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Mortgage - business thin

you got approval of bank on delivery of a mortgage loan, and at last, the confidence that acquisition of the apartment will take place soon appeared? It is possible to tell that you only at the beginning of a way. Important part of the program of further actions is collecting documents.

are important

of Paper in any transaction with real estate and especially when it is about a mortgage. In this case the apartment for the period of payment of the credit remains in pledge at bank, and not only the buyer of the apartment, but also bank risks. And therefore will check all documents and bank, both insurance company, and the appraiser. And if representatives of these structures have doubts in correctness of paperwork or in legal purity of the chosen apartment, you should start everything anew.

the Standard package of documents for the transaction in the secondary market includes


Besides, also other documents can be necessary for

. For example, if the seller of the apartment - the pensioner, he has to provide the certificate of what it has where to live.

Expenses and efforts on preparation of the apartment for sale are, as a rule, assigned by

to the seller. However it can serve as a bargaining subject, a loyalty step in relation to the seller from the buyer who can pay registration of necessary papers.

Having received a package of documents on hands, estimate it. Collected documents can show unacceptability of this apartment for bank, and you will independently see it if pay attention - whether information contains in the provided documents: