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Anti-advertizing article

Advertising, advertizing, advertizing! On the TV, radio, the Internet. Judging by commercials, all of us are healthy, happy, we have fine work, the Hollywood smile and well-mannered, successful children. Whether so it?


Unfortunately to achieve success, it is “a little correct“ to choose toothpaste or mobile operator. It is no wonder that we are skeptical about iridescent promises. Unfortunately, we ceased to trust each other, written, seen, experienced. Ceased to trust people!

Yes, nobody will pass our way for us, and it is improbable that some improbable means from advertizing one minute will change your life. We understand it. But great Confucius told that it is easier to light one candle, than to curse darkness. And we try to make it. We - firm which is engaged in staff recruitment for work in a family.

Hardly we will begin to promise you miracles. Yes, theoretically, we can pick up to you the inexpensive nurse which will make a lunch, will clean the apartment, will iron clothes, will walk a doggie, but you at first decide what will be done at this time by your child?

Of course, very capable nurses which possess universal skills are... But if to draw an analogy, then you will not go to cut out appendicitis to the dentist though he is a doctor too?

Therefore in the work we are guided by children specialists. Our task - to make happy and successful your children. We are a team of high-class experts who worked all the life with children. We are it people who want to be responsible for work of our nurses and governesses. We are a research team which tries to reproduce the forgotten bases of house education long ago.

Before recommending you the nurse or the governess, we teach them. Our teachers on courses are the experts who devoted to work with children it is a lot of years of life, professionals of the highest class.

Gippenreyter Yu. B. is professor of Moscow State University, the famous scientist and the talented teacher, the author of numerous articles, manuals, monographs.

“... Certainly to accept the child - means to love him not that he beautiful, clever, capable, the excellent student, the assistant and so on, and just for the fact that it is!“ (Gippenreyter Yu. B. “To communicate with the child. How?“ - the Edition 3 - e, corrected and added - M.: “Chero“ of 2004.)

of Vinokurov N. K. - the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the associate professor “Management of development of schools“ of MGPU. The author of a series of the manuals “We Develop Abilities of Children“ covering all elementary school with 1 on 4 class.

“... The vast majority of children can well study at school. Only they should help to become more “trained““. (Vinokurova N. K. “We develop abilities of children. 1 class“. - Ì: Rosmen, 2002.)

Example of a task for first graders : “Let`s play
rhymes. After each quatrain answer questions.

is Turned by a bird over water,
is Very occupied with food. to
Well - quickly answer -
Call a bird....

of Shevtsov E. E. - the associate professor of logopedics of MOPU, the editor of Logopediya library of nuclear heating plant publishing house.

“... The first sound which is made by the child is his first shout at the birth. It has no relation to the speech yet, but it is already a reflex of the voice device. And each mother in the first days of life of the baby with special tenderness and alarm listens how he smacks the lips lips, sighs, groans, shouts - is exacting, is plaintive, every hour coming nearer by the time of “the greatest opening“ (“The reference book of the logopedist“: sprav. - method. a grant / bus - sost. L. N. Zueva, E. E Shevtsov. - Ì: Nuclear heating plant: Astrel: Profizdat, 2005.)

of Bezrukov N. M. - the methodologist of NMTs SAO, the author of practical recommendations about work with children.

“... It is considered that parents of each child endure psychological crisis at least three times:

(Bezrukova N. M. “The express - preparation for school.“ - M.: LLC Rosmen-Press Publishing House, 2005.)

Reutskaya N. A. the candidate of psychological sciences, SNS of the Preschool Childhood Center of Zaporozhets, the participant of development of “The approximate general education program of education, training and development of children of early and preschool age“ is (contents of the Program are the cornerstone the fundamental regularities of development of the child revealed as a result of long-term scientific researches).

Marasanov G. I. the candidate of psychological sciences, the associate professor of akmeology and psychology of professional activity of the Russian academy of civil service at the Russian President, the author of numerous psychological trainings is.

“... The School of Social Success model allows pupils to avoid “a stress of the graduate“ who is shown in falling of a self-assessment and increase of uneasiness just before leaving school“. (Marasanov G. I., Rototayeva N. A. Social competence: psychological conditions of development at youthful age. - M.; “Kogito - the Center“, 2003. - 172 pages) By the way, this model is already successfully introduced in life in the Center of education No. 1678 “Vostochnoye Degunino“ of the Northern district of Moscow.

of Prokhorov G. A. - the methodologist of laboratory of Practical psychology of ONMTs SAO.

of Rototayev N. A. - the candidate of psychological sciences, the Honored Teacher of Russia, the winner of the Award of the Russian President, the CEO of the Mary Poppins Center.

Only at us you will find

“13 lost secrets of successful work of nurses and governesses“.

We one of the first brought up a question of protection of the rights of the child (developed duty regulations of nurses and governesses, entered service of the school lawyer into use).

We already said that we improve skills of nurses and governesses on courses. But any courses learn to work with the average child, and each kid - the unique personality. Therefore we offer our clients the Escort of the Worker program which analogs we so far did not meet anywhere. We are responsible not only for selection of the worker, but also for the subsequent work of our nurses, and it is not about simple replacement of one worker with another (for more details see in article “Parents and governesses: problems and decisions“).

the Way to Success Program or the psychologist - pedagogical escort of the child you will find

only at us too. We are always ready to present to the child the fairy tale at Birthday or any other holiday. Miracles happen only in the childhood!

Unfortunately, not any parent is able to afford to invite well trained house teacher, the governess or the nurse - is expensive. But we have to understand that the most favorable capital investments are an investment of money in education and training of our children.

If we caused in you feeling of trust, address us, and we will try to help you. If is not present - that to trust search of the person for work with the child, to people to whom you do not trust - certainly, inexcusable levity.

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