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To fans of knickknacks it is devoted to

Probably, everyone has a favourite shop. I, for example, before recent time it had an art salon with department of east goods. There I did not miss an opportunity to go behind gifts before any holidays or just after a salary - to unburden the heart.

Now I stay at home with kids and I practically do not get out anywhere. No, understand me correctly: we go all family to park, we ride with the husband bicycles (plus two-year-old synulya in a cycle chair), we arrange family celebrations, however I will tell honestly: monotonous everyday life is jammed so that even the usual campaign in a supermarket behind pampers becomes a holiday. And now present what my delight when I managed to visit the real east market was!

everything Began

with a small note in the newspaper. I read that the Moscow hotel “Sevastopol“ for a long time at all not hotel, but almost all its numbers are converted into small little shops, generally Indian where sell practically everything that could interest me! Trade goes neither more nor less - on ten (!) floors, and the prices were promised ridiculous. I especially pressed the last circumstance when convinced the husband that I need to go to vanish. In the morning on the keyboard one thousand rubles was found, and under them a note “It is optional to spend everything!“ (so usually it turns out: how many money take - nothing remains).

With me there went mother and my friend Olga; children remained with the second grandmother.

the Hotel appeared

in five minutes of walking from the subway Kakhovskaya. We acquired entrance five-ruble tickets and moved inside. Some squeezed into the elevator together with crowd of Hindus, and, looking in eyes, began to sing with feeling the songs - about love, probably (it is good that I went not one!) .

I here, we began with the thirteenth floor. About - ho - ho, would never think that in one tiny room can be located so much! And such rooms … The range can be transferred long: beads, jewelry from stones, fans, candlesticks, bags, figurines, rings and a necklace (generally with brilliant fragments of glass). In little shops of Sikhs (are that in turbans) in general eyes ran up: hookahs, daggers, beaded bags, suits for belly dances, scarfs, hand bells, caskets, and, of course, costume jewelry, but another is a little (more metal and many fragments of glass under turquoise).

Several times to us shops with souvenirs from a tree got to

. Here I just went bananas from a juniper smell (and can be, the nose had a rest from a vsepropityvayushchy smell of aromas). Also to us two little shops met clothes and souvenirs from Peru. And a huge number of counters with the Chinese goods: toys, umbrellas, stationery, economic trifles.

In the beginning we hesitated of smiling Hindus a little and kept together, but then when eyes inflamed, began to run in little shops separately, met in a corridor, ran up, lost, called up, met, went down on the floor below, and was made a fresh start.

of the Price it were p really surprisingly low. It can incontestably prove the fact that from one thousand I even had 250 rubles. And for myself I decided that I will buy gifts to girlfriends only here. For example, the small handbag embroidered by beads costs 200 rubles, a bag of the average sizes, but embroidered by beads “from“ and “to“ including handles - 400. A metal belt, all in fragments of glass under turquoise - 250, a beads from natural stones in assortment - 20 - 25, a set of three caskets (metal plus pebbles) - 60.

In one little shop at Sikhs noticed the bright summer suit from superlight fabric embroidered by pocket mirrors. It turned out that in a set go for the choice: either trousers, or skirt. It is convenient that trousers dimensionless, on an elastic band, and the skirt in general represents a rectangular piece of fabric with a belt - it was wrapped and went, a charm!

- How much?
- Two hundred rubles.
- to be stunned, give two!


blue with blue stains, and orange with red. Both with trousers - with children I will walk. (However, houses the husband marveled my naivety and told that after the first washing everything will fade. But even, if so - for such money it is not a pity. Till fall will be enough for me, and then if that - I am at home to carry.)

In a bench of toys found a box with toys - animals on the mobile phone (in shop near the house such stand 100 rubles). I get a nice mouse in a dress:

- How much?
- Twenty five rubles. I Give to


- I have no delivery! I have no
- And five rubles
- Well, take for twenty!

I Approach

the next little shop, and legs stop. From a ceiling one million hand bells hang down. I stand, having lifted up the head, and not at once I notice under them the Hindu. He collapsed in a chair, smiles and considers me. I decided to take an opportunity:

- Oh as at you it is beautiful! It is possible to photograph? The girlfriend did not go with me, so I will email a photo to her that regretted!
- Of course is possible!

I Photograph

, I run further. To me the voice of the seller following reaches:
- Tell to the girlfriend, I will be it very much, to wait very much!

Somewhere at the level of the seventh floor met by

the former employee whom did not see seven years. She takes the Indian dancing classes - arrived behind a suit. I was very glad it to see, but conversation was not glued: eyes somehow looked around … We exchanged phones and ran further.

With big pleasure found goods for holidays. Caps, wigs, hats, penny whistles, balloons … here where I navedatsya before the next malyshovsky holiday!

me somehow strange developed

at the level of the fifth floor. I was included into the next shop, greeted and understood that I just here was. And only when rocked me once again, I understood that I was strongly tired. What was to poor Olya on heels: she did not guess to change the shoes after work!

the Last two floors we ran

for form`s sake, almost without coming into shops especially as traded here generally in household goods. And here still time approached closing, along corridors Hindus with heavy boxes ran. And if recently they kindly greeted and made eyes, then now were ready to sshibit from legs, without respect of persons. So we left in time.

Home I arrived tired, but awfully happy. It is possible to tell, has morally a rest for the half a year ahead.

Dear mothers! I hope that my story is useful to you, or at least will lighten mood. Here even not in the market, and simply, you know business … do not forget about yourself! Let close people at least will sometimes shift to themselves part of cares that you could arrange yourself a small holiday and have a rest. I wish you health and new joyful impressions!

Address of Sevastopol hotel: B. Yushunskaya St., 1a, trade floors with 4 on 13, operating time: pn - vs 9. 00 - 20. 00.