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About own nonsenses and victories of

it became fashionable to use “spare parts for a body“ Now. Advertizing is, as a rule, tempting: the nose is not pleasant - we will make another, a breast small - we will make big. But the nature often does not forgive similar brazen interference in its creation.

U me two children. Between them ten years of a difference. Ten years, difficult for me. I fed the oldest daughter about one year without uniform problem, despite problems everyday, including and divorce with the husband when the baby hardly was three months old. I did not learn what is nipple cracks, shortage of milk, lakostaz, mastitis. But with the second I took of all it wholly...

the depression Period after the birth of the first child, divorce, difficult financial position (I was still a student) was quickly replaced by growth period, both career, and “personal“. I found well paid work and was engaged in self-improvement - attended courses on psychology, beauty shops and gyms. But the breast seeming to me then ugly after annual feeding did not give in to “conservative“ adjustment. I would know as really ugly breast looks!

To put it briefly, I became the client of beauty shop (and the best surgeon of the best clinic of our city). To me it was answered unambiguously in the affirmative concerning a possibility of further feeding by a breast. I will not stop in detail on this page of the biography, it is a subject for the separate story. I will tell only that after long drudgeries I did not receive satisfactory result though I had no “unearthly“ inquiries. And one breast looked much worse, than before “targeting of beauty“ - there was a complication after operation... But I in this too the period, difficult for me, met the darling to whom it was not essentially important how separate parts of my body look.

On it my interest in self-improvement ended with

. But the main problems which I in this regard received, it appears, were still ahead. They struck me several years later, at the finest and responsible moment - when I gave birth to the second child.

Mastitis began

on the third week. I refuse a hospital, me operate “on the run“, under local anesthesia, and on the street I am waited by the husband with the child. I nurse only so far, and I cannot leave the kid at home without food. And there is nothing to decant - I do not nurse the patient, and in healthy there is already not enough milk. Two weeks of bandagings, and mastitis is won. So far it is won... But the kid for the first month put insufficiently on weight, and I since a month begin to finish feeding mix.

Having recovered and having made tests on sterility, I decide to transfer the child only to breastfeeding. I begin to drink laktogonny preparations and longer to hold the child at a breast. The result did not keep itself waiting long - in three days for mastitis again. Pulled a breast to a floor, and temperature rose to forty. I go to the doctor, that is implicit - only a hospital. The child remains with the husband and the mother-in-law, I lay down on operation.

I refuse flatly reception of bromsoderzhashchy preparations. My son is only two months old, and on the street July and a heat. At least about three months... Then the breast will heal hundred years, the surgeon states. Doctors do not doubt - all these problems I acquired from - for own make a fool. Here is how the nature punished me. To be whipping the cat - occupation useless, and I just decant milk from a healthy breast each four hours, even at night. The quantity which I decanted (600 - 700) inspired me - it was about 2/3 drunk by the child of volume. For the fourth days I am written out home. In several hours after reception of the last portion of an antibiotic I begin to feed.

They say that on the mixed feeding the child quickly refuses a breast. This problem is familiar to me not by hearsay too. Especially after three days I was not at home. The child exactingly shouted and did not want to take a breast, the mother-in-law with the grandmother osuzhdayushche looked at me (without me the child was such quiet - it nasostsya from a small bottle and to sleep). And I sometimes thought - I should - suffer it on bandagings, milk flew also from a sore breast too and long did not allow it to begin to live. And then still houses such whims from own child. He still such small, well as to him to explain?

the pediatrician told

I:“ With mastitis do not feed at all“. Though I regularly checked milk from the feeding breast. Whether I was right in the obsessed desire to feed, I do not know. Only the husband supported me then. We were tormented weeks two, and every day it became easier.

my recipes for mothers who by all means want to keep feedings by a breast:

to give to

On what only tricks I did not go. Sometimes stacked the child on a pillow nearby and, bending, fed him. (Such way of applying usually recommend for the best depletion of back segments, for some reason it worked in our case). Sometimes undressed to a belt, and carried the child on hands, expecting until instincts get the best (worked practically always). Incidentally one more way - to swaddle the child with handles was found. We practically did not swaddle the kid, only the first 2 - 3 weeks, not hardly, stacking on a night dream. And then swaddled more quietly to weigh it. I took the kid on hands and wanted to put on scales, and he suddenly stretched to a breast though before categorically turned away. it is difficult to p to tell

to me how important role was played that we used aventovsky nipples - small bottles “for the babies who are on breastfeeding“, and at mix which we ate about one year (Nutrilon omneo) specific, taste a little with a taste of bitterness.

In our case the situation was complicated by the fact that I could not stimulate a lactation. I reconciled to the fact that I will not be able to nurse only, and prayed just to feed at least in such volume. The child gradually got used to the similar mode of feedings, and willingly took a breast, and then ate up from a small bottle. Mastitis gradually, very slowly, but gave in to treatment (any I did not take medicine, used only local treatment).

In total process of recovery occupied

about one or one and a half months. And the kid after four months began to refuse to eat mix. We tried to replace it with more tasty, but the result was the same.

Now to my son 2 years 3 months. If somebody told me about it two years ago, I probably would not believe - I still feed him. Now we have a new problem - how without serious consequences to disaccustom the child to a breast. We did not find the solution yet...