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The fairy tale or byl Turquoise

of the Top of century pines leave up. I lie in a hammock in the middle of a lawn. Silence. Tranquility. There is no wish to move and at all there is a wish for nothing, except these pines, magic air, singing of birds... Pines in one place disperse, and there, in a gleam, bright beams of the midday July sun direct. Pleasure, is far from Moscow, on the warm antaliysky coast, long-awaited holiday...

- Mother, get to me into hotel!

Ya I turn the head, in several meters from me my three-year-old son sits in the fancy two-storeyed lodge put from boards and branches. This lodge directly in the territory pass - a zoo, in the pine wood - the favourite place of games of the son. I climb on a twisted short flight of stairs upward. On the right behind a fence goats, directly before us - a set golf - platforms jump on “rocks“ of a goat also, and lodges - a bungalow where vacationers have a nap after dinner are visible. Sleep or peacefully sit on balconies with a glass of wine, beholding surrounding beauty: pines, the peacocks who are walking about across the territory, geese who are grazed in the same place. Here the fat and fluffy rabbit, and my son with delight cries ran, started catching up with it.
- Went, the kid, is time for us in number...

We go on a shady path to the main case, and we are watched mysterious leave by the Baba-yaga which is fancifully hanging on a zoo fence, mowing with the ridiculous drawn eyes.

- Markhab!

Being in other country, we try to learn the main expressions in local language. And though on a reception constantly there is someone Russian-speaking, it is pleasant to ask in Turkish a room key, having left very happy friendly personnel.

Standard numbers small, but cozy. Our windows come to park. A seafront room there is a little shumnovata - under windows of bars. Big bed and sofa for the child where the maid daily spread flowers from our pajamas. Pass - bar modest, but as give to drink and feed in all corners of hotel, we drank in number only water in 2 - x liter bottles which to us was daily brought. In the case which is built in in a corridor the child made to himself “lodge“ at once and liked to play with the machines there.

the Convenient bathroom with a hand-rail and a shower with a strong pressure - everything that is necessary to be refreshed or wash away salt after the sea.

- my stool! Where my green stool? - the child shouts, rushing into restaurant. Having found a children`s plastic chair in one of corners of restaurant, it is enough it and is proud it is lucky on castors to a little table.

Campaigns behind food take with

considerable time. The main hall, and still on 3 - m to the parties of the huge main Caravan restaurant - the cook`s shed bake something, soar, fry. There are pancakes, here kebabs, here stewed vegetables. Hungry and dissatisfied is nobody. For children there are a porridge and dietary food, but, as a rule, quality of food so good that children eat from a table d`hote. It is a lot of greens, vegetables, fruit. One danger - a huge number of sweet from which not only children, but also himself cannot be dragged: fruit in honey, fruit in cognac, cakes and cakes, the Turkish sweets.

- Mother, we will go for a cake! - eternal son`s requests. For this cake he promises to behave and obey well the Genie who lived at us in an ancient vase (in one of hotel halls).

Service at very high level. It is not necessary to wait for the waiter. Service fast and qualitative.

Not always wanted to go to put on after the beach to have dinner in the Caravan - the Shed. But for this purpose there was one more restaurant near the pool. It was bought, sunbathed - and in a bathing suit for lunch. The choice of dishes is more modest, but so fast service.

One o`clock in the afternoon... exhausted... heat... to sleep... in cool number.

After a day dream take out sweet... again sweet... but how to keep and to run away from the sleeping son and the husband to the main bar - to intercept couple of pieces of just baked cake and to drink coffee?

my husband set to himself the object to grow thin. Ridiculously, as it is impossible to keep to a diet there. But is fine troyenkur around pass - a zoo where he ran daily, to boors, a gym. To boors was in the Spa salon rolling in the poured huge candles and smells. Descended in boors, and you are treated right there with the real Turkish tea in a restroom. The husband was brought up and looked vigorous, however, cakes I absorbed far from him. In Spa - salon I underwent pleasant procedure too - care of eyes.

- I, I - shout the little son, coming is proud in rubber oversleeves in water. Warm sea water envelops as a soft blanket. Everything, floated. We nearby, help it, we wash out a nose sea water (small cold - acclimatization). Good, well-groomed beach. In water, in several meters from the coast - there are stones on which it is incidentally possible to step. The way out was found at once - bright slippers for rafting which we bought directly in the territory of hotel. On the beach there are several piers. On them there are plank beds, and people sunbathe directly there and bathe from short flights of stairs.

is not present

Between two piers of stones, but there pebble. We loved a sand entrance, there it was more convenient to the child.

From the pool loud vigorous shout of the animator who is carrying out in the same place water aerobics reaches, on the right on a lawn other animator plays with vacationers - roll on a grass such - that metal balls. I lie in an umbrella shadow, in a hand the glass of the red wine taken in the bar ashore digs in sand the son nearby, and on the far horizon - hardly distinguishable figure of the husband who is surely dissecting on the scooter.

- is Sent to volleyball to play! - one more Russian having a rest in our hotel - team of Russians against team of animators approaches me.

- No, thanks, I am aimed at quiet rest... - I close eyes.

the Shadow under a tent of children`s club. On long benches the German children draw, create something with animators. Ours prefer plastic hills, a swing and a sandbox. Big children`s kitchen where my son constantly “cooked“ food. There it is possible not only to play and have a rest in a shadow from a heat, but also to leave the child for the period of one. Behind it is to a lump to look after.

At once behind children`s club 2 more pools: children`s (30 cm) where peanuts, and the big pool where hills Akwa - park fall creep and slide from a small gorochka, leaving the imitated big rock. Squeals, water splash, joyful shouts of children...

Main bar. Here vacationers gather before evening show. Burn on tables of a candle, live music sounds, someone dances, and over the heads - infinite stars... Why time cannot be stopped? Well, though for a while...

- Mother! I want to live in Turkey! there is no
- I laugh, - to live at us here, I think, it will not turn out, but the next year, I promise you, we will arrive again here.
- Good-bye, Turkuaz! The bus leaves gate, and we long look back, trying to see finally once again a part of that place which presented to us unforgettable 2 weeks...