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The sixth birthday, or Adventures in the Fort Boyard of

Every year on birthday we think out something special for the son, the benefit he was born on August 5, and in the fresh air it is enough scenarios for a children`s holiday. For example, last year we looked for a piracy treasure. All year the son with ecstasy watched a fort Boyard, and we decided to build something similar at the dacha.

So, the team consisted of five people - four boys of 5 - 7 years and one 6 - the summer girl. At first they had to get 5 keys.

the First key - the aged man Fur`s riddle (the grandfather whom put on a black beard acted as the aged man), it was quickly guessed.

the Second key - should be found

in the room blindly 5 pieces of ware which lay mixed up with toys there. In a glass there was a key.

the Third key was attached to a bench by a tape. That to get it, it was necessary to untangle the toys attached to a tape, a tennis racket and a tricycle. It was one of the most difficult tasks.

the Fourth key
- on the road in front of the house arranged to

“snake“, having placed plastic glasses with water. It was necessary to go round all glasses by bicycle and not to pour them.

the Fifth key - tasks for the oral account within ten. For the allowed time (it was necessary to get hourglasses from an attic) children did not manage to guess everything, and one of them was taken prisoner on an attic to the aged man Fura. But, having guessed one more riddle, the captive was safely released.

there came the turn of hints Now.


the First riddle - into the earth hammered wooden whetstone. It should be shaken here and there, and the hint - “red color“ at the bottom lay.

the Second riddle hung on a tree (a tree fine, sprawling, and it is easily possible to climb on it), however, time was enough hardly - hardly. The second hint - “with fluffy wool“.

the Third hint - should have got a ball about a bucket five times for the allowed time. Got moreover a half of time remained! The third hint - “with a tail“.

the Fourth hint - were inflated by 6 balls, on number of guests + one hint. Everyone had to burst a ball and perform a task - to gallop on one leg to a tree and back, to go head over heels through the head, to call 5 edible things on the letter “in“, to draw the little man blindly, to represent without words an animal, the fourth hint - “in a wheel“.

the Fifth hint
the leader wanted to give

to children just like that, but the harmful keeper of time (the father who is dressed up in a cap and in a raincoat) who snatched out the hint and ran to the lake interfered here. On the lake the small beach, and weather was fine therefore we, without fluctuating, threw a bottle with the hint to the lake near the coast. While children undressed, one boy jumped to the lake directly in festive clothes. It was necessary to change clothes, but he got the hint - “sings songs and everything gnaws nutlets“.

did not remain to

of Doubts - it is a squirrel. Now children had to battle against the keeper of time in time.

the First competition - creation of a tower. On whose cube will fall, that also lost.

the Second competition
- clogging nailing

. Imenninik surely hammered gvoz on the hat.

the Third competition - to lay out from a mosaic sequence of color balls, as on a sample. At first minute on remembering drawing is given, and then drawing is closed, and it is necessary to repeat a pattern. Surely children won.

the Fourth competition - in a bowl the ordinary plastic cover floated. In it put coins who will put the last coin, and the cover will drown, that lost.

the Fifth competition - on a kitchen garden was dug different berries, cut a cucumber and a turnip. To the girl tied with a scarf eyes, and she had to learn to taste that to it put in a mouth. The task was performed unmistakably!

there Came the most responsible moment - children had to distribute letters (they were written on cards) and to find the cards.

after that they were started by

on a lawn at the end of which there were prizes - small machines, simple games, kuklok, beautiful hairpins, felt-tip pens etc. The condition was the following - it was possible to take only one gift for one calling. During the time allowed by it everyone gathered 4 - 5 gifts, and then on a lawn the tiger - a good-natured cocker - a spaniel jumped out. Children were delighted.

as an entertainment we offered them small sandwiches - a canape, the stuffed eggs, fruit, “mushrooms“ from cucumber legs and tomato hats with spots of mayonnaise and, of course, cake which recipe I found on. It was called “a cheerful bear cub“.

salute Finished a holiday, and then all went to bathe. When guests dispersed, all in eager rivalry asked when there is the following birthday. It is necessary to think out something else the next year!