parties plies, to examine a magnificent garden from water.

of Roskilde - the Museum of the ships of Vikings under the open sky.

Here, it is necessary to tell, I did not see anything special. We passed all this in school at history lessons.

the Most interesting of what was seen in the museum of Vikings:
the Chain used by seamen. All entirely from a tree.

What interesting is in Danes? Several supervision:
During a breakfast it is necessary to watch closely existence of bread and other flour products if someone loves it. Bread is very quickly swept away from tables, it is necessary to wait for new portions. And we with the husband very much love bread. It appears, it because a national dish of Danes - bread and butter (smorebrod). From above everyone is put on a piece of bread and butter by layers - miscellanea - shrimps, potatoes, a herring, mushrooms, sweet marinated cucumbers. Is it it is necessary also layers, then to take the remained bread and butter in a hand and to eat. After such sandwich you understand that you remained very hungry.

At Danes usually in families children in number of 4 pieces. It is more, than I saw in other European countries. It is a lot of mixed marriages. Ahead dissects huge datch, behind it the whole brood of variegated children, and the small swarty tayka or the Filipino brings up the rear.

everything is expensive to

In Denmark. I would even tell what is VERY expensive. To eat at restaurant with good wine (and not one bottle) for two, not less than 120 euros. Well and not really you will gorge on, we will directly tell. Look for the Thai, Chinese and Indian restaurants, then it is possible to keep within 50 euros for couple. It is for rent better to take the car in Germany, it is simple to reach there. In Denmark 250 dollars for a shushlayka - Clio`s Renault, simple as 2 kopeks bank notes, for two days with a full tank turned out.

In hotels of level 4 stars (that in suburbs of Copenhagen) are not present conditioners or climate - kontroly. Probably, Danes consider that they have a northern country. In total nothing, but when we were there, air temperature was for 30, early in the morning it was impossible to sleep.

Danes are very benevolent and sociable children. My husband is high and ryzhevolos as the Dane. Often called to him from various balconies on - Danish, seeing as it bashes out beer and other strong drinks on our balcony. The husband even passed hearing-impaired as he did not understand that it call him, and did not react to appeals.

Then someone caught me from the balcony, gave a toast and cried out something, I answered the fact that I knew:“ Chip“. We were taken for Swedes, and only then everything was explained. Evenings passed in joint drinking of drinks and stories for life. Glory of B - gu that about Putin nobody asked. Unlike Dominican republic. Where any islander for some reason followed the developments in the former Union lovely to his Dominican heart and asked everything about the president. Danes most of all are interested in the questions connected with work, the organization of life and who sent us here and why we agreed.

In Denmark if the north that really a north blows , instantly it becomes cold, and evening prickly, well just scolds.

In hotels it is a lot of any priyatnost - the Internet in number, on the floor of a vase with fruit, the warmed-up floors in a bathroom, at restaurant of coffee and tea the whole day with chocolate cake, it is a lot of free guides, there are no problems in communication - all speak in English.

Yes, the most interesting that Danes begin to celebrate the termination of week on Thursday evening. On Friday - short day. In revival after a lunch the large number of restaurants is closed. On Friday - work begins about 12 hours. I mean restaurants and shops and as employees work - did not understand. Traffic jams neither on regional roads, nor in the downtown did not observe. Can because summer still.

Having risen early in the morning, we with the girlfriend go to Clio`s Renault to Sweden to the city of Trolkhatten where make cars of the SAAB brand and where there is a museum of history of cars of this brand. We drive on one of the biggest bridges in the world. The bridge from Denmark to Sweden through the passage Orezund. Makes impressive impression. Even from a board of the plane huge scope of the bridge is visible. And here so we came back, on the ferry, and as a beacon to us served one of Kronborg Castle towers. But it another story altogether.

I after 7 - day stay in the strange town of Helsingor we move for 3 days to Copenhagen. Or, as Danes, Kobenkhavn speak. For a further sightseeing of this basten kingdom. Bay Nyyukhavn.

In a bay disgustingly smells of everything that leaves the person. Simply speaking - stinks. And there the most expensive restaurants, and food under the open sky - are not present, I could not accept food, looking at a bay. Even did not begin to ride a parokhodika. In comparison with the purest small cities which I saw in Denmark Copenhagen is rather dirty in the center. On suburbs - is purer.

Walked on a pedestrian street of Stroget, bought souvenirs, and spent the rest of days, being unsteady on small restaurants like “Mould“, to the Chinese small restaurants and the Irish bars. Here so on streets of Copenhagen it is shown to what party go on this side of the street, in a word “frightening legs“. If “legs“ are turned towards a wall, then it is necessary to turn and read that is written on this wall. Usually, it is photos and memorial boards with the description of activity of some person...

Were on changing of the guard at the palace Amamliyenborg, looked at the Central Cathedral - the small copy of the Italian cathedral of Pyotr and Pavel.

Well and to the Little Mermaid is sent. The Little Mermaid is preferred to be touched for a hip, a leg and a shoulder. whether

It was pleasant to us in Denmark? - Yes.
Would go we there once again? - whether yes.
we Recommend this country to fans of various type of rest? - Yes.

This small country offers

very many opportunities for various type of rest for adults and children.