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Voyage begins in OVIR of

the Muscovites wishing to receive international passports Until recently, stood for hours in OVIRs. Now in offices of visas and registration of turns is practically not present. And it in spite of the fact that only for last year capital OVIRs gave about 250 thousand international passports!


As manages it at such flow of persons interested to travel?

we asked to answer with

our questions the chief of UVIR Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, the militia colonel Vladimir IVANOV:

- I Will begin with the fact that all the 37th Moscow OVIR work by uniform rules today. Earlier what to hide, officials could change a form of submission of documents randomly. There was a confusion: one OVIR of the questionnaire demanded to type only, in another - allowed to fill by hand. Now requirements everywhere identical, and problems at issue of international passports became much less.

After the work mechanism was finally debugged, issue of passports practically ceased to detain. The number of Muscovites who for various reasons did not receive the passport in time in comparison with last year was reduced three times.

- OVIRs are engaged only in issue of international passports?

- If! In our maintaining - registration of foreigners, registration of residence permit, questions of receiving or loss of nationality. There is enough work.

- And where it is possible to obtain information on the documents necessary for registration of the international passport?

- could specify Until recently the list of documents only in OVIR. After on the Internet our website opened, it did not become obligatory to go here - everything can be found via the computer. The same who has no computer, will be able to receive necessary data at information stands in OVIRs. They are often updated therefore Muscovites obtain the freshest information.

- whether some changes in an order of issue of international passports Happened?

- delivery Procedure considerably became simpler. Can receive the document now also those citizens who in Moscow have neither house, nor a registration. Even to the bum who provided all necessary documents - the passport, the service record, questionnaires and photos, - the international passport is obliged to issue. Whether it is only necessary to it:“ the crust“ - that will be, and here money at least for the air ticket - hardly. On the other hand, what in life only does not happen... So there are no privileges for citizens with the Moscow registration. Unless they will receive the international passport a little quicker, but also that only for about two weeks, is no more.

- Where can receive the international passport if you live not in the place of a registration?

- we Will assume, you constantly live in Ulyanovsk, and to Moscow arrived to earn additionally or enter the institute. You wanted to have a rest abroad, and the international passport is not issued yet. To go home to submit the application - only the road to measure: long, inconveniently, expensively. But earlier quite so it was also necessary to do. Now everything is much simpler: it is necessary to file documents to the nearest office of visas and registration and in one and a half months you will become the owner of the international passport.

- to Business people should drive about all over the world and at them free columns of the passport where visas are put down quickly come to an end. What to do in this case - to change the passport of new?

- Abroad constant trips abroad with the business purposes were always an everyday occurrence. As the Russian business in this regard too does not lag behind from western, the number leaving in foreign business trips promptly grows every year. To make life of the Russian businessmen is more comfortable, from the middle of summer of 2000 in OVIRs began to issue the second international passport. Two documents per customer have the right to receive the one who makes business trips abroad monthly. You will have additional “crust“ after submission of the written statement from firm in which you work. At the same time the old passport should not be handed over in OVIR.

- When OVIRs all - will begin to issue international passports of a new sample?

- Issue of passports of a new look, unfortunately, is late, but not because of our organization: such situation developed more likely “for technical reasons“. Replacement of passports with the budget is provided for a long time and Goznak already prints for them forms. But to begin to issue passports not only in the territory of Moscow, but also over all country, thorough preparation is necessary. With high degree of protection it is absurd to enter data in the new document by hand. Special computers, readers, laminators are required. Until all OVIRs of the country are equipped properly, our tourists should travel still with habitual Soviet passports.

- As it is correct to p to process documents to the child if parents want to take it in travel with themselves?

- International passports teenagers for quite some time now began to receive not from sixteen, and since fourteen years. The child who did not reach this age can go abroad only with a family. For this purpose it is necessary to enter it in the passport of the father or mother. Grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles have no such rights. When you go to OVIR to make out the son or the daughter, do not forget to take with yourself the insert confirming their Russian nationality.


If to the child it was executed fourteen and it already has a usual passport, then now he can receive also the international passport (it is given as well as the adult). With it the teenager can travel independently or, for example, with tourist group.

- that you wished to our readers?

- Well of course have more than money to have an opportunity more often to happen in hot and not really the countries. And never to lose the international passport! Before travel be not too lazy - make its photocopy and you carry it with yourself. And leave the passport in the hotel safe.

I still. Soon New year, - check whether period of validity of your international passport expired. Rules demand that it was valid within three months (or even to six - for some countries) before departure in foreign voyage.